Monday, June 17, 2013

Utter Waste. Governments wasting YOUR money.

Our regulars in the P&B were regaling everyone with tales of the waste that goes on in Government. It was all because of a booklet that some chaps from the Tax Payers Association had brought into the UK Room.

In the UK the Association has been trawling through records and totting up all the useless costs and waste that could be trimmed back to Zero if only the Public 'Servants' did not have such a liking for stealing the spoons.

The TPA's new Bumper Book of Government Waste outlines £120 billion of savings, £4,500 for each household in Britain. Which by no coincidence is almost exactly the same as the current budget deficit.

Imagine being on an exotic beach with your family, all relaxing in the shade. Imagine not worrying about how you will pay for it, because it's already been paid for. By you. In taxes you didn’t need to pay because they funded wasteful spending. You could have an overseas holiday for that, lazing on the beach. Instead Home Office Public Servants are doing it for you.

Contrast that sunny picture with the dedicated team of TPA researchers digging around in the dark corners of government accounts through last winter to ferret out, check and document this shocking catalogue of waste. Whether it is council staff spending £19,000 on a magician for “motivation” or the £1 million spent by strategic Health Authorities on luxury cars, these are indefensible.

So this book doesn't play a part in the debate about the role of the state. This is simply about responsible and prudent use of taxpayers’ money. It is clear that politicians and civil servants do not care sufficiently about where our money goes.

It certainly got the rest of the rooms searching through drawers and pockets.

The waste goes from the high sublime to the modest ridiculous, but here are some examples.

Clinical negligence in the NHS:
£1.2 billion

Payments for clinical negligence occur when patients are mistreated in NHS care. This bill has increased at an alarming rate and the latest Whole of Government Accounts show that there is a liability of more than £17 billion for clinical negligence. Payments made in 2011-12 rose to £1.2 billion, according to the annual report and accounts of the NHS Litigation Authority. Some claims are non-clinical, including pay-outs for people slipping on wet floors where there was no sign. Much more care must be taken so that this bill is cut instead of rising dramatically.

Subsidies to trade unions.
113,000,000  !!

Yes, the 'Pilgrims' so named after Nurse Pilgrim, a real nurse who spent her entire career never stepping into a ward or washing a patient. She just did 'Union' agitprop. Paid by the taxpayer. Guido Fawkes (see below) gave the name currency.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance found that trade unions receive a subsidy of £113 million a year, which is a conservative estimate. Taxpayers either pay through direct grants or facility time, where public sector staff work part- or even full-time for the trade union rather than in the job they are paid to do.

135,000,000   !!! 
Amount already spent in development of £1.8 billion mass surveillance programme (snoopers’ charter)
Spending on the Data Communications Bill began several years ago. It has now risen to nearly half a billion. But at present, it’s not going ahead. A waste of money on bad legislation. It was fought all the way by campaign group Big Brother Watch, which consistently pointed out the flaws and risks to politicians.


Home Office hotels bill in just six months, including stays at the Hyatt Regency in Trinidad and Accra Beach Hotel and Spa in Barbados. (twice voted the island’s hotel of the year)

It is not just big Government either. It goes all the way down to NGO's, Councils, Quangos, etc etc.

Haringey Council
Spent on a political fund with no agreed plan or purpose, named after their political manifesto: “One Borough, One Future” fund

The BBC spent almost £100 million on the Digital Media Initiative, which was dropped in May 2013 before ever becoming fully operational  

More BBC
Sale of Lonely Planet for a big loss

The book is pages and pages of examples and details.

Many if not all will give you a thirst for blood.

The Western Governments are all in deep debt. They are all working on schemes to rob pensioners and bank depositors. And all because Governments WASTE VAST amounts of money coerced from taxpayer pockets.

Go to Guido for a link to the book where all the gory details can be perused at your growing displeasure.

Here at the Tavern we are always giving stuff away for Free. I hope the Council doesn't find out !!

Waltham Forest Council
The cost of prosecuting a woman for giving away unwanted cardboard boxes to a passer-by - she was accused of “illegally disposing of business waste”.

 We would not like you to have to pay for finding out who we grumpy, critical taverners are either:

South Tyneside Council
Spent on attempts to uncover the identity of anonymous blogger known as Mr Monkey – wanted for criticising Cllr Malcolm/colleagues (the council estimates it spent £75,000, other reports say it could be as much as £250,000)

A pint of Real Ale will be waiting for you to salve the ails.  Free.

Don't waste it.

We don't serve blood.


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