Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day

In America it is Father's day.
A happy, trouble-free day to all American Dads.

I am not including the dork-dads so prevalent on TV and 'entertainment' who are 35 going on 12. Nor the multiple advertisment dads that cannot do year four homework with their all-so-smarter kids, or tell the difference between hair shampoo and bleach for the toilet, but nevertheless have executive wives with patient expressions.

No. This is for the mass of tired dads who work their arses off for their families with little reward but much criticism, calumny, accusation, demeaning and dismissal.

This is for all the dads who do not get to see their children because of the Feminist Family Court.

This is for the dads who's children are estranged. Dads who would LOVE their estranged child to pick up the phone and ask, "What happened Daddy? What did they do that hurt me - and you- so much? Why did they do it? ".

Happy Father's Day.

Make the most of it.

Next year..... who knows.

But for today, all dads have drinks on the house (and juices for the kiddies).

And I raise a glass to my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

And my beloved daughter whose path has taken her away.

(H/T Zippo)


  1. Nice.. Apart from the clearly matriarchal video that advises fathers to ask she who must be obeyed how they can be of help..

  2. Yes, I did think to mention that the reporter just had to mention women / mothers in the first breath, and then go on with the feminist theme of housework and 'equality' of 'sharing'. B

    But also she mentioned the very long hours that father's put into just the work part of their day, which was good. No mention of the far fewer hours that 'working' mothers put in, of course. Nor the desolate dads.

    Still, it was a step up from the usual Political heads bashing fathers on Father's Day.

  3. Maybe this post can also be for all Girls whose fathers were taken to early.

    It is three years now, and I still miss the conversations with my Dad...

    But in context of your post the screwed up laws that have been put into place favor the mother/female even when they are the guilty party. That is quite unacceptable and infuriates me... But what can we do to change those laws?

  4. Perhaps, CherryPie, one day, in the distant future when the dark night has passed and the sun comes up again, there will be a Daughter's day and an 'I Miss My Daddy' day.

    Meanwhile every attempt by abused fathers to have the feminist family law changed is howled down by Mz everyday-in-the-street who thinks men are only seeking that because they 'hate womyn'. And women are the voting majority.

  5. We are working on putting Mz everyday-in-the-street to rest.

    Her light is coming to an end and it won't be pretty.



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