Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trust Kev?

There are people for whom the welcome mat is placed at the door of the Tavern. Good folk and the occasional ex-bad folk who have made-good their previous errors and made recompense.

But for Kevin Rudd, the mat is NOT put down. He should be.

There are some who need to be taken by their word.

Thanks go to Bill Leak of the Weekend Australian Newspaper.
Hits the nail on the head.

This Tavern-Keeper is of the humble opinion that Krudd is a damned fool.

Not only a fool but a vicious, nasty fool who will drag anything into the dirt with a smile on his face almost the equal of the sardonic grin our faux-esteemed Feminazi Governor General.

Kevin the Fool kicked off his power-trip with an own goal, suggesting that the wicked Mr Abbott will start a war with Indonesia.

"Mr Rudd's comments yesterday sparked a political furore, with the Opposition Leader declaring: "From someone who claims to be a foreign policy expert it was appallingly ill-judged. Regrettably it is of a piece with Rudd's consistent treatment of the relationship with Indonesia through a domestic political prism. 
"He is trying to enlist Indonesia in our domestic politics and that is dead wrong - the relationship is far too important." 
Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop said Mr Rudd's comments were "a massive overreach, it is a shocking diplomatic gaffe, and he should retract it before he does any more damage". 

Unfortunately this is only the first of his many efforts at damage-creating to come. Kevin's knife, pulled from his back, will be thrust not just into Ju-liar Gillard's but into the back of every Australian before he is through.

And there will be many damned fools who will vote for him.

(Update. 2 July 13)

Mr Cook from came in a few days after the dust had settled, been kicked up again and settled again, and kicked up some more, and made a few comments:

Australian politics is in turmoil. A Federal election is scheduled for September 14 and the governing Labor Party has been faced with annihilation. Last Wednesday, panicky parliamentarians dumped their leader, Julia Gillard, and reinstated the man she shoved from office three years ago, Kevin Rudd. The pay-off has been a quick bounce in the polls and it looks as if Labor may be able to save some of the furniture, even it loses the house. 
Mr Rudd is a man of Superior Intelligence who speaks fluent Mandarin and Bureaucratese as well as quite passable English. However, his pronouncements, however emphatic, don’t necessarily convey his intentions. In particular, it is a bit surprising to see him in the Lodge again after declaring his firm, unshakable, sincere and eternal resolve never, ever, ever to challenge Ms Gillard for the leadership.   
Thanks to The Australian’s Cut and Paste column, we have a record of his views on this topic. 
February 27, 2012: “To Julia I would say this ... You will have my absolute support in your efforts to bring us to victory. I will not under any circumstances mount a challenge against your leadership. I go one step further. If anyone turns on Julia in the 18 months ahead ... Julia - you will find me in your corner against them.” 
March 21, 2013: “When I say to my parliamentary colleagues and to the people at large across Australia that I would not challenge for the Labor leadership
I believe in honouring my word.  
Others treat such commitments lightly. I do not.” 
March 22, 2013: “I believe in honouring my word. Furthermore, had I done the reverse and simply gone out there and challenged, each and every one of you here today, as journalists, here in Brisbane and around the country, would quite rightly have attacked me for a loss of credibility for having walked back on my word.” 

June 26, 2013: “In 2007 the Australian people elected me to be their Prime Minister. That is a task that I resume today with    humility
with honour and with an important sense of energy and purpose.” 
It’s rare to find such a simon-pure loss of credibility. This is one for the record books.

Fetch the Bouncer.

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