Sunday, June 9, 2013

YEAH! Australia holds Up the Vagina, Virginia!

I thought Japan was the only country that celebrated genitals...but NO! Australia is celebrating the Vagina!


Leave it up to Dave Barry to bring my notice to this very important topic:


On 29 June 2013, Sydney will host Australia's second Festival of the Vagina. The first was held in Melbourne in March as part of the 101 Vagina Book Launch and Exhibition, and attracted around 1000 visitors.

Philip Werner, the curator of the Festival of the Vagina and creator of the 101 Vagina project, will be bringing together Sydney's diverse artists, educators, performers, and musicians, with the common purpose of removing the taboo and shame that many people still feel around their genitalia. He has also begun work on the 101 Penis project.

The award winning artist collective, 107 Projects, will play host to this unique event in Sydney in it's spacious gallery at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern.
One of the highlights of the Festival of the Vagina will be the 101 Vagina Exhibition, in near life-size format.


Uh...I had NO idea that there are people in the world who are trying to rid the world of the 'shame' of their sex organs. But if a vagina festival just HAD to happen, better in Sydney than in my neck of the woods. I'll skip the vagina festival, but I just might have to make it to the 101 Penis project. It might the only time one will be able to witness 101 penises in one place.

And then, we will have the 202 Vaginas' VS the Penis' festival! And the only thing that will be talked about is why they had given out more condoms than birth control pills, and how unfair that was.

I have NOT been drinking.

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  1. It was only last week that I had to get the doorman to send a lady home from the bar. She had been imbibing the amber nectar with abandon for half the evening and by 9pm was under a table with legs akimbo, showing the other patrons sights of her vagina. It all became a bit too much.

    She was definitely not ashamed.

    Most ladies who frequent the pub tend to be short of clothing from time to time: or just have wardrobes full of short clothing. Getting 'flashes' of nether regions seems to be the norm these days. Once it was just summertime but ever since global warming came along they have been flaunting like the world is about to end. However, few of them call it 'art' and demand Taxpayer funding. Oh... wait a minute....


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