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Drawing Lines in Shifting Sands

We get all sorts in here. Some are quite 'colourful'. The society beyond the summer fields and woodlands surrounding the Tavern 'tolerates' to a fault, but only the things that 'turns them on'. Many out there say, "If it feels good, it must be good". They don't like others pointing out that there is an abyss just ahead.

Feelings change. Dark clouds sweep over and block the view. Feelings have a place but they often obscure thinking. And Lives need thinking about. Lives need to be directed by clear vision, properly considered.

Unfortunately it is not only society that works against sound thinking and living. We have immaturity to consider. Everyone was young and everyone made mistakes. Almost everyone continues to. But occasionally some change their path and get back up to the sunny uplands.

A young woman was in the Spirit bar last night. and a young man too. Both had their stories to tell. Bill M had brought them along. Bill said:

If I or others like me point out the dangers of porn, we are usually dismissed as crank and killjoys, and told to butt out. For decades now I have been trying to get the message out that our porn-soaked culture is killing our kids, our families and our nations.

Yet for all my efforts I have been abused, ridiculed, mocked and called every name under the sun. But speaking truth is always important so I will keep on doing it, despite all the abuse and hatred. However, the anti-porn case is much harder to dismiss when those who have been heavily involved in it come out and say the same thing.

You can dismiss me all you like, but when former porn stars and porn magazine editors leave the industry and admit that they were dead wrong, then we all had better sit up and take notice.

The presence of a porn star startled some regulars. But a dram of the amber 'water of life' soon settled them. She was known as Jenna Presley   In 2010, Maxim Magazine named Jenna Presley one of the top female porn stars in the world and now she has given it all up.

Smiles and cries of 'Welcome to the Tavern, m'dear', went up. Some chaps sat rather close !!

Now, don't get me wrong here. Many of my regulars like a bit of titillation and glamour. The world has a lot to offer and the attractive features of human beings are often enhanced just for sheer enjoyment. Song and dance emphasise frivolity and eroticism as well as art and high culture. Not all display is bad. It depends on where it goes.

You might raise an eyebrow at her real 'christian' name. Brittni. Who would name a child that? The modern provenance of such faux-names is enough to steer feet onto dangerous paths just by itself. Which parent gets to determine names these days? It will become clearer soon.

Brittni, who used the professional name Jenna Presley, started dancing to earn extra money as a freshman at Santa Barbara City College in 2005. Two men approached her after one of her performances and asked if she would like to make ‘romance movies.’ ‘You mean porn?’ she joked. They nodded affirmatively, but it was no joke.

"I didn’t know what to expect," she admits now. "At 18, I was only a baby. I was looking for love in all the wrong places."
How many times have we heard that? And how many times have we been told that 'girls mature faster than boys'? Clearly she did know what to expect and went right ahead anyway.
“Brittni was insecure as a result of her upbringing" continued Bill." in a home with a ‘verbally abusive’ mother and passive father. For the first time in her life, she began to receive positive affirmation, and it felt good. She travelled to L.A. and shot her first pornographic scene.
“Producers worked her relentlessly in the early phase of her career because of her youthful, fresh appearance.
‘I already looked like I was 12,’ Brittni recalls 
 Bill is a kind fellow. He will search for ways of seeing the 'good side' of people. It is a sound approach. But.... even that can dim the eye.
 They dressed her in ‘little girl’ clothing and pigtails, which made her uncomfortable. The inescapable conclusion is that filmmakers wanted to appeal to the depraved fantasies of men with paedophile tendencies. ‘It’s disgusting how they can portray you as a little girl,’ she says today. ‘It’s complete perversion.’

Someone interjected. "Er...Bill. Did anyone force her?  She put the clothes on, herself, Shirley? What's this 'They' bizzo?"

He didn't answer but continued his account.

“During this period, she worked as much as 60 days without a day off, shooting two and sometimes three sex scenes a day. ‘I didn’t know how to say no,’ she notes. ‘I didn’t know how to stand up for myself. Before this, my mother made every decision for me.’

“Initially, she made $900 for each sex scene she filmed, but the money quickly disappeared. As hopelessness and emptiness overwhelmed her, she turned to drugs to numb the pain.

 ‘I started with cocaine. Then it became a downhill spiral to heroin. I had many lonely nights when I cut on my wrists. I tried to kill myself. I spent all my paycheck on drugs.’

After three years in the adult film industry, she was fed up. She placed a 911 call to her grandmother. ‘I need you grandma,’ she said. ‘I’m done with this. Come and get me’.”

 “During her stay with her grandparents, they took her to the Rock Church in San Diego. Brittni was ‘bawling’ through most of the sermon.  The church gave her a Bible and after she got home, she devoured Genesis. ‘I always wondered how we became human. Finally I had the answer and I was so excited. I couldn’t put it down’.
“In November 2012, Brittni filmed her last sex scene. ‘It was seven long years,’ she laments. ‘I hated what I was doing, but I wondered what I would do next.’ After Brittni left adult films, she found work with a limousine company and makes a decent income. ‘I look forward to waking up every morning,’ she says. ‘There is life after porn; there is life after drugs and prostitution.’

Well, there was hardly a dry eye. But that was quickly replaced with a lot of criticism, not only the 'Industry', perverts who prey on young women, the easy misuse of 'Adult' when they mean adolescent, and the ease in which such girls slide into a terrible life, but of her too.

A gentleman rose and went to the piano to lighten the mood. However before he could sit down a lady interrupted to give a rendition of another chap.

Clearly Mrs Brittni's mum get that message and Brittni went on the bed instead, with her well-developed bust for all to see - and far more besides -  and onto her back and knees.

Not a better choice.!

I am glad for Brittni that she has managed to escape but she has a lot of repair work to do and that is going to need a lot of introspection. Her narcissism is evident. Or is it now a 'was'? I hope so. Her deliberate 'fall' cannot be explained away or 'blamed' on men alone nor on the perverts who seduced her into the business. They barely had to lift a finger. She Jumped at the chance.

And why? For love? That's what she said. All mommy's fault? But what of the easy money? Is that not the reason that industry has young women queuing up?

And what of the constant FEMINIST message, even sold by Governments, that 'Its a woman's Choice", and 'Its HER body: she can do whatever she wants with it"?

Our society is driven today by Women, demanding -and being paid from the coerced taxpayers' wallets - that women must never be criticised.

The Princess of Lies.

Brittni has left the bed.  She has left the studio lights which lit her body writhing on the bed doing what SHE CHOSE to do. And getting paid $2700 a day. $13500 per week for a few hours sex each day.  Just think of that 60 days in a row, 2-3 times a day sex at $900 a go. That must have raked in more moolah than a demon in hell rakes in coal.

Not many men in factories earn that. Men erecting poles for electricity don't earn that.

I dare say that getting older had something to do with it. Not becoming more mature though. Perhaps that will follow.

But talking of men, let's look at one of those 'in the business': those who make porn are also seeing the light. Consider the story of Martin Daubney, editor of the “lad’s mag” Loaded.

He says,

“The average Loaded reader — largely white, working class, 20-something blokes — had a simple palate, so we gave them what they wanted. To me, it was harmless fun, dictated by market forces. What’s more, I was paid more money than I’d ever earned in my life to do it. I’d always dreamed of editing Loaded and vowed to do whatever it took to stay there. 

“I never stopped to consider issues like the crass sexualisation of women. Moral naysayers were party poopers, and if they attacked me, I’d attack them back — harder. We were under massive pressure to sell magazines to keep our shareholders happy. We knew sex sold, so our thinking was: why not make Loaded a frenzied, Harrods-sale of nudity?”

But in 2009 he says he “finally grew up” when became a father:

 I was confronted by the painful thought that maybe Loaded was part of the problem. 
 “It had such an effect on me and changed my views so forcibly that within a year I’d quit a dream job that, for me, had become a moral nightmare. When I look back now, I see we were severely pushing the envelope of what was considered decent. 
“We were normalising soft porn, and in so doing we must have made it more acceptable for young men to dive into the murky waters of harder stuff on the internet. And, for that, I have a haunting sense of regret. I edited Loaded for eight years — the title’s longest-serving editor — and its titillating mix of topless girls and decidedly non-PC humour.... 
“My life had become a charade, switching between diametrically-opposed extremes — nipples by day and nappies by night. I started seeing the women in my magazine not as sexual objects, but as somebody’s daughter. Some of Loaded’s models had children themselves, and I’d think ‘what’s your kid going to think of you when they’re old enough to understand Mummy used to get her boobs out for a living?’ 
“To think that the girls who posed for our magazine had once had their nappies changed, had once been taught to take their first steps and had once been full of childlike hope . . . it was almost heartbreaking.

Was it an ‘enabler’ to young teenage boys who’d consume harder porn later, in the same way dabbling with cannabis might lead to stronger addictions to cocaine or heroin?...

Short answer: Yes.

Two people with a lot to answer for. Two people willing to stand up on their long road and say. "Yes, I did not do Right. I am Sorry"

It is a good start.

A Looooong way to go though.

Deserving of something tasty from the cellar, methinks.

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