Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spam !

The postings and comments on this blog are all 'Officially Approved'. Every one of them is cleared first by the NSA in America and then personally by President Obama. (Note: he comments under a false name). They are looking for Conspiracies.

Considering that everyone and his dog has a blog these days, although few are as good for the spirit as this Tavern, that makes for a lot of reading, storing, analysing and whatever the NSA does. I am supposing that this is a Government Job Creation scheme gone haywire.

And that is just the tip of a huge virtual iceberg.

There were 2.9 Billion email accounts way back in 2009 and there are bound to be a few more than that now.

They generated 507 Billion emails sent per day.

Per diem.

That's a lot of stuff to read.

And the NSA Spam Box must be friggin' HUGE as 84% of emails, it seems, are spam.

I don't doubt that the spam messages are barely looked at, if at all, which makes for a big loophole for the assorted terrorist groups and other buggy-bears that the NSA is trying to get the good on. If such baddies are any good at their jobs they will be communication by spam.

Do NSA people have a lunch break? Do they get spam sandwiches?

Are they using Alien Technology to sift through it all?

What do they do in their lunch breaks?

Just what DID they find at Roswell?

We don't serve spam in our restaurant.

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