Saturday, June 29, 2013


If it ain't free (for heroes and saints) in the Tavern, everyone else pays the same.

After all, women have been complaining forever that men are treated better than they so here we make no distinction. Mind you, not many women drink pints of Ale. Not many men drink ladies' favourites either. But the cost is the same.

But wait.... what's this?

Osteoporosis drug subsidised for women not men,
who pay more than 50 times the price.

OSTEOPOROSIS doesn't discriminate between sexes,
but a drug used to treat it is being subsidised for women only.  
Pensioner Robert Hadley "cannot believe" he has to pay $300 a dose for a treatment for thinning bones that costs women just $5.90. 
The seemingly sexist subsidy for the osteoporosis drug Prolia has been confirmed by the Health Department. 
"Prolia is not currently available on the PBS for the treatment of male patients with osteoporosis," a departmental spokeswoman said. 
She said the reason was that the drug company which makes it has asked only that it be subsidised for women. 

Mr Hadley says after fracturing a wrist ten years ago he was using another osteoporosis treatment that was subsidised for men but it "made me crook". 
Three years ago his doctor switched him over to Prolia injections. 
"It's $309 every six months, that's a lot of money on a pension," the 74-year-old told News Limited. 
"I'm up against the system."

With the pay-gap, men pay the majority of tax which subsidises the women.

No wonder women live on average 7 years longer than men.

Just read one bit again.... a departmental spokeswoman said the reason was that the drug company which makes it has asked only that it be subsidised for women.

Now what do you think the 'Departmental Spokeswoman' would have said to the drug company that dared to ask it's product only be subsidised for men? 

Do you think perhaps an enormous fuss would have been made? Demands that the Company get in line with Equality, perhaps?

More complaining about women not being treated equally?

Questions asked in Parliament. Shouting ? Sreetching? Wailing and showing of breasts ?

I wonder if our FEMINIST Governor General, Quentin Bryce will take up the case. She used to be the Discrimination Commissioner.


Don't hold your breath. Have a drink of something cool.

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