Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Long White Cloud with a silver lining.

From the Patio we can see a long way. All the way across to New Zealand , the Land of the Long White Cloud, where several things are happening. Some are 'iffy' but we look for the benefits to come.

So, to the first. The Autumn colours as seen from above. They are lovely especially viewed 'first person' with an FPV quadrocopter. You see, many here in the Tavern like small flying things, as well as fine beers.

Now you have to admit, that is pretty.
 This is a growing hobby quite suitable for chaps of all ages. And it has grown out of the 'model aircraft' hobby, which has also gone 'visual' with GoPro cameras and FPV.
FPV is where the vision from a video camera on the model is sent directly to a display at the eyes of the 'flyer', (it looks like sunglasses but really the lenses are small video screens) so he sees from the model.
Some of these models have jet engines - quite real - delivering several tens of pounds thrust and getting speeds of over 200 mph from some 'fighter' type models. There is a world-wide interest in this 'sport'.
In New Zealand a particular gentleman is 'world famous'. While there are many fine modellers and flyers all over the world few have made such an impact on showing the sport as 'Bruce' over at Xjet on You Tube.
I thoroughly recommend you subscribe to 'Xjet' on YT and see the huge amount of work Bruce has done.
He is not a self aggrandizing fellow, just an older gentleman who loves the sport and really cares about showing its fun to up and coming generations. A nice man.
But popularity has its downside. Jealousy. Combine that with Bruce being the sort of grumpy old man that we like around these parts and in our bars, and you get vindictiveness from people who are not nice and are self-aggrandizing. He is critical of some of the people who 'run' the sport in New Zealand. Most criticism, as we all well know, is useful. But the 'powers that be' in his sport there have it in for him and have banned him from flying, despite all the excellent work he has done and all the help he gives to others.
He dropped into the Tavern to up-date us on his problems and tell us a little of his Great Plan to have the biggest Model Aircraft Club in the World.
Let's hear what he had to say.

There, does Bruce look like a trouble-maker to you?  Not to me he doesn't.
I really like his idea for the World's biggest club. It would be like the almost real world flying club that was in America a while back (probably still is)*: The Confederate Air Force. They flew real aircraft of course. Private ones. Everyone in it, from pilots, owners, mechanics, beer-stall people etc were Honorary Colonels. 
One of the barmen here was one. (Modesty rules, but it was me).
It will be a really good day when the clouds part and the sun shines once again on Bruce's bald spot.
NZ's grumpy old model aircraft pilot has logged his ongoing problems with the nefarious nebbies for you too look at:

Meanwhile, more power to his elbow and his rubber bands, and we raise our glasses to him.

By the way: The Confederate Air Force was 'persuaded' to change its name after 9/11. Amazing eh?

See here for more:

Damn shame.


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