Friday, June 28, 2013

Mr Brown on Men & Votes

Neil Brown was in the other night, just before the fiasco that saw off Julia Gillard. He saw it coming. Well, as clearly as others did, which was not quite clearly enough. But he had a lot to say about the Polls which showed men leaving her party in droves.

Men are the 'dismissed' gender in Oz. Barely a newspaper is printed without some calumny about men appearing. The TV is full of denigration of men. It is hardly surprising that this feminist-led drive to marginalise men should be continued by the arch-feminist harridan Gillard and her 'womyn's club' of an Office.

But Neil had to speak up and put some of his thoughts in the Spectator.

I suspected this (Men leaving) was going to happen because many men are now thoroughly sick and tired of being marginalised and denigrated simply for being men and are looking for an opportunity to protest. They have found one in the opinion polls.  
Men have been alienated by being told continually that so many of the problems of modern society are caused by them and by the fact that they are men.  
At the same time, they have been told that virtually any manly conduct is unacceptable, that all men are sexist and that, no matter what they say or do, it will probably run up against some human rights law and get them into trouble. 
Moreover, they see a society that is increasingly alien to them, one where stopping a resources project is more important than jobs, the wonders of same-sex marriage are more worthy than fathers in a traditional family and preserving a wilderness is more noble than building and constructing.  
In addition to that, I suspect that most men see quotas, affirmative action and the promotion of absurd schemes like the ALP’s Emily’s List for parliamentary candidates as an insult to them and an even greater insult to women.  
Now, on top of that, they find their Prime Minister, in her increasingly strident and caustic manner, stirring up division by claiming that without her,- 
the country will fall into the hands of that most despised of species, men. 
And the men who are about to take over will be the worst type, namely those wearing blue ties, a consequence so horrific it has not been seen since blue-tinged Pandorans of Avatar stalked the solar system. Then they hear the PM trying to link abortion to the influence of men, should she lose office. 
So, men get the blame.  
The results have been known for some time: when men and boys see themselves as the victims of discrimination and the objects of blame, they will naturally lose their self-esteem.  
Thus, we have seen, for instance, a decline in the school results of boys, a difficulty in recruiting male teachers in government schools, a drifting away from traditional apprenticeships for boys and the almost complete disappearance of gentlemanly behaviour among young men.  
So far, and probably until the attacks on them fomented by the Prime Minister, men have kept their counsel and sought to assert their masculinity in their own way in activities like the rise of extreme and contact sports. But recent events seem to have been a bridge too far and men are reacting with their vote. 
Is it any wonder, then, that men, or enough of them to make a statistical difference, have reacted adversely to Gillard’s demonization of them, her preoccupation with phony claims of misogyny and her recruitment of an exclusively female support group? Determined to make a protest, they have moved their vote to a more congenial refuge, the opposition and, in particular, its leader.
Nor has the Coalition become this congenial refuge by accident: men undoubtedly see Tony Abbott as a rugged individual who speaks his mind, makes mistakes like all men and is in touch with traditional views on manhood. Gillard watches sport; Abbott plays it.

I would like to think that Neil is right, but I have good reason to think that matters will NOT improve for men just because Abbott and the Liberals gain power.

They had power for 12 years and all throughout that period the feminists grew and honed their shrill skills. The Family Court became more vicious. The education of boys deteriorated. Families slid faster and faster down the gurgler. Single-mother families exploded. The Universities entrenched leftism and sent their brainwashed acolytes throughout the public service and media.

It did not happen only since Ju-lia took over. 

If things are to improve for men, and society as a whole, a whole lot of winding-back has to be done. Men need to be valued again. Feminism needs to be cut off from the Taxpayer's teat. The Office for the Status of Womyn needs to be thrown into the street. Families with two parents, one of each sex, need positive encouragement.

Men need to send a strong message to Abbott.



The 'Party' system mitigates against 'gender' voting as far a men are concerned. The recent mass-desertion from Julia's mob may be changed a little by Rudd, but most men see him as slimey anyway. Men have never voted for 'a man' in Oz the way women voted for Julia just because she has similar genitals.

It is time they did.

The men may take to the drink though, and I do not mean the Good stuff we serve here.

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