Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Home-schoolers not allowed, but Islamic Madrassas are OK – Only in America

(OK, not just America. The Home-school efforts of parents are being undermined all over the West.)

Despite the American Constitution never having handed ‘rights’ to schooling to the Federal Gumnuts or the States, it belongs to the PEOPLE.

But not so to Obama and his cronies. They have given themselves the ‘right’ to determine schooling.

A bit like Pre-War Germany. You remember – the Gumnuts in black uniforms with a curriculum at the end of a gun barrel.

A German family that fled Germany  to America over their wish to Home-school their children, are being DEPORTED, to face having their children taken away.

Just try to deport a raving Islamist and watch the uproar from Lefties.

Three chaps in the Pin & Balloon bar were talking heatedly last night......

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