Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Voice from the Cellar.

We store all sorts of Good Things in our cellar and even have a secret door leading to an Inner Sanctum down there. Where the Grail goes. And a phone.

Well, we do need to find out if particular bottles are there, like the 'green stuff' that someone asked for the other day (in the comments). A quick call down there gets a quick result. Sometimes someone down there calls up to us too.

The phone from the cellar rang in the P&B last night.

It was during a heated discussion on Religion. Yes, we allow all sorts of subject matter in our bars, just so long as people are not pissed so much as to be impolite.

Someone was talking about how in the 'old days' only the Priests in the Temple knew how to read and write and how they used arcane language and ideas solely to bamboozle people and take their money. Hence the strange religious idea we have today. 

In our modern, up-to-the-minute world we are not using  hieroglyphics anymore.  Are we? And we have progressed to clear mass communication with electronics and satellites and computers et al to get the message across without confusing people. Everyone can know the ins and outs.  We believe in a vastly more simple and straightforward way. We have 'Maths'.

Most educated people today do not believe in the supernatural anymore. You just cannot pull the wool over people's eyes with quite silly ideas relying on a ridiculous suspension of common sense.

The deep voice on the end of the phone interrupted. "Oh yeah?", it said.

"If its common sense and instant clarity you want  instead of more hieroglyphics and chanting of runes, my life already, have I ever got some doozies for you !"

The Voice continued:

"So you cannot live with the idea that My 'other' self, the Ghost, passed over the waters? But photons, you understand. Hah ! Or that I Am Who Am? Or that I always was, always IS, and always will be?  You don't get that. But light-speed restrictions and the entire Universe thingo just 'happened', sort of 'by chance'. And the Grace I have by the barrel, just for you 'orrible, undeserving mob is 'magic thinking'? My Grace has no 'real' way of getting from Me to you?  You have a problem with that. But you are happy, it seems, to listen to the new priesthood and their runes.

"I suggest, with no undue humility on my part but a LOT due of yours, that you drink what the Angel brings. It is the Good Stuff. Oh, and about that 27km circular underground Temple in Geneva. Remember what I said about 'False Gods' "
There were some very stiff drinks ordered in the P&B after that. The guys and gals in the Spirits bar could be heard laughing.

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