Saturday, June 8, 2013

False Accusations, anyone?

A liar has been exposed, at last. Not that anything will happen to her of course. To actually charge a woman with perjury or fraud or extortion when she simply tells lies about a man would be misogyny, wouldn't it. This is England after all!!

A Tory MP accused of trying to lure his lesbian housemaid into a threesome with his wife yesterday told of his relief after her 'cynical' case was thrown out.

Richard Drax said the allegations had been 'extremely stressful' for him, his wife Elsebet and his four children.
 Anne Lyndoe-Tavistock's case was dismissed after her former lover told an employment tribunal that she had falsely accused a previous employer of sexual assault and had been awarded £16,000.
The 'manipulative' serial litigant also received two other payouts after bringing claims against former bosses in the last 15 years.

So a serial extortionist who has successfully got away with her crimes due to lax and women-friendly Courts. And this couple have to live with their smeared names and all the sniggering behind hands. Will they be compensated for the false accusations and being dragged into Court? Not a chance.

 In her latest claim, Miss Lyndoe-Tavistock, 53, alleged the MP for South Dorset and his wife groped her and tried to perform a sex act on her as they drank wine in the sitting room of their Elizabethan stately home.

She told the tribunal she felt  suicidal after the alleged assault and claimed that a few weeks later she was told to leave the house and her £24,000-a-year job. She also claimed Mr Drax, 55, used to walk around the house naked in front of her.

The MP, a Harrow-educated former Coldstream Guards officer whose full name is Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, had always denied the claims and described himself to the hearing as a 'courteous gentleman'.

Miss Lyndoe-Tavistock's claims were dismissed after her former civil partner – who is currently divorcing her – told the tribunal she believed the housekeeper had  'concocted' the stories for financial gain and to 'satisfy a grudge'.
So much for the stability of same-sex marriage !

Jo Lyndoe-Tavistock said her former partner's attitude when she was in a dispute was one of 'I have an issue with that person, how can I get them back?' She told the hearing that before they had met her partner had brought a successful claim involving an alleged sexual assault against her former employer, the Royal Mail.

'She admitted to me that she had been in a tussle of some sort with a colleague and that she had invented an allegation that he had touched her breast,' she said.  Miss Lyndoe-Tavistock received £15,960 after bringing the claim.

She received another payout from the Royal Mail after alleging she had hurt her shoulder after the company overfilled a bag. 'In fact it was an injury she had had for many years which was unrelated to her work,' her civil partner said.

She also received a £3,000 payout from a store where she was working after yet another dispute.
That's 35000 pounds from lies, defaming, falsely accusing. And still the Courts do nothing to punish her.  Who will be next?

The Mother of all Parliaments, above, is fiercely reluctant to pass laws which hold women to account. It even has a Minister soley to look after the interests of women. There is not a Minister for Men.

Her ex-partner added said she believed the case against the MP was another attempt to 'extract money from an employer'.

'She knows Mr Drax is a public figure and I imagine she thought he was in a strong position to secure a settlement from him as I know she has done from previous employers.
'I believe she concocted the allegations in her claim to cause embarrassment to Mr and Mrs Drax and their family in the expectation that she would receive a financial settlement.'  
A few weeks after the alleged assault, Miss Lyndoe-Tavistock said the MP told her she had an hour to leave, citing a series of fallings out she had had with other members of staff. She said he gave her £300 and a letter falsely claiming they had discussed disciplinary proceedings and that a severance deal would be drawn up.

The housekeeper's former partner told the tribunal that when she spoke to her after she had been sacked by the MP, she boasted she had something 'big' on him.

The housekeeper had claimed sexual discrimination, unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and for unpaid holiday pay. Mr Drax wiped his eyes as he sat holding his wife's hand as chairman of the panel, Judge Roger Peters, rejected her 'utterly incredible' claims.

Outside, the MP said. 'This finding vindicates our position throughout these proceedings that we acted lawfully and properly and that her serious allegations of sexual discrimination were untrue.

'These allegations have been extremely stressful for my wife and I, and my children, and my family. We are all now relieved that we can put these matters behind us.'

A spokesman for the Forum of Private Business said:
'It is wrong that one angry employee can humiliate her boss, even if there are no grounds.
A question: Just how often is it a man that makes false allegations of sexual harassment" 

'We think the culture needs to change where somebody is to blame – and that is always the employer.'
No. It is a MALE. Let's get it right.  

Outside court, the housekeeper's solicitor said: 'We are sorry that she has not been able to prove her case at this tribunal and we will be considering an appeal.'

This is not an isolated or even unusual case. It is not confined to England either.

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