Sunday, June 9, 2013

Governments Promoting Evil.

Get used to tough talk in the bars here. Some of our customers speak plainly, even before they have a few horns of fine foreign bevvie of distinction under their belts.

One such gentleman Knight was talking this afternoon about the evils of the American President and his crew of Orcs. Everyday we hear talk of the bribery, coercion, corruption and deceit coming out of America and even Great Britain and being spread across the globe.

Once, not long ago, the West was calling the Russkies The Empire of Evil.  The problem with fighting, as every Knight knows, is to stop oneself becoming like the enemy.

Whatever happened to freedom, virtue, honour and charity, the human stock in trade of the Western Kingdoms?

So, Bill Muehlenberg who dropped in from Melbourne was saying to those still able to stand and hold a pint at the same time...

It is one thing for governments to acquiesce to evil – it is another thing when they actively promote evil. We are now seeing this happen throughout the Western world, Nations which used to lead the way in promoting that which is good are now led by those who are intent on promoting that which is evil.

The US and the UK are now main examples of this. Under the appalling Obama and Cameron regimes we are seeing evil championed, celebrated, endorsed and actually forced upon everyone.  
These two leaders are destroying their nations, and seem quite proud of it.

Let me give a few recent examples from the Obama administration. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council offers us this frightening report on how Obama is not only promoting sodomy in the US, but around the globe as well:

“If the president doesn't respect America's views on marriage, what makes us think he would respect other countries? Certainly not his latest USAID project. In April, to relatively little fanfare, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) embarked on one of the most shocking abuses of taxpayer dollars in the last five years. With help from the Levi Strauss Foundation and millionaire liberal Tim Gill, the U.S. government is spending $11 million to train homosexual activists in other countries.

The Washington Blade, D.C.'s gay newspaper, praised the Obama administration for creating an army of international lobbyists for same-sex "marriage," anti-discrimination laws, and homosexual ‘rights’ around the world. According to USAID, the first phase of the program is focused on countries with a strong Catholic influence: Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, and other developing nations that oppose homosexuality.

“This week, the first in a series of USAID ‘gay trainings’ took place in Colombia, a nation specifically targeted for its rejection of same-sex ‘marriage.’ The goal, an agency spokesman says, is to teach people how to infiltrate the political process and advocate for laws that a majority of Americans, who are paying for the program, object to. ‘It can be a real game-changer in the advancement of LGBT human rights,’ she insisted. In essence, U.S. taxpayers are being forced to groom the next generation of the world's Human Rights Campaigns - a stunning exploitation of Americans' money, and more importantly, their trust.

“For the Obama administration, this is just another part of its strong-arm strategy to bully other nations into compliance. Whether it's through the United Nations, U.S. embassies, or the State Department, President Obama is leading the effort to bribe and coerce poor countries into accepting his pro-homosexual agenda.  
Our friends at Family Watch International are urging people to get involved. They've released a shocking new documentary highlighting the President's dark world of ‘Cultural Imperialism.’ Click over to their website to see a five-minute clip or the full feature. Be prepared to be outraged.”





I can tell you that a few people even put down their glasses, so outraged were they. I had to drop the price to get then drinking again.

We here are fine folk who do not throw customers out simply for being homosexual. There are even a few 'Troubador' Knights around the traps that you don't bend down  in front of to retrieve the soap you dropped when cleaning up after a long day's knighting and getting the armour off. They are as welcome to join in the conviviality here as anyone else, just as long as they behave themselves. Just like anyone else.

But actively promoting homosexual behaviours when the Family is already under severe attack is a sure sign that The Princess of Lies is leading a charge.

Joyanna, m'dear, get the drums going. We need a wholesome Lady in here.



  1. You missed the point about the promotion of the homosexual agenda in other countries. This should play nicely into most conservative camps, as I've heard from reputable sources that this is the first step to exporting the American homosexual populace to countries like Guatemala, Colombia etc.

    Although I take umbrage with this policy, as exporting homosexuals to Colombia appears to be a waste, with them having a great proportion of very attractive women in Colombia - why should the lesbians have all the luck.

    Yes, there's a crap load of waste happening with the US government sponsoring terrorism, exporting homosexuality , weapons and the odd German Shepherd - but let's face it, the USA manufacturing industry is going the same way as those in the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, it's Feck'd , so they've got to export something.

    If there's an over supply of gays in the USA, well, exporting seems the only logical thing to do.

  2. I suspect it is more the ideology of social destruction that is being exported, JiffySpiffy, rather than chaps of questionable manhood. But tell us more.

  3. Oh, and WELCOME to the Pub. :)


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