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Gillard- The Ludicrous Campaign Message Award.

Julia Gillard has galvanised the Nation with her campaign to save her political life. The shout went up in the music room "Beware men in blue ties", with loud guffaws.

Time and agin she used to peddle that hoary - and false - feminist complaint that female politicians got judged by what they wore, "while men didn’t"

She made a 'speech' the other day to a hall packed with one hundred hand-picked women. It was all about gender inclusion at Julia's speech. Any gender as long as its female.
“I joke with my male colleagues about how easy they get it. All they have to do is pick a suit, pick a shirt, pick a tie. They get to wear sensible, flat shoes and no-one ever says anything about it and if they wear the same suit a few days a week, no-one ever says ‘gee they have got the same suit on’.”

Ms Gillard said for her the questions were asked “how come she’s got the same jacket on? Why is she wearing flat shoes? If she’s in high heels is she going to stumble over today?”

 She said the focus was slowly switching from commentary about her clothes to the things that matter.

Her political patron also used to peddle that hoary feminist complaint that male politicians (unlike female ones) played the gender card:

Joan Kirner, the failed ex-premier and Emily's Lister:
…" I believe that there has been a deliberate use of the Prime Minister’s gender, and indeed premiers and others before her, to not judge them on their performance, but to not allow people to get to that important debate by putting up personal criticisms as the central issue. "

But Gillard today is the sexist boogie-person she damned.

Today she launched the most blatantly sexist campaign - the Women for Gillard movement - seen in Australian politics, and did so by not just lying about Tony Abbott but mocking his choice of clothes:

She has played the gender card as she fights for electoral survival, warning the coalition’s “men in blue ties” would marginalise female politicians and treat abortion as a political plaything…

 “I invite you to imagine it, a prime minister, a man with a blue tie, who goes on holiday to be replaced by a man in a blue tie, a treasurer who delivers a budget wearing a blue tie,” said the prime minister".

She has a penchant for making herself ludicrous.

So Election Day, September the 14th is the one declared so far (it may come sooner), which is the usual date for 'Clean Up Australia Day and very apt for the task, is now also Blue Tie Day.

What used to be a chore, having to go to the polling booth, will now be a Blue Tie holiday. The Knight & Drummer will give out Free blue ties.

Even the TV people interviewing her now wear blue ties.

Oh, please, bring back an adult.
Here she was a short time ago delivering her 'devastating' political critique of Tony Abbott, the tie-wearer
The responses to Gillard's attacks have been pouring through the news like a waterfall in flood.
As Bill says over at CultureWatch (see the right side column here) :
Everyone in the country knows that Julia Gillard is dead meat, and that she and her party will be ferociously booted out of office at the next election in around 94 days. But Julia still thinks she is invincible. She refuses to budge, and she actually has embraced so much illusion that she still thinks she is the best person for the job.

But what we are really seeing is a really desperate Julia. You can tell when she is getting desperate: sho runs back to the old card trick of the secular left and starts playing the gender card. She thinks this will somehow trump matters, and turn the election around. She is of course dreaming.
Her ugly and reprehensible remarks about Tony Abbott show just how out of touch and desperate she is. And the fact that she went to a Catholic school to attack Abbott on gender, and even raise the old abortion scare tactic is really quite amazing.

Running with the gender card and the abortion card is a shallow and empty ploy, and even some of her own party members think she needs to get real here. As a piece in today’s Australian said, “Earlier, Sydney MP Ed Husic became the second Labor backbencher to criticise Ms Gillard's decision to raise the issue of abortion in attacking Mr Abbott.
“He said he echoed the comments of fellow backbencher Stephen Jones, who yesterday branded the comments unwise. ‘I think that there are other issues that do have an impact, particularly in terms of healthcare or superannuation, that ... legitimately would have an impact on women and should definitely be discussed in the political arena,’ Mr Husic said. ‘But I'm not so sure about whether or not we talk about the issue of abortion’.”
Her idiocy about ‘men with blue ties’ was equally moronic and unhelpful. An article in the Brisbane Times put it this way: “An attempt by Julia Gillard to put gender at the centre of the election by suggesting women would be marginalised under an Abbott government has drawn fierce criticism from opponents and has even been questioned by her Labor MPs....
“Australia's second-most powerful female politician, Julie Bishop, accused Ms Gillard of creating a distraction to save her job. Prominent feminist commentator Eva Cox also weighed in, saying it was an attempt to ‘insert an anti-Abbott element into her political message to women’ on an issue that was essentially one for state governments. Labor's Left faction convener, NSW MP Stephen Jones, also expressed concerns about the abortion comments. ‘I fully support a woman's right to choose, [but] feel a little bit uncomfortable about it being an election issue,’ he said.”
Nowhere near as how uncomfortable an unborn baby feels as the knives rip it to shreds, mind you.
I look to see Ju-Liar's political power ripped to shreds in due Democratic course.
This from Jo Nova. Update by Amfortas: Thurs 13th, 2.50am
An Abbott fan offends with a bad joke. Gillard lies, cheats, and burns your life savings. One of these things matters.

Pre-draft Update: I wrote all this before the latest twist came. For foreign readers: gawk, supposedly in March at an Opposition fundraiser, a menu listed an insulting Julia Gillard Kentuky Fried Quail (and worse). It turns out the menu was not even used, it was an inhouse mockup. No one at the Liberal fundraiser saw it, let alone approved it. The reason I wrote at all about it was that it should never have wasted so much airtime. Like Parliament, like blogs. It is almost as if trolls are running our national debate. UPDATE #2: Worse. The resturanteur who wrote the insult turns out to be a Labor man.
How easily people are diverted.
The parody of our “national” conversation is literally reduced to a bad joke. The desperate Julia Gillard is milking a spot of tasteless humor made by a Liberal supporter, wringing all the political mileage she can get out of it. It is everywhere in the news today. A waste of bandwidth. She says a comment that Tony Abbott didn’t make, and doesn’t approve of, tell us something about the culture of the conservatives. “Join the dots” she snidely implies.
Yes, I say, let’s join-the-dots Julia, let’s talk about “character” and “culture”. But instead of bad jokes in poor taste, let’s talk about something that matters. How about premeditated promises made to the whole nation? Like: There will be no carbon tax; there will be a surplus; we will stop the boats — how many votes did those promises garner?
So a Liberal fan made a momentary lapse — Gillard made the surplus commitment 165 times. These were premeditated, official failures said calmly and with intent. The bad joke cost the nation nothing. The election deceit — countless billions. It may also have cost thousands of jobs and, worst of all, a thousand lives lost at sea.
The Liberals involved [or not, as per the update] have apologized. Gillard has not. She blamed the hung parliament, the Greens, the global economy, anyone but herself.
Spot the hypocrisy.

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