Sunday, June 9, 2013

Presidential Contortions.

As a change from following the doings of America's O'Barmy, the eyes turned this week to the flexible Russians who regularly see President Putin leaping from role to role followed by a removal van. All those State Treasures have to be packed up and shipped across the corridor.

This time the van has taken Mrs Putin away and brought a new one.

Yes, Putin has downsized wives, just for a while. And what a new one he has too.

Quite a nice looking girl, and a splendid 'follow-up' of the last post here on Vaginas. She has made a living displaying her private parts, barely covered, for quite a while.

Somehow I think she is going to need her clubs. Not only to keep Putin in line (although I doubt he will be a match for her between the sheets, despite his horse-riding) but to deal with the cast-off Mrs Putin.
I have little doubt the press, and others, will be keeping a close eye on future performances. Men in heavy overcoats from Spectre will be jostling for position with the press and bespectacled computer nerds from Prism.
The other day, O'Barmy's missus threw a wobbly at a heckler and threatened to go walkabout. Only the Lord Harry can guess what Michelle will do when she gets to sit next to this little Russian minx next time the leaders get together for a dinner.

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