Saturday, June 8, 2013

Noises. The Sound of Freedom.

To an old Knight's ear there  are few things that sound as sweet as the neigh of a horse strapped to his arse, charging into battle.

But more youthful Knights ride the skies, and the beautiful sound there is of the Merlin engine. It was created in a flash of smoke by an old friend, magician and advisor to a King I once knew.

In situ, in the right battle machine, it's sound can bring tears to the eye.

So hear. Here.

And then there.

Now with tears in the eye, we move to heretics.
I could forgive those inclined to go fetch a stake and some kindling for the fellow in the video below, but I say, "Hold that horse, Sir. Watch and listen"
Truly, in this pub one does not often get to hear ten trolls under a bridge, fighting over a small goat.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.

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Ne meias in stragulo aut pueros circummittam.

Our Bouncer is a gentleman of muscle and guile. His patience has limits. He will check you at the door.

The Tavern gets rowdy visitors from time to time. Some are brain dead and some soul dead. They attack customers and the bar staff and piss on the carpets. Those people will not be allowed in anymore. So... Be Nice..