Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One down, more to go soon.

Loud cheers and many jeers rang out in the Oz room tonight.

One of the nastiest pieces of work ever to disgrace Oz politics finally buggered off and Philippa Martyr told us of it. Fine gal she is.

Nicola Roxon has used her farewell speech to demonstrate to the Australian people once again just how unfit she was to be a minister in the Federal parliament, or indeed an elected representative in any government in this country.
According to Roxon, the number one problem stalking the land is not the increasingly problematic state of our economy. Nor is it our undefended northern borders, or the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants arriving every month, or the gross waste of taxpayers’ money on large-scale, irresponsible, uncosted junkets like the NBN, the BER, and other black holes.
Nor is it international drug trafficking through our airports, or money-laundering through our banks, or the fact that the PM herself is associated with a Victorian Fraud Squad investigation of missing union funds; or even a disturbing increase in physical assaults – the kinds of things that an Attorney General might possibly be interested in.
No, the real issue is Australia’s ‘dangerous underbelly of sexism’, which has threatened our beloved Prime Minister’s career at every turn.

Read on my hearties.  Send her off like a funeral for a despised relative.


  1. She sounds like a member of Australia's reputed Feminist Mafia.
    Have they actually taken over?

  2. How soon do you predict Gillard the Dullard will get ye ol' heave-ho?

  3. The feminists took over a long time back. Gillard will go when someone boots her out.

  4. Have you seen this?


  5. Gillard hangs onto the sinking ship like a rat afeared of letting go of the rope. If she were being hanged, she would need handcuffs of steel.

  6. She just can't cut the mustard, can she?

    1. Gillard has a hot mouth and dirty to boot. Her breath can be smelled all the way to Dijon.

  7. Poxon Moxon I say!


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