Monday, June 24, 2013

Killing Babies

A dark evening in the Spirit bar last night. Many glum faces when a discussion started up about abortion. It is not a subject that most people like to talk about. It's personal, isn't it? A 'Secret Women's Bizzo'. But the men in the bar had a few things to say despite the efforts of 'social leaders' to prevent any masculine input.

But on the wall in the Spirit Bar I have a sign that states the Tavern Policy on life. It reads.

Human existence contains only two defining instants,
 which are conception and death.
 And this is not a matter simply of “religion” but of biology.
All other milestones, no matter how dramatically recognized in society,
 amount to transitional phases in the human life cycle.
So despite all of the grandiose but empty oratory,
 any individual who does not advocate the defence of all innocent human life
 between those two landmarks
 is an individual who holds no regard for the sanctity of human life on the whole.
 But many people still will not accept that simple assertion. They argue that 'life' in the womb is somehow not human.  It is a 'foetus' or a 'blob of cells'. Unless of course someone accidentally kills it by running over a pregnant women with a car. Then, suddenly, it is manslaughter of mother and baby. Yes, it is suddenly transformed into a baby.
Men are virtually prohibited from discussing it. The Oz PM and her feminist cronies are forever telling us that 'men should not tell a woman what she can do with her own body', as if any man does. She claimed the other day that 'men in blue ties' will dictate abortion laws against women's wishes. No thought did she give to men speaking not against women but FOR babies.
Heck, that used to be a major speaking subject of women - defence of babies. Now it is women who kill babies with virtually no objection, indeed, they have political and social encouragement.
In Tasmania the Left/Socialist/Feminist/Green coalition of the morally bereft have been worrying over a new 'Bill' to extend abortion and even stop people talking about it. It was introduced by a woman. Not a man. 
Michelle O'Byrne.
Take a good look. She does not front the cameras all that often and no wonder. There are more photogenic evil sisters for that. Like our schoolyard slimey-girl Premier  Lara (Lala) Giddings. She just loves the cameras.
Or Michelle's brother who has risen faster than a rat up a toilet pipe on the socialist-feminist coat-tails, enjoying the patronage and agreeing with every evil pronouncement with his lap-rat tail wagging.
The Government lost their darling girl a while back. The lovely Paula. She was 'adored' by everyone, especially her official Limousine driver, whom she seduced and shagged on the back seat time and time again, until the poor chap eventually cried 'Sexual Harassment'. He was awarded over $100,000 wrested from the taxpayers' pockets. Such a nice girl, in charge of educating our children, just like Michelle.
Such a pretty woman. She had to resign and rather than go quietly with the deserved shame and an intent to mend her ways, instead she decided to end her days. She did that in the usual female way of making a ham-fisted job of it and ended up in hospital. The Sheeple from the media went overboard in sympathy for the poor dear.
A home grown Tasmanian Victim Heroine.
What a fine mother she would make ! Not.
The Labour-Feminist-Green society wreckers care not a jot for babies. They prefer to kill them before they have a chance even to breathe.
But several men did speak out last night. Against the evil. Not against women.  One said:
"Such women and their feminist politicians have a lot to answer for and to a lot of dead babies whose potential has been snuffed out.
The situation is a disaster in Australia as in other western countries. Australia aborts 80,000 immanent Australian children every year. This is a horror. It is uncivilised, cruel, self defeating as a Nation."

Heads nodded. 
"These Australian babies have done no wrong, committed no crime, offended no-one. Yet they are sentenced to death and killed in the most horrible manner."

Another chap chimed in: 
 "Their Right to Life is enshrined in the 1947 Human Rights Declaration of the United Nations, to which Australia is a signatory.  Did you know that?

The Unborn have especial mention in the Preamble to the Declaration because they are so vulnerable and need politicians to speak up on their behalf. Their right is totally disregarded by this Bill. Indeed, rejected.

An unborn child injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident has their personhood  recognised and acknowledged, and manslaughter charges brought against the person who caused the accident if they were culpably negligent.

Yet this Bill disregards the personhood of the Unborn. It advocates killing them."

We get passionate people here of an evening. The lunchtime crowd are usually more relaxed.
Another chap spoke up. He had been a 'Professional' who had dealt with some of the carnage cause in his time. He spoke of the mental, physical and emotional health of women.
"Women who abort their babies will have to beg forgiveness of  and from the pure souls of the babies they killed, He said. "Those little children will have far more forgiveness in them than the mothers deserve. But begging and remorse is a good start to the healing"

"I was a psychologist for 25 years. Every year I could count upon dealing with at least a dozen female patients who were suffering from mental, physical or emotional distress due to a previous abortion. 
In some cases I dealt with their husbands too who shared the distress. 
Some had willingly sought abortion. Some had been persuaded. Some had been bullied into an abortion by female peers, parents of both sexes, Doctors, Counsellors, the continual agitprop of the media, especially Feminist and Medical media personalities, and in a very few instances, their spouses/’partners’. 
ALL suffered guilt and shame, remorse and pain, more often than not quite a few years afterwards.  
Their own denial was clear to them as a ‘front’ designed to placate others. They were usually well aware that they had killed a baby and they were internally devastated. 
Despite the popular agitprop of “Women’s Rights’, every single patient of this sort that I dealt with felt cheated and abused by the ideology that promotes abortion. 
Abortion is a Tragedy. Occasionally it is a tragedy we cannot avoid. Life brings tragedies but we should not be legislating to create more."
Then someone turned to the other issue in the Bill. The one that even the baby-killers might need to think far more deeply about than they do. So keen are they to stop people discussing it, they want free speech made punishable.

As he pointed out:

"There are provisions in this Bill that go directly against the Human Rights and Civil Rights of all Australians. 
Horrendous fines and jail sentences are proposed for simply giving one’s opinion or going about one’s lawful occasions in the public place. 
Almost anyone can be considered to be ‘giving counsel’, and fined/jailed if they do not promote abortion.  The Bill specifically indicates that no qualification is needed by the ‘counsellor’.  An unqualified ‘Counsellor’ is anyone at all. 
A husband who encourages his pregnant wife that they can afford a baby and can raise it well,  can be jailed /fined for not also referring his wife to an abortionist. This is ludicrous. It completely disregards, even punishes Fathers. 
Professional, qualified people (Doctors, Nurses) can be fined/jailed for following their better Conscience. 

A YEAR in Jail. A $65000 Fine. 

Even a plumber can turn a job down or a builder refuse to tender for a house with no penalty or liability of a jail sentence. But a Nurse will lose a year’s pay and a Doctor a substantial part of hers/his. Both might even be jailed.  A great way to ruin our hospitals. 
The jail sentence recommended is greater than for actual manslaughter in some cases. This is ludicrous. 
Someone taking a photograph in the street can be fined for not even knowing that an abortion clinic is nearby.  And if they know and actually photograph it, they will be fined/jailed.  
Protesters against Abortion currently have a right to make their views known in public. This Bill will ‘outlaw’ them. It will take away their Freedom of Speech. "
Then he really nailed his flag to a high pole: 

"The Tasmanian Justice Minister (He's a Greenie) ought to prepare a cell for me.

I WILL deliberately break this onerous, totalitarian ‘Law’ when in Tasmania."

At that there were cheers and pledges to join him. And I served good wine to bolster good souls.


  1. And will they ever examine themselves and their actions? Not a bit of it.

    1. The cries of unborn babies are torn from them along with their limbs and their lives. The mothers WILL examine themselves, James, continually, in the dead of night. They will feel the pain of their betrayal and muder. They will pretend all is well. They will give themselves and others all the excuses and agitprop they have learned from their sistas.


      The Politicians will not. The Politicians will count votes. The politicians know something too - there are more Women's votes than men's and that Feminists control those votes through the Office for the Status of Women.

      Do not expect a Conservative Government to go against the Feminists.

      Only WOMEN can do that.

  2. Isn't there a line in The Bible about good being called evil and evil good?

    Even The Hopi predicted this. Crazy white people. Women will dress like men and vice-versa. When will The Pahana come? Waiting for Godot.

    Methinks this shiite is produced by the insane jealousy and attendant resentment of a certain class of female solipsists.

  3. How men and women dress, Chuckles has always raised a chuckle. I must show a few of our quite smartly dressed showgirls from the Music room one say. Half a chap's 'Black tie' outfit actually looks good on them. But blokes rarely look good in a basque or frilly knickers no matter how unmuscular their legs nor how bright the lighting in Sydney street parades.

    There is another non-Biblical (I think?) phrase.... 'Those whom the Gods destroy, they first send mad'. Our society is well on its way to destruction.

    I have heard some chaps in the bar talk of the hard effects of two world wars on women. Millions of men died but rather than care about that the reduction in women's chances of marriage and family first sent women neurotic and then psychotic. There is definitely something pathological in modern women's seeming hatred of babies.

  4. I've noticed your observation to be true largely for Causasian women - not so much for Black, Latino or Asian. White and Anglo comprise the vast majority of mad hatter chapesses IMHO.

    1. And focussed on what is happening in the Island State too where there are fewer Latino, Black or Asian.


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