Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Clear Message to 'Moderate' Muslims.

A gentleman of rare clarity addressed the gathered throng in the P&B Bar the other day. He was quite annoyed. Here is he, speaking his mind.

This is what a PIN looks and sounds like when it meets a BALLOON.

No 'ifs' no 'buts', Muslims who claim to be 'moderate, MUST not only speak out condemning muslim violence, but actually work to STOP it, otherwise Oz will descend into the same mess as the UK and the US.
Of course, someone HAD to be offended by his short speech, and even before the cheering had died down and folks had re-charged their glasses. We get all sorts in here and tolerate them all, even the one's offended by body art.
So, offended that person was. "You can't go around offending a billion muslims like that", she cried. "I am offended with them !" But of course. One cannot be offended all by oneself these days. You have to speak for millions of others. Even ALL others. Feminists are good at that. Offend one feminist, you offend all women it seems.
I had to give her a free gin & tonic to calm her down. But it had to be smelling salts five minutes later when himself above set off again in response.
Now, come on. You just have to love the old chap.
Tolerate him at the very least.

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