Monday, June 10, 2013

Wham, Bam, the Pope is Here.

Well he didn't actually drop by for a pint or even a chalice of wine: that would have shaken up a few in the music room. But this did arrive from Michael showing that he is already shaking up the 'progressives' and 'liberals' in the disunited One Universal Church, riven with wishy-washy Catholics and Marxist interlopers.

Some Sunday music later.

Since the beginning of its existence, established 2000 years ago, The Catholic Church has been the main point of attack by Evil. Very often the Prince of Lies - and lately, since his sex-change, the Princess of Lies  (Hiss, Boo) - has seemed to gain the upper hand. But the gates of Hell shall not prevail. The 'Church of Nice' has a new soul fighting against it in Church Militant TV. See them on You Tube.

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The Tavern gets rowdy visitors from time to time. Some are brain dead and some soul dead. They attack customers and the bar staff and piss on the carpets. Those people will not be allowed in anymore. So... Be Nice..