Friday, June 21, 2013

Chicken Pie, Mala-Style

It is all happening in the Restaurant tonight. Mala is back after a hard day in the Vineyard, grubbing out 700 vines and planting 700 new ones.

But she does not rest on her grapes: no, she is cooking for everyone. Lots of little pies and some really big ones too.

This post is short. I am hurrying to tuck in !!

The pies are Free to heroes, pilots, wing-suiters and really nice ladies who arrive wearing flowers. Everyone else make a donation to the staff bandages fund. Unless of course you want to sing for your supper.
 Now, someone suggest a nice wine to go with it.
Something good for the Soul.
And the song for supper? A lovely woman with flowers in her hair is outside in the Vineyard.
Vilja, the Nymph in the woods.


  1. I had a little double take there on your post title...

    Chicken not Cherry ;-)

    I hope I fit into the category of a really nice lady... But I think on this occasion I fine Whisky would be more appropriate the flowers?

    Name your choice!

  2. A lady who likes a wee dram with her pie. So be it. A fine Sullivan's Cove coming up. Matured in a French Oak Port Cask.

  3. I was thinking Whisky after the pie and leaving the wine choice to someone more qualified ;-)

  4. That pie was VERY good if I can say so myself.
    Okay I will.
    That pie was DELICIOUS!

  5. Completely sold out. Even the free ones had donations under the plates.

    Several Heroes were heard to say, "Heroic !!"


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