Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gillard. Gone. Rudd- he's Ba-aaak.

Despite the good news and the even worse news, hoots of laughter rang in all the bars and rooms. The nasty little Feminist Gillard, Ju-LIAR to her friends, has been chucked out of the farce that is the Labour Party.

Good news that Australia is rid of the worst Prime Minister in its history. She can go back to her knitting but this time at her own assassination.

The bad news is that the narcissist Rudd, the bogan mandarin speaker that she had assassinated some years ago, is back to lead the rabble into certain defeat in the Election in September.

The Messiah? Well he is certainly back from the dead. Here he is showing just what chance Truth has in our society.

Or will the Federal Election be earlier?

Who knows. It could be at any time. The only certainty is that whatever comes out of the mouths of Labour leaders in Oz is a lie.

Ju-Liar promised and promised and assured us of this and that, and not ONE of her pronouncements turned out to be the Truth.

She was pathologically unable to tell the truth about anything.

I wonder if she will keep her hairdresser.

Kevin Rudd, whom everyone and his dog (there are a LOT of dogs in the Party) claimed was a useless prick and they would not piss on him if he was on fire, promised that he would never come back to lead the Party.

Yeah, sure.


What a state Oz politics is in.

These awful people, completely bereft of personal, even political Integrity, play like nasty kids in a schoolyard. They betray the Australian voting public and do not care one jot. Just their childish, selfish games concern them.

But, just as Rudd had now had his revenge, he can expect revenge from the public. The Liberals (Conservatives) have a ton of ammunition.

The Labour Party will be wiped out.

Immediate Press commentary said: At:

It's understood Cabinet Ministers Wayne Swan, Stephen Conroy, Craig Emerson, Joe Ludwig have quit the frontbench.
The ballot result was confirmed by caucus returning officer Chris Hayes. 
Anthony Albanese has been elected by the caucus as deputy Labor leader over contender Simon Crean, 61 to 38, replacing Gillard supporter Wayne Swan. 
Finance Minister Penny Wong has been elected Labor senate leader in place of Senator Conroy. Jacinta Collins has won the deputy leader of the senate position. 
Ms Gillard left the caucus meeting flanked by Mr Swan and Nicola Roxon. 
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has resigned from the frontbench. 
''I have been on the public record calling for Labor’s leadership issue to be resolved once and for all before Parliament rises, so we can unite in the lead up to this year’s federal election campaign,’’ Mr Combet said in a statement. 
Outgoing treasurer and deputy prime minister Wayne Swan says he will recontest his Queensland seat of Lilley in the coming election. 
Former Education Minister Peter Garrett, who holds the NSW seat of Kingsford Smith, has revealed he will not recontest the upcoming election. 
He becomes the second former cabinet minister to quit parliament after Mr Rudd was resurrected as Labor leader. 
Greens leader Christine Milne said that people were''shaking their head'' about what had become of the Labor party and expressed disappointment that Australia’s first female Prime Minister had been deposed in such a manner. 
 The result now means Ms Gillard will quit the parliament and retire from politics after the election.

A small note: Kevin Rudd is a narcissist, but not the only one in Oz politics. 

Q. How do you know someone is a poisonous narcissist?

A. You can see the bodies all around him, or in this case, her.

Yep. The Governor General. Still standing. Feminism rules.

Now,  drinks all around. We need some cheer and courage.


  1. Congrats! The lizard is gone! :))

    1. Yes. She has been a total failure for all competent women of quality and Integrity. How she got away with it for so long is obvious. But will the women who consistently voted for her on the basis of her genitalia now get behind Julie Bishop of the Liberal Party?

      Not a hope. But this old chap is partial to hopeless causes. :)

  2. AT least you Aussies are more on to it than the Kiwi's. We gave Helen Clark 9 years.... unbelievable. Shes now the administrator of the UN Development Programme. I hope she never comes back.

    1. Well, Julia clung to power like a limpet. She even got Bill Shorten's wife to set up a 'Women for Gillard' group just last week. The shortest-lived political group in history. She is the daughter of our Feminazi Governor General, and Bill, the son-in-law who WAS Gillard's 'faceless man' using his Union power to shore up her leadership has now switched sides to stick the knife in Julia just as he and she stuck it in Rudd three years ago. Just how long HIS marriage will last is a matter for the bookies to put odds on. GG Bryce will NOT be pleased.

  3. A video of her last hurrah ... for the scrapheap - errr scrapbook.


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