Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Good Mother

All mothers are good. Aren't they? They love children, especially their own. Don't they? Many are lining up awaiting seats in a legislative chamber somewhere over on the Un-Savoury great State of Texas to cheer on a mother.

Texas, as you well know, is a conservative state. George W Bush was governor there before he became president, (former presidential candidate, Republican Rick Perry is currently governor). So it should come as no surprise that they're trying to pass an anti-abortion bill known as SB5 that would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy and shut down many abortion clinics in the state of Texas. Indeed, the number of abortion clinics could drop from 47 down to 5.

Democratic senator Wendy Davis is doing everything she can to stop the bill from passing by filibusting for 13 hours. That is to say, she's talking for 13 hours straight so that the bill can not be passed.

For part of the time she will hold her breath
until she turns blue - but not fall over -
and thqweam and thqweam until
everyone agrees with her.
And then talk some more.

The rules stipulate that she remain standing, not lean on her desk or take any breaks — even for meals or to use the bathroom. Colleagues removed her chair so she wouldn't sit down by mistake. Davis is also wearing sneakers, (they're pink) to try to stay comfortable. If this seems ridiculous to you, consider the fact that it's a favoured tactic to stop bills passing in the US,

Davis has garnered the attention and support of women around the world for her efforts, with the hashtag #SB5 exploding on twitter. In her opening remarks, Davis, who was chosen to lead the charge because she had a baby as a teenager before going on to graduate from Harvard law school, said she was "rising on the floor today to humbly give voice to thousands of Texans" and called Republican efforts to pass the bill a "raw abuse of power." 

Thousands of Texans, eh.

Not the thousands who have had their mouths forever silenced by an abortionist though. Just for the evil in so many women's hearts.

So many women. Someone has to speak up for them. Otherwise they would not be heard, would they?

And 'humbly'. This woman would not know humble if it bit her arse.

According to The Star Tribune,
In the hallway outside the Senate chamber, hundreds of women stood in line, waiting for people in the gallery to give up their seats. Women's rights supporters wore orange t-shirts to show their support for Davis, and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst had to remind those in the gallery that interrupting the proceedings could results in 48 hours in jail.

When a male protester stood in the Senate gallery and shouted, "abortion is genocide," Davis continued talking uninterrupted as the man was removed by security.

Pretty well says it all, doesn't it.

ONE man speaks for the babies and he is 'removed' by the thugs of the State.


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