Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is Obama Stupid or Bad?

Word around the Tavern is perhaps both ;stupid and bad. I can't find one person here who sees the US's lead actor as the Messiah he is claimed to be. Rather the opposite. A regular here, Bill, was practically beside himself with fury at Obama's latest shenanigans.

Mind you, ever the rational gentleman, he started with some quite mild questions and just followed the head-nodding as he made his case. Talk about a pin for a balloon. Bill had his sword out once he'd got going.

And he didn't mention just Obama alone. The President has supporters. They voted for him. Let us not forget that those supporters used to have a lot to say.

Several things can be said about the incredible move by Obama to side with and arm the Islamist rebels in Syria, and potentially drag the US into war there. The first of course is the sheer hypocrisy of the radical left. Just imagine if Bush were doing this: there would be mass marches in the streets of the US and elsewhere by now, with screaming protestors demanding the immediate end to this belligerency and war mongering.

Heads nodded in agreement at that start.  Not many here liked Bush either.

There would be all the usual mindless banners: “No War for oil.” “Make love not war.” “Don’t fight another rich man’s war.” “Try Bush for war crimes.” “Impeach Bush.” “Bush is the real terrorist.” But here we have the leftist Messiah Obama doing the exact same thing, and we don’t hear a peep out of the loony left.
Where are they all? Why the deafening silence?  
So this blatant duplicity and hypocrisy of the left is speaking volumes here. It is as reprehensible as it is typical. But also to be noted is the incredible role reversal taking place here. Indeed, how the tables have turned. 
For so many decades Russia was rightly known as the evil empire.
The communist USSR was the greatest force of evil, bloodshed and murder perhaps ever known. 
And for such a long time America, with all her faults,
was a force for good in the world. 
Or so it once seemed, according to some real skeptics who came in to listen. Some had some things to say about that bit of random and perhaps misplaced praise in another room. But Random Acts of Kind Words sometimes do find themselves in Bill's talks. He is basically a fine chap but prefers to read the riot act mostly.

But all that is now changing – and changing radically. America under Obama is quickly losing any claim to greatness.  

He is of course the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, and anti-Christian POTUS ever.
He is single-handedly destroying  
a once great nation.
And in the meantime Russia under Putin is moving in the other direction.  
He is taking a very strong stand to protect marriage, family and children, all the things Obama is seeking to obliterate.

OK, There were a few mutters about confidence-trickery Communists from the Snug and how Putin should not be let anywhere near children, especially after getting rid of a long-serving Mrs Putin and taking an acrobatic young female to his bed. Hardly a model of the family-man.

Frankly I am inclined to agree.
But when it comes to the Islamists, this contrast is becoming clearer by the day. Barack Hussein Obama has done more to promote Islam while undermining Christianity, democracy and freedom than any other US president. Putin on the other hand fully understands the very real threat of Islam, with plenty of Islamist hotspots of his own to deal with.
(Obama's new found Islamic friends) will turn Syria into another Middle-East hell hole, just as they have done in so many other countries there. Christians are already being slaughtered and driven out by the rebels. Entire Christian villages have been destroyed by them:

The religion of peace is in fact a demonic horde of cannibals, terrorists and misfits. And Obama wants to support these guys!

Plenty of other commentators have warned about the insanity of American support for the Islamists. Daniel Greenfield writes:
“The Free Syrian Army’s Farouq Brigades went door to door expelling Christians in Homs. 
Of the 160,000 Christians in the city, 
there are now barely a 1,000.
Christians in Aleppo have faced kidnappings and car bombings. Some have chosen to arm themselves against the rebels. ‘We see on TV armed young men with beards shouting, “Allah is great!” and calling for jihad. We have the right to defend ourselves,’ one Christian in Aleppo said.  
But Obama won’t be supplying the Christians with any weapons.  
Those are reserved for the bearded young Allah-shouters.

You can see all of what Bill has to say on the matter here at  Culture Watch in the right side-bar.

Take a stiff drink with you. And bring the pin back.

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  1. Obama reminds me of former New York mayor John Lindsay. That is to say he's a role model for a male model and nothing more. His theme song should be "I'm too sexy for my shirt!"
    He's feminism's last male standing. They'll tie him up in knots, make him look like a schmuck and get in the White House on the basis of his disapproval rating.

  2. I could write much of what the patrons in the bar say about Obama, Robin, but it is good to hear from them, and you, themselves. You are welcome here. Wine or beer? Or is a fine single Malt to your good taste?

  3. Have you any Green Chartreuse around? It's usually the big bottle in the back, the one with the dust on it. I feel a cold coming on and those 130 Alpine Herbs work wonders.

    1. Indeed we do, Robin. And a fine measure is here for you.


      I will get a few more from the Cellars so you will not be without, with a cold or in good health.


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