Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Cat for a Pontiff.

Down near the bottom of the world, where 'middle-Earth' can be found in Tasmania, the best fast boats I the world are built.

The Incat catamarans are to be found all over the world and in military navies too. But not all are named to honour a Pope.

AN Incat-built vessel heading to Argentina has been christened Francisco in honour of the Argentine-born Pope.

The 99m ferry will operate between Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital and birthplace of Pope Francis, and Montevideo in Uruguay.

Incat said Juan Carlos Lopez Mena, founder and chairman of the ferry's operator Buquebus, decided Francisco would be more fitting than the originally proposed Lopez Mena.

Pope Francis, or Papa Francisco, is the first Pope from the Americas.

The new livery is being applied this week between sea trial outings.

The fast ferry was in sea trials on the River Derwent yesterday.

Francisco has its own firsts, including being the first dual fuel high-speed, roll-on roll-off ferry to operate with liquefied natural gas as primary fuel.

It was contracted by Buquebus for operation on its River Plate service.

Delivery to its destination is expected later this month. It is the eighth ship Incat has built for Buquebus and its associated companies.

"Incat is excited about this project as it represents a significant step in the global move for natural gas-powered ships to replace those operated with less environmentally friendly fuels," Incat chairman Robert Clifford said.

"It will be the largest catamaran they have operated and the fastest, environmentally cleanest, most efficient, high speed ferry in the world."

The Spirit bar will have a free round on the house to toast the new vessel. 6.30 tonight.


  1. Great to see Tassie development in action.

  2. Yes it is, and when the Pope pops home he will have a waterborne Pope-mobile from Tassie waiting for him.

    And there is a fine wine on the bar for you, Free Man.


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