Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mandolin Playing Father drowns his Sorrows.

And what sorrows he had to share with the fathers in the Spirit Bar last night.  He may well be famous. He may well have won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best Book that was translated into 11 languages before being made into a film Captain Corelli's Mandolin, but he still lost his children.

Even having his work praised by woman who flocked to his touching book and film, he was not praised by the Family Court when his beloved nailed him to the floor of the Court.

He told us his tale.
"Father's Day has become a day of sorrow and anger for many because family courts treat men like 'sperm donors'"


Louis de Bernieres, 58, argues that Father's Day goes by completely unnoticed by many children as a man's role in the family is being made to seem increasingly unimportant.

And, on the annual celebration of fatherhood, he has slammed the courts for treating 'fathers heartlessly as mere sperm donors and bankers' and for always favouring the rights of mothers.

"For too many men, Father's Day is a day of sorrow, frustration and anger, and for too many children it passes unnoticed."
 "There were many times when I felt suicidal. One of the most extreme things you feel is a fantastically deep, bitter, anger at being treated so outrageously."

The author, who has previously spoken about his own struggle to see his children after splitting from their mother, also blamed 'political incorrectness' for making a father's role seem irrelevant.

He argued that the vital role of fathers is left out of literature for new parents and from teaching at school - instead concentrating on the importance of the mother.

In a letter to the Sunday Telegraph, he wrote: '
 "In schools nobody tells boys that fathering is the most important and responsible thing they will ever do, nor that, when done well, fatherhood bestows upon you the deepest, most satisfying and fun relationships of your life.

'The only explanation for this neglect is terror of the political incorrectness of offending single mothers, and the general mythologising of fathers as irrelevant and feckless abusers."
Mr de Bernieres has been campaigning for equal custody rights for fathers for several years after revealing he was left 'suicidal' after splitting from the mother of his children.
In 2010, the patron of Families Need Fathers (FNF) told how difficult it was for him see his young children, Robin and Sophie, after his 11-year-relationship with Cathy Gill, an actress and theatre director, broke down in 2009.

In newsletter sent out by FNF, he said that mothers do not have a 'divine right to own the children' and called for equal parenting to be the normal arrangement for parting couples.

He said: 'It was really dreadful.
'The worst thing, practically, was finding the house so quiet, because it was always so full of laughter and rampaging and stampeding.


'There was always a lot of noise and fun, and it suddenly went quiet.
'The emotional desolation is hard to describe."

Meanwhile the TV was on in the background with a couple of 'the usual suspects' evading the problem of the Family Court by blaming 'Deadbeat Dads' and asking for more support for the 95% of single MOTHERS. Not that they are called 'single mothers in such a subject but rather Single PARENTS, as though men were equally represented.

 There are so many fathers in his position and worse.

Many have succumbed to suicide.

Being the darling of women filmgoers and book-buyers is no protection. Playing the mandolin or guitar will cut no ice in a Anti-Family Caught. The best dads are treated 'equally' with the worst. The TV pundits remain the excusers and evaders, rent-seeking their way to the taxpayer's wallets.

All raised a glass and drowned their sorrows with him. The Landlord too.

In fact the Landlord was so upset he spilt tears and beer all over this blog-post.


  1. Yip. 100% correct. Did you hear that Evil Sow from Whingerbread trying to excuse the mothers who profit from the state's deliberate destruction of the family and as usual for that type of feminazi bringing it all down to not getting fathers to hand over their wallets to mothers who can never do any wrong in this feminised world of shit..

    Its a shame men don't wake up and go on strike, but they seem to lack the balls they were born with these days and prefer to just do whatever their new owner tells them, just like they always did what mummy told them, or whatever they feel like when they get old enough to get pissed and take drugs and spawn another generation of state serfs..

  2. Ah, Major. Now you aren't the one from Fawltey Towers, are you. A Major of a different forest altogether. Let us be nice gentlemen here or I might have to ask our door fellow have a harsh word in your ear. He uses sign language.

  3. Aye, but lets be frank about matters.. Any discussion of fatherhood that is engaged with by "single mother groups" such as Gingerbread always has to try and shift the emphasis away from how the father is missing out on being able to exercise his paternal duties regards "contact" and towards how these "heroic" single mothers need to have more government cash, and more government help in robbing the bank accounts of fathers who they expect to work for nothing..

    And, you know what? Most fathers capitulate.. I could show you a great link from fathers 4 justice today where family lawyer Marilyn Stowe (oddly, once upon a time one of the darlings of the fathers groups), basically tells dads to be happy paying more and more out if they can get a few extra scraps of time with their kids.. It doesn't change the basic fact that men are getting utterly shafted though does it?

    And re-inforces the basic view that women, mothers, have to have everything they want and a bag to put it in..

    As long as society keeps expecting fathers to tolerate this and go along with it, and fathers KEEP tolerating and going along with it..

    Things will only get worse ..

  4. That is just about the top and bottom of it Mr Bigwood.

  5. So.. We are agreed on the problem I reckon.. What can we mere individuals do in an attempt to "correct" it?

  6. Well Sir Oakstaff, I am pouring spirits into him to lift them and spreading the message that he is telling. What are you doing? Perhaps a letter of encouragement to him would be appreciated. He would know that a chap with a heart of oak understands his plight. ( I wouldn't tell him of any other oaky parts if I were you. He just might get the wrong idea).


  7. There are many hurdles we face in life.. but I couldn't think of anything worse than not being able to see my children and knowing they are suffering for it. The day to day stress, anger and thing leads to another... loss of sleep and appetite eventually effects work life. Its easy to understand how some men get suicidal ... God give them strength and courage ... The custody laws MUST change towards fathers... it MUST.

  8. One can imagine the plight of refugees fleeing a drought in Africa, and contribute to relief efforts. But we never hear of the spiritual and emotional droughts affecting Fathers. The greatest disaster goes unreported and unacknowledged. The death toll of fathers in the west may be smaller than in 'natural' disasters elsewhere but ask for whom the bell tolls. We are committing national and cultural as well as biological suicide.

  9. Quite right.

    People feel more sympathy when the suffering is visable ... like the starving in Africa .. disease ..a broken leg etc.... But these fathers walk around carrying their pain inside and no one notices or feels it.... unless they commit suicide, and THEN you see all sorts of 'suicide help groups' pop up with their message saying "There is help out there". Well how about helping these fathers with custody issues so they NEVER need that suicide help group? Suicide help groups are not the answer these fathers need... they NEED their children back...Full stop!

  10. I do not know the 'Constitution' of 'suicide orgs in the UK or NZ, but in Oz they are all 'under' the patronage of the Government. NGOs or otherwise they are funded by the gov and the funding is 'tied' to message. That message is NOT pro-father. The rent-seekers who run them probably have good hearts but careers too. They know who their pay-mistress is.

    Meanwhile, our society is dying. It is ill. Mortally ill. Fathers like Mr Mandolin are a symptom, however personal it is to them.

    A generation of children are growing up without fathers who have been driven away. The children's pain is often seen in them ostracising the father who loves them. So much pain and anger will result in a 'next' generation of demoralised, antipathetic adults who will turn their back on any idea of 'family.


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