Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Singer Dropped By.

Troubadors abound. But some can actually sing something. We Knights often have our ears assailed even by guys in the ranks behind. But someone dropped by (actually, someone sent this by) and before too long a Karaoke started up with folks following his lead.

I am hoping the drop-off person tells us something about the song and what it means. Maybe a comment?

I have my own views which I will tell after him.

This may have been 'stimulated' by the body painting post earlier. So I will go back to that just after the singers.

Have fun.

And now a little fun on a political theme. I am sure Joyanna can accompany on the drums.

And, finally, back to a rather better piece of body art and blissful silence. Not that we are seeing a great artist here. But a pretty good canvas at least.


  1. Nice art work!

    The Gotye video was a huge hit - great to see an Australian artist make good off a big hit.
    The song obviously resonated with a lot of people. It's a terrible thing to be lonely in a relationship .. and the song presented both sides of a relationship very well. Kimbra has a great voice. Her performance at the recent Arias was very good.

    Anyhow, lots of great imitations / parodies of this. My favourite is the banjo one!

  2. I am glad you liked the treatment.

    Drop in again. Bring something for 'show and tell' and there will be a pint for you.


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