Friday, July 5, 2013

Long White Cloud Land gets Thunder.

For a moment I thought that the Vineyard down the road was on fire. Mala came in and the heat could be felt before she reached the door.

I will let her explain....Over to her:

Every now and again the very kind tavern keeper here at the Knight & Drummer allows me to step away from the kitchen sink, throw off my apron  … slide my bare feet into some shoes, and  take a break from my kitchen duties  to mingle with the tavern patrons. Thank you  dear  knackered knight :)

(My pleasure, M'Dear. I'll just get a cool drink for you)

…  although its days like this that I wish I'd stayed in the kitchen!

Just when I think the left in New Zealand couldn’t get any nuttier than they already are … they come up with an idea to prove me wrong.

The Labour party has come up with a plan to block men from its candidate selection process in some electorates, meaning that only women may be nominated for the position so the party can meet their set target of 50% female representation by they year 2017.

Yes ..that's right folks!…a “man ban"!!

I guess nothing should surprise me with the left in this country anymore. The labour party is a party focused on identity politics i.e gender, sexuality, ethnicity..... there are no traces left of the labour party that once used to be the party of the workers.

The NZ labour party has totally lost the plot, and as nationals Judith Collins said

..”It shows labour women clearly were not confident of being selected under normal processes. it is a surprise that they have so little confidence in themselves”.


Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei said the new rule would make sure that women are able to put their skills forward on an equal basis to men.

"By having rules that allow women equal access to the process mean the women are definitely in the race.''

Currently, of course, Democracy and Equal ability to apply for the job apply. Women have always been welcome 'to the race', but they didn't want to run.

No more ! Now they will have to.

Men will be forbidden to run.

That is a way of having a race that the Olympic Committee should have a look at. No men allowed in mixed games.
The Greens also have a requirement that electorate branches consider gender equity when making candidate selection.

Act leader John Banks criticised Labour's move.

Mr Banks said when he entered Parliament in 1981 prior to the election there were four female members of Parliament, after the election there were eight.

"Today there are 40 women members of Parliament and I would like to see the day come when there's more women members of Parliament, and there's plenty of high quality women, on merit, that can get themselves into the Parliament without that kind of gerrymandering,'' he said.

 Labour's Secretary Tim Barnett denied the policy was unfair to males, saying although the list did allow the party to address under-representation, the party did not want to get into a situation in which most list candidates were female because there were too many male electorate MPs.

Well guys, did you get that? Banning your presence at Selection time is not unfair.  That's OK then, eh?


Well, here's the drink, Mala. Take your time. I'll take it from here, m'dear.

It is ALWAYS the Left, isn't it. They are in thrall to feminist agitprop. Indeed, they are all on the same word-meaning-wrecking path, trying to 'change' to bring 'hope' to the thick and the lazy.

Not that men have made such a good fist of Politics that a few, even equal numbers of women could not do just as badly. But let's not pretend it is for 'Eekwalletee' or that women have not had the chance to try for office.

This is blatant Sexual Discrimination.

Australia has just seen what a bigoted, whining Feminist can do when she gets power on the basis of LIES. The 'Emily's List' is the Oz way of biasing the system in favour of Womyn.

Now, I think I will have a drink with you, Mala. Budge over.


  1. The two Labour MPs that are PUBLICLY backing the proposal are none other than Louisa Wall (openly identifies as a lesbian MP) and Tim Barnett (openly gay .Surprise, surprise. Louisa Wall is also the one who submitted a bill to legalize same sex marriage.
    The Labour party have really slumped in the polls here ... this proposal is a very desperate attempt to drum up more female support.... they've really buried themselves with this crazy proposal.As Shane Jones says, Public doesn't want country run by geldings!

  2. In most western 'democracies', women outnumber men as voters. But that still does not seem enough for the Left. Or for Feminists, homosexuals, abortionists, marriage wreckers. They KNOW that women need 'extra' favours and carriages to take them to the 'politically correct' result.

  3. The Labour party has come up with a plan to block men from its candidate selection process in some electorates, meaning that only women may be nominated for the position so the party can meet their set target of 50% female representation by they year 2017.

    Shall quote that next post on the topic.

  4. Acknowledge my dear cook and Vineyardeer, Mala, if you would.


  5. Good grief, I know Australia is in deep cultural poo but I didn't realise New Zealand had lost all common sense as well. I thought New Zealanders were a practical, ingenious lot... however this sort of policy really gives that impression a bashing.


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