Thursday, June 20, 2013

Poised on the Edge

Forget the stock market, the 'economic crisis', Ju-Liar Gillard, even old age. The world might be poised on the edge of disaster or a new age but one man at least knows the cure.

He swept past the patio doing 120 knots, terminal velocity almost for his weight. Falling from the cliff but tracking along at 30degrees with his special suit. Yes, he falls. And far from being afraid, controls it.

When I was a lad I took to horse, grasped my sword and went in search of mortal men of bad intent, with my intent to bring correction. Would that I were young again.  I just might do as Jeb Corliss does and find myself a different steed - the air itself. He has the idea that nature didn't think of.

But really. Fly. Fall along.


Jeb has been doing this for a number of years. Last year he hit the ground. He cut it too fine, clipped a rock and tumbled to almost oblivion.

But he survived. He was 'damaged' as you might imagine, but that cannot stop a Man of Adventure.

More power to the drinking elbow of such fine men.

But wait. Have another drink and do not think that we here are all masculinity and macho. Jeb has a lady-friend who is every inch his match. Where he goes, she goes too. Even if it is a far cry from standing beside a windy wet rugger pitch.

Yes, a classy lady, and it is always a pleasure to see the special 'style' that fine women bring to whatever they do.

So, fresh drinks all round, Ladies and their Gentlemen.


  1. oh my Lord.... Im getting nauseous.

  2. Have a nice gin and tonic and try again. The views on the way down are magnificent.


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