Wednesday, June 26, 2013

“Your child belongs to us already ."

Frightening words, once heard from the mouth of a monster. Some might point out it was a Male monster and not even a British one. But like Beelzebub of old, the devil has had a sex-change and she has her own set of monsters. Heck, its all the rage. Modern.

The Girl Guides of Britain have a new oath and God has been dropped. The new Kommisar, whoops, Commissioner has decreed.

You’ll have to ask those who appointed Julia Bentley as the organisation’s chief executive. Ms Bentley is a zealous sexual liberationist, condom outreach worker, Blairite commissar and abortion apologist, so what did they expect?

Did I mention Feminist?

Just the sort of person we would seek out and find for our girls and young women. An acolyte of the Princess of Lies.

Remember when every town and street has nice girls? Girls who joined the Guides and learned useful things? Pleasant girls.

That changed. And the Guides have caught up with the times.

If this country still had any spirit, tens of thousands of families would this weekend be resigning from the Girl Guides  (or ‘Girlguiding’ as it is now modishly known) and setting up a pro-British, pro-Christian breakaway.

An important youth movement, in which young minds are formed, has been taken over by radical revolutionaries, who plan to cut references to nation and God from the Guide ‘promise’ – a pledge they themselves describe as the organisation’s ‘beating heart’.

They know what they are doing. The same people long ago captured the schools and universities, which are now factories of Left-wing conformism. Now they want the youth movements as well.
But there will be no revolt. This is partly because the New Left are masters of a technique known as ‘salami-slicing’, by which they slowly change the country into somewhere else. 

Many young girls look the same as ever when they dress reasonably, but when is that?  The Uniform has gone. Skirts are an optional extra. Behaviour is coarser.

Each individual action is so thin a slice that only a few people will mind, and most will jeer at them for caring. ‘Moral panic!’ they will squawk.  

But once enough of these slices have been taken, it is clear that a deep and lasting change has happened. By then it will be too late.  
People will quickly forget that Girl Guides were ever Christian or patriotic. And the pledge to honour the Queen – which has been kept for now – will go later.

Frankly the girls would be far better off as apprentice Bar-maids here in the Tavern. An enterprising one or two might even teach an old Knight some blogging techniques and correct his mistakes.


  1. They never sleep, never rest until they've corrupted everything.

  2. They haven't really made inroads with Orthodox Jews, Italians, Sicilians, or Muslims. Can you think of any other enclaves? How about the Scots?

    I'll have a Bombay Sapphire martini, dry and straight up. Add a couple of Kalamata olives for good measure.

    1. Here's the drink and the measure, Chuckles, with a spare red nose.

      Yes there will be those that the take-over will not pull in but the usual leftist 'Tolerance' of 'difference' and love of 'diversity' will soon find a way of dealing 'equally' with them.

  3. Haven't we learned from the communist countries that have travelled this path before us?

    Saint Sisinius pray for us (protection against Lilith).

    1. Clearly someone has learned the Marxist lessons well.


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