Sunday, June 16, 2013

'Rude' Radio Jock Sacked.

For the life of me, I cannot see what all the fuss is about. A radio chap asked the PM about her bloke's sexual orientation.

Ju-Liar Gillard, the Oz PM, has a 'live-in companion' (who says we don't do World's Firsts in Oz !)  who is a hairdresser and he does seem rather effeminate at times.  There is therefore a widespread presumption that he is bisexual.  "Hey", go the rest of the radio jocks, and TV nonebrities, "There is nothing wrong with that, is there?".

Crikey, the Government of Ju-Liar has even changed all the 'sex' nomenclature to include 'X" as an alternative to 'male' and 'female'.  If the PM can ask us, how come we can't ask the PM about her nearest and dearest?

Apparently, you must not mention that on the radio, in-front of the PM. 

RADIO presenter Howard Sattler has been taken off air for being "disrespectful and irrelevant" in quizzing the PM over her partner's sexuality.

On Sattler’s Drive show yesterday, Ms Gillard was asked about the recent offensive menu saga, if she ever wanted to be a teacher, her lack of religious belief and the topic of same-sex marriage.

After discussing topics for 12 minutes, Sattler then asked Ms Gillard if he could address some of the rumours about her partner Tim Mathieson's sexuality. 
“That’s absurd,” she said to Sattler.

Sattler prompted her further: "But you hear it, ‘he must be gay, he’s a hairdresser’."

Ms Gillard refused to be drawn on the controversial comments.

“I mean Howard, I don’t know if every silly thing that gets said is going to be repeated to me now,” Ms Gillard replied.

“To all the hairdressers out there, including the men who are listening, I don’t think in life one can actually look at a whole profession full of different human beings and say ‘gee we know something about every one of those human beings'.”

It seems to me that suggesting he 'must be gay' because he is a hairdresser, is a bit of a reach. But not enough to get him the sack, Shirley? He was reporting what others say.
Not that there is anything wrong with being a gay hairdresser, you understand. And there are rather a lot of them about. I wonder if one could perm the hairs on my chest.


  1. I agree. His product is shock jock. She consented to interview. So? That's what happens.

  2. Fragile female ego? Some might surmise but Heaven forbid the suggestion ! Its Meesojenny innit.


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