Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cold Evening Escapades

A cold, blustery day brings people indoors to sit by the fire. The air is wet and lumpy out there. But in comes a lass with a big shaggy dog. "Big enough for you to ride", she said.

But I would not send a Knight out on a dog like this.

My liquor licence doesn't cover riding dogs.

I would much prefer to ride something else altogether.

Something like G-DDYX.  It was over the beer garden earlier on. I could ride that, for sure. I used to have a glider licence. And don't be fooled by the YX. It isn't a girly airplane, but rather an air shark for piercing lumpy air.

You can see a lot more of this fellow's fun at:

Mind you, not everything is all fun in the air. Many of the far BIGGER planes up there are flown by truckies, shifting dirty great amounts of 'stuff' in draughty big haulers.  Its not all 'first class' and hostesses serving drinks. We get lots of truckies in here.

It is hard work. But Fun Will be Had !!

Beers for the Lads. !!

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