Monday, July 8, 2013

When Beauty Meets Sheer Fun

This Tavern-Keeper is not free from envy. I prefer to call it 'aspiration' m'self, as I keep it in check. It helps when what one envies is not available anyway. But it soon will be.

And I want one.

This has to be the most beautiful machine to date. It marries a sports car styling with wings and water. It is and will be an 'Icon'.

I have no doubt that a 'marketer' could find superlatives to tempt you, but I will let it do it for itself.

Well, OK, there is a marketer in there. But don't let that stop your sheer enjoyment of anticipation.

Now all I need is a garage !

And some water.

And $150,000


There will be rewards in Heaven, but there are some here too if you are Good.
Let's drink to that.

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