Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feet are useful. Use them.

A retired podiatrist was in the P&B giving his opinions and waiting for people to stick pins in them. Clearly he had no fear of acupuncture. Men with such 'hands-on' skills, even hands on feet ones, often have a lot of spare thinking capacity. And use it. Women shop for shoes.

He was talking politics of course. Well, he was American, innit?

I will just give a few snippets as I have many people to serve tonight. The gist of it was this:

“But they defended their policies, and the country did not rebel; it accepted the Elected Government's argument. Selfish individuals may be unhappy, the Government said, but what we have established in Germany is the ideal system, socialism.” "To be a socialist,” says Goebbels, “is to submit the I to the thou; socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole.”

So many seem not to know that Nazis were SOCIALISTS.

When a serious crisis occurs, citizens cry out for someone to do something about it at any cost. Of course, that “someone” is the government. In Germany of the 1930s the crisis was runaway inflation. However, any crisis will do. For America the crisis could be another terrorist attack using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons; a depression; a stock market crash; a food shortage; a torrent of bankruptcies and bank failures; a bursting of the housing bubble, etc. 
 In most cases, the crisis is government-generated, while the government’s solution is to continue to do the very same thing that caused the crisis in the first place. In some cases the government surreptitiously causes a crisis in order to motivate the citizens to succumb to more government control. This gives those on top of the power pyramid even greater power. That’s why the State loves war in spite of statements to the contrary."


I believe that the common man on the street in Germany during the Nazi regime thought that he was supporting a good cause when he supported Hitler and his thugs. Like us, the German people and the Nazis loved their children, went to church, played bridge, went to the opera and concerts, played tennis and engaged themselves in the same everyday activities as we do.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Fascism can come from the right or the left. Doing what feels good and doing what is right and works are not necessarily the same thing. To determine what works, one must analyze cause and effect. The reasoning of the “feel good” proponents goes something like this: “wouldn’t it be nice if the poor were more prosperous?” (We all would like to see that the poor were more prosperous.) Solution—“let’s give them some of my money and your money and everybody else’s money.” Problem solved.  
Fascist doctrine does not bother to look at the morality of such acts, the unintended and long-term negative consequences of such a policy, the side effects of the policy and never bothers to seek out the cause of the very prosperity that they wish to establish. The problem is magnified by the fact that when the unintended consequences do become a reality, fascist ideology is never blamed. Other people, groups and greed are blamed.

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