Monday, June 10, 2013

A Song and Dance Tonight !

A night to remember. The good old days dancing brought up to speed with the good but not so old musical backing. Tickets at the Ballroom door. First drinks free.

Remember when the ladies danced and looked like Ladies of the Dance instead of  'ladies of the night'? Here are some well-edited scenes of Rita Hayworth who was worth every step and twirl, every tap and glide.  In fact TWO sets of scenes. She will bring the house down tonight. And didn't they make dresses that floated and swayed just right ? Enough to make an old knight get rust inside his armour. It would be well worth seeing the 'Shorty George' in full (even though I think Rita saved Fred Astaire from looking like a complete dork).

First up, with the Bee Gees

Now with Elvis.

Takes me back to before .... well I won't say.

But to the singing. The best musical poetess of her generation, some have said. They had big mouths but not as big as hers. But from her most unusual-shaped mouth came the sweetest sentiment.

First she sings here about wanting to be her older sister. Something many a small girl has wished. 

Chloe Kite- Margieson dreams of being her older sister, Sophie.

And how do little girls feel when they see Grown-ups? And what do grown-up think about when they see a little girl looking at them? Would you believe that this GEM was a 'B' side?

There you go. Some of a knackered old Knight's  favourites.

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