Sunday, April 30, 2017

You are Not the only 'Victim', OK?

You cannot just 'Be' who you are, these days. Some Zozchial Juztitz Warrior ( Hah! That last bit is a laugh) is ready to pounce on you if you do not 'fit' into one of their many but not wholly inclusive categories.  Such used to be called 'boxes' and the early SJWs railed against being put in one. Stereotype was another but few were sufficiently educated to spell it.  They hated'labels'. They just knew they were 'bad'. 

The new name is 'community'. Community is a friendly word, innit. If you fit in to a community, you are in a safe space surrounded by a dozen or more masked fellows who all claim to be 'with you 'rade'.  It cannot be too big though or have too many in it lest it ceases to be a 'Minority'. Like 'Women'.

I have had some people take issue with me being a Knight and a King.  What about my 'community'? I am not the only one around you know. And I am a Tavern Keeper too. Plenty of my profession around too. Un.....fortunately I also possess (or am possessed by) other attributes that for an SJW puts me so far beyond the palings that they complain that their molotov cocktails cannot reach and I am untouchable. That makes them really mad. Touch me they desperately want, with a stick, a club, fire-bottles and a sharp pointy thing. 

But I have a sword. 

They could always just forget all about me: mind their business and leave me alone. But no. They will choose me over pretty well any other, not because I am a King, a Knight and a Tavern Keeper, but because I am an Old, White Male, and 'horrors... a Catholic to boot.
The 'approved communities', of which I seem not to 'fit', have a language all of their own. By golly it can get ripe too. It can border on that well known ancient language, gibberish. And like all languages, others can speak it, change it and throw it.  As did a chap who dropped in for a pint and to cool down. Did I tell you that Autumn is well here and the nights are drawing in? It is getting cooler.

Kurt Schlichter had just the response they might understand...if one used a bull-horn to get the message over their rioting. It is possible that some members of Mensa might have some difficulty. The SJW ones.  It hangs on the old adage, "if you can't beat them, join them. Infiltrate !!". 
I Am a Victim of Your Hateful Hate Crimes, You Hate-Criminals
As a person of absolutely no color who embodies an intersectional reality that includes my utter lack of genderfluidity and my unemployment-questioning, differently-veteraned, and non-pagan experiences, I am totally oppressed by progressivism’s hegemonic power structure. I am also the victim of a systemic system of hostile paradigms that denies my truth regarding my phallo-possessory identity.
Poor Kurt is 'Deprived' ! 
My struggle is real, and my male-identifying genitalia will no longer be silent!

I bear a heavy burden in the form of my pasty, easily-sunburned skin. For too long, the fact that a previous Schlichter was booted out of Stuttgart in 1750 has meant that I have been subject to the hateful discourse of unabashed Fritzophobes. And that’s when society hasn’t stolen my Teutonic legacy outright. You are culturally appropriating my cold, emotionless people’s heritage every time you are punctual and efficient.
SJWs are always punctual. Its the busses that bring them to the riot-ground you see.  Mind you, some of those fine masked persons complain a bit about George Soros' lack of punctuality in paying their fees.
The same is true regarding my Scot ancestry. You shamelessly pillage the cultural treasures of the folk of the moors whenever you speak unintelligibly, or refuse to spend freely and without restraint. Enough of your condescending Braveheartism.
My kilt, my choice.
I, of course, am English (another wrong box) and Australian and I am pleased to hear that most SJWs have little or no idea how to speak English properly.  I am used to that though being in Oz. Appropriate it they may but they do not know how to switch it on. 
Even in my own home, I am oppressed. I live under a tyrannical framework of Cubano-supremacy. I am constantly reminded of my minority status as the only non-Latino in the family whenever I am prepared to leave on time while everyone else is still getting ready, whenever I am belittled for my love of mayonnaise, and whenever I am forbidden to dance in public.
“Intersectionality” means that I have lots of complaints about various stuff that I am, and I’m just getting started.
For instance, I am seen as enjobbed, in that I have a job and support my family. This hateful label marginalizes me and subjugates me to the stereotyped role of “provider” and “useful member of society.” 
It cruelly differentiates me from preferred progressive social actors, like “bums” and “welfare cheats.” The progressive paradigm is, after all, based upon compelling non-Democrat bodies to toil to generate tax revenue for the government to give to freeloaders.
My veteranness also makes me a target for othering. My soul roils from the conscious and unconscious prejudice poured upon me every time someone asks me if I was drafted, or if the Army is the one with Marines. Why don’t you just burn a hammer and sickle in front of my quarters, you monsters?
And no, I don’t have PTSD. I’m just really annoyed by you.
I am also victimized for my unpaganhood, and I am constantly pressured to conform and accept weird weather religions and the theological musings of internet hipsters who think the idea of Christian grace is some sort of supernatural point system where you get into heaven for accomplishing a set number of good deeds. I reject these attempts to subjugate me to the dominant discourse, just as I reject the liberal Jesusplaining that seeks to steal my savior and turn him into some sort of socialist hippie, a Bernie Sanders in a robe who thinks the only sin is generating too big of a carbon footprint.
And then there is the systemic hate for my rigidly male monosexual identification and my pronounced pro-chick agenda. Too often those of you who are genderfluid deny the identity of those of us who are gendersolid.
Many genderfluid people get very hot under the collar. I have had to warn some who come into the bar that they could possibly become gaseous and simply evaporate. I have to give them a drink. 
Finally, it is time to reject society’s paradigm of unphallused privilege. This bias results in interlocking systems of domination that produce the conditions under which oppressed peoples like me are forced to live, and usually manifests in me getting called whenever someone needs help lifting something heavy.
Those of us who wield a penis demand that you cease your dehumanizing unmale gaze and validate the manly values that stand firm against your anti-testicular hegemony.
We male-identifying men proudly shout out these radical truths:
Boys don’t cry, and it is lame to shed a tear in public, except on Memorial Day or when a dog dies.
Feelings are stupid, except for patriotism and a love of dogs.
Guns are awesome because they shoot solid lead freedom. Every man should have several guns. And several dogs, because a man with a cat is a woman.
Also, no man should ever listen to Maroon 5. Nor should anyone else. Including dogs.
We will no longer be man-junk marginalized. From this moment forth, my people’s pronouns are “he,” “him” and “if you touch my stuff, I’ll slug you.”
Your hate speech against us, which is defined as anything you say that we don’t like, must be banned, 
.....starting on campuses. As fellow social justice warriors have observed, “Free speech, a right many freedom movements have fought for, has recently become a tool appropriated by hegemonic institutions. It has not just empowered students from marginalized backgrounds to voice their qualms and criticize aspects of the institution, but it has given those who seek to perpetuate systems of domination a platform to project their bigotry.”
Right on! I mean, how could normalizing limitations on free speech ever backfire? 
You social justice warriors surely shouldn’t worry about this kind of thinking being expressed by people who don’t like you and who have a lot of guns.
Our initial non-negotiable demand is for a safe space for all German/Scot-Employed-Judeo/Christian-Veteran-Straight Males-Of Relatively Good Health on every college campus, as well as a Department of German/Scot-Judeo/Christian-Veteran-Straight Males-Of Relatively Good Health Studies to explore the issues regarding, and the terrible social stigma and prejudice faced by, us German/Scot-Judeo/Christian-Veteran-Straight Males-Of Relatively Good Health.
And honorary membership for English Kings, Knights, and sundry Saints and Heroes. 
We further demand a curriculum that teaches using unique German/Scot-Judeo/Christian-Veteran-Straight Males-Of Relatively Good Health pedagogic strategies, like “reading” and “studying.” 
It must also educate us about suppressed German/Scot-Judeo/Christian-Veteran-Straight Males-Of Relatively Good Health truths, like about how the Chinese stole the idea for the Great Wall from Deutschland’s autobahns, and how Steve McQueen is a million times cooler than Ryan Reynolds will ever be.
That is our intersectional reality; that is our cry for revolution. 
We refuse to allow the forces of social injustice to continue to deny our existence, and our suits, clean shaves, and combed hair shall be the transgressive body modifications that demonstrate our alienation from the dominant paradigm.
No longer will we allow our pallor to render us invisible!
No longer will we tolerate being left out of the acronym LGBTQ!
No longer will we be scrotum-shamed!
Right on, Bro and here's a pint to keep your vital manly fluids, fluid. 

Whatever you do, try to avoid arguing with a SJW. Or an Anti-Christian / anti-Catholic. Or a Pro-Choice baby killer. Or a gender-disrupted mother who makes her little boy wear a dress. You will not win as they are beyond the help of normal, busy people.

You may choose to laugh however.

And please, remember that they are made in the image and likeness of my Supplier; alterations there are aplenty, I know, so tattood drongos should be pitied.

Pray for them all.  (It drives them nuts).

Offer them a drink of kindness and keep your sword in your hand.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Feminist Cesspit Schools.

They are everywhere in the Anglosphere. One can barely open a page about education or school children and not encounter a horror story featuring filth, gender-bending, depraved teachers and Education Departments that may just as well be outposts of a Sirius 3 invasion party. Our schools are run by snakes and lizards and green-skinned wimmin.

And it is not sexist to point out that it is largely women we see, being as schools have become unsafe workplaces for men. Going back in time just a short way and we saw the ladies as eminently suited to the teaching profession. Caring, nurturing, filled to the brim with empathy and 'conflict resolution skills' and of course naturally endowed with superior verbal communication skills. Just the ticket for teaching kiddies.  They talked us into it.

But what have they brought us other than spinless acquiesence to and implementation of soul and mind-damaging curricula.

There are some sections of society that are constantly complaining that they are victims. They complain about sexism. They complain about genderism. They complain about 'privilege'. They complain about racism. They complain about 'oppression'. They complain to Our Kids. That they have full access to every week day.

But it is they who are guilty of all of the above list of woes. They project their warped perspectives onto others so as to condemn them. And they teach our children.

Several instances were brought into Tavern conversations.  Rebecca Urban in the Oz Bar and Tony Perkins in the US Room gave some examples.  So did Pete Baklinski in the Canadian Room. So, ladies first and let's hear from Rebecca.
Victorian schools adopt ‘anti-privilege’ feminist clubs
Schoolyard “feminist collectives” are springing up across the country as young women are presented with a grim picture of gender equality by a new wave of education programs that place “white, male privilege” and“hegemonic masculinity” at the root of family violence.
Northcote High School, Brunswick Secondary College, Suzanne Cory High, St Helena Secondary College and the independent Korowa Anglican Girls School in Melbourne have followed Fitzroy High School in establishing feminist collectives or clubs in recent times. South Australia’s Glenunga International High School also runs a feminism club that is offered to students as a co-curricular activity.
Meanwhile, schools throughout Victoria and the ACT and internationally in Argentina, Brazil and Berlin have taken up the Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective’s teaching resource, Fightback, despite concerns it simplifies the issue of violence in the community and potentially alienates boys and men.
No 'potentially' about it m'dear. It is designed to do that and has been succeeding for a while now. 
As The Australian reported on Wednesday, teachers are being encouraged to develop feminist collectives as part of the Victorian Labor government’s $21 million Respectful Relationships program to tackle family violence, which promotes Fightback as a classroom resource for students from Year 9 upwards.
While heavily criticised by Victoria’s opposition, as well as several education experts, the program has attracted the support of Greens MP Adam Bandt and federal Labor deputy leader Tanya Plibersek, who said yesterday that “getting students talking about respectful relationships, including from a feminist perspective, is a great thing”.
No. It is indoctrination. It is AgitProp. It is a betrayal of the children, the parents and society. But what would anyone expect those two to say any differently.
Mr Bandt said he was proud that young women in his electorate were behind the program. “Instead of trying to restart old battles, culture war conservatives would do well to remember that even Malcolm Turnbull calls himself a feminist now,” he said.
Restart old battles? Hello. This is the same old one-way war that has been raging non-stop for two friggin' generations. 
Designed to educate students about “negative attitudes ... that contribute to high rates of sexism and discrimination, and ultimately, violence against women”, Fightback paints a worrying picture of inequality in Australia.
It is feminist 'negative attitudes' from start to finish. 
In one activity, students are told there are “common perceptions” about equality, including that women are already equal, that we are in a post-feminist era or that men suffer inequality too.
Students are shown statistics on the pay gap between the sexes and women’s representation in politics, business, sport and film and are asked: “So, are we equal?”
Oh yes, the pay gap statistics. They ought to be prosecuted. 
A recurring theme throughout the program, as with Respectful Relationships, is the notion of “privilege”: that some groups have advantages over others because of their birth identity.
“Being born white in Australia, you have advantages,” the guide says. “By being born male, you have advantages … that you may not approve of or think you are entitled to, but that you gain anyway because of your status as male.”
Racism. Sexism. Hello. 
The Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective started in 2013 as a lunchtime book club that, according to its website, “revealed a sense of anger and frustration about gender inequality”.
Education Minister James Merlino praised the program. “I always encourage students to pursue interests they are passionate about and to lead student projects and organisations,” he said.
Would he encourage students passionate about being boys, or white?  Pig's arse he would. 

Opposition education spokesman Nick Wakeling said he had reservations about such programs and they would be scrapped by a Coalition state government.
Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham said “the No 1 focus of our classrooms” should be on core skills, starting with literacy and numeracy.
As if Oz was bad, look at Canada. Look at the US. That is a larger population with greater scope for infiltration and destruction of minds. And they can be quite blatent about it.  

The Canadians come right out with their criminal teachers and give them conference platforms. Here,Pete Baklinski tells of a particularly boastful pervert teacher:
Lesbian teacher: How I convince kids to accept gay ‘marriage’, starting at 4 years old
 A primary grade lesbian teacher from an Ontario public school revealed in a workshop at a homosexual activist conference for teachers earlier this month how she uses her classroom to convince children as young as four to accept homosexual relationships.

“And I started in Kindergarten. What a great place to start. It was where I was teaching. So, I was the most comfortable there,” Pam Strong said at the conference, attended by LifeSiteNews.
Sick. She has her sexual proclivities and insists on forcing them onto captive kiddies. And she, along with so many other female teachers is alowed to get away with it because.... well,,, she is nurturin' innit?

And so to that other Melbourne in sunny Florida. At least they have triple-lane highways full of lawyers seeking work.  Tony tells: 
Florida School Up to Its Necklace in Legal Trouble
Making a fashion statement wasn’t the point of a 9th grader’s cross necklace in Florida. Making a statement of faith was. And to her LGBT activist teacher, that was the problem. At Riverview High School in Hillsborough, a freshman girl barely set down her books on her desk when Ms. Lora Riedas pointed to her small cross pendant and said, “I need you to take your necklace off.” Stunned, the girl asked why. The teacher refused to answer and instead barked that it was “disrespectful” and repeated her demand. Not wanting to seem disrespectful, the teenager did what she was told.
Upset, her parents contacted our friends at Liberty Counsel who sent a letter to the superintendent explaining that it was the teacher who was disrespectful. “In banning cross necklaces from three different students in her classroom, Ms. Riedas has ‘intentionally violate[d] or den[ied] a student’s legal rights.’ 
The right to wear a cross necklace is clearly established. There is no question that students have the right to wear religious jewelry, despite any specious claim of ‘gang affiliation’ by Ms. Riedas. Subsequent to her cross ban, Ms. Reidas has subjected at least one of the students ‘to unnecessary embarrassment or disparagement,’ in singling the student out for false allegations of student behavior violations.”
This is exactly the kind of anti-faith hostility that flourished under the Obama administration. 
Of course, one look at Ms. Riedas’s classroom and it’s obvious where that hostility stems from. 
Plastered with rainbow flags, buttons, and propaganda, the teacher is a forceful LGBT advocate. At the beginning of the year, Liberty Counsel points out, she even put rainbow stickers on her students' folders without their permission. When one student peeled hers off, she noticed that she was treated with more hostility than her peers. Talk about hypocrisy! 
This teacher is banning crosses on one hand and engaging in “wholesale LGBT activism” on the other. 
If anything’s offensive, it’s that! 

“Ms. Riedas has further engaged in impermissible LGBT political activism in the classroom, and has indicated her intent to further do so during instructional time,” the letter claims. “Ms. Riedas is planning to promote GLSEN’s ‘Day of Silence’ coercive political activities during instructional time in her classroom this April 21, 2017.”
None of this is a surprise to Ms. Riedas’s Twitter followers. The teacher’s feed is full of advice about “how to talk to kids about what it means to be an LGBT ally” and how to engage on the transgender bathroom issue. And according to school policy, posting these things isn’t the problem — posting them during class hours is. As Liberty Counsel reminds Riverview High, “It is the policy of the Board that students, staff members, and District facilities not be used for promoting the interests of any non-school agency or organization, public or private, without the approval of the superintendent.”

Together with her attorneys, this brave 9th grader is asking for the right to express her faith, which is already guaranteed to her by the Constitution. Students should never have to check their beliefs at the school house door — or anywhere else for that matter.
Ahhhhh. And the teacher's beliefs? I am not one for making schools 'belief-free zones'. I am not even against teachers wearing crosses.

I am against the coercion of children into homosexuality. I am against schools persecuting christians. 

I am not 'Tolerant' on such matters.

Where's my whetstone.

Have a drink. 

Drip some on your blade.


American Catholics Failed from the Start

This will not please some customers - it is about recalling history and drawing its lessons -  but I hope no-one starts throwing good ale around. One won't though and he is the one people might be displeased about. The Tavern is 'tolerant' of discourse and of people with odd inclinations. I may personally disapprove of some people but heck, we are all sinners needing some mercy and forebearance. The difficulty comes when we go over-board on this 'tolerance' bizzo. This fellow had some things to say about Catholics' misplaced tolerance. 

It is topical at the moment so I let him have his say. It is topical because our western society is infiltrated by those who would destroy the Anglosphere: people who are themselves very Intolerant. They come from outside our sphere with satanic-islamic creed; and from inside with marxist-feminist creed. Both seem to be obsessed with sex, envy, anger, hatred and spite. The new customers wasn't.

But it seems he has been run out of more taverns than you can shake a stick at. At his own admit he has been banned by Mark Shea, Fisheaters, and the Suscipe Domine Forum; Scrubbed from ChurchMilitant TV, and snubbed by CAF: De-Friended by Rick Delano: Dumped by the SSPX Faithful. 

Interesting fellow. ! 

However, as he came in with my Politically Incorrect Australian mate, Mr Doom (see him on the right hand wall >>>>>) I felt obliged to serve them both.

He holds that wicked people crave subjugation to evil tyrants: Evil and good people smell each other: Weak people smell nothing; and that Silence is complicity.

I offered him a pint of the very best Ale, brewed by Monks, and he told me, "I am not a Conservative. I am an extremist, a radical, an elitist, a counter-revolutionist, and a monarchist.".

I suggested it would not be a good idea to pee on my carpet nevertheless, as I am a King. I pointedly took my sword from behind the bar and put it out next to the ale pumps.

He had some things to say about early days in America, when it was still a colonial outpost. The folk in the US room listened and so did I.  If you ever come across Laramie Hirsch, ask him if I threw him out eventually. He started off.......
Catholics Failed in America 
Part 1: Maryland
There are many reasons that Catholicism has remained mostly politically insignificant in the United States.  If I could boil it down to three reasons, it would be because on the important levels, Catholics have lacked spine, force, and conviction. 
Today, {Ishall tell you} what went wrong with Maryland. 
I should point out that he went on in some detail which I shall not cover here, but you can look up the following parts by following the link.
When the colonies were first coming into existence under the British Crown in the 1600s, it was not just the Judaized Puritans who crossed the Atlantic.  There were also a significant number of English Catholics coming to the New World in hopes of escaping persecution from the Anglicans. 
 Unfortunately, when the English Catholics got here, they discovered that the colonies were filled with Puritans who despised Catholicism even more than the Anglicans despised it.   
The Puritans hated Catholicism so much, that they despised seeing even the traces of Catholicism in their Anglican cousins, which is why the Puritans came here in the first place.  They wanted to be isolated from all forms of Catholicism, even Anglicanism.  Like the Jews who held a tribal sense of temporal destiny, so too would the Puritans come to the New World in hopes of building their City on a Hill.  
George Calvert, properly known as Lord Baltimore, had the idea of establishing a New World refuge for the fiercely persecuted Catholic Englishmen, and so Maryland would be the place where they could practice the Faith freely without fear of being arrested.  
George Calvert
The First Lord Baltimore
So, why is there no Catholic paradise in Maryland today? What was the problem for Maryland from the outset?   
A lack of spine, force, and conviction.
Lord Baltimore was a convert from Protestantism.  As such, he had the bright idea of giving non-Catholics the same freedom in his colony.  But even this concession to the Protestants drew heavy protest form the Puritan government of Virginia.  
Lord Baltimore was timid with the Faith.  How was Catholicism to find a refuge, when one of the first orders was that "all Acts of the Roman Catholic done as privately as may be"?   
To make matters worse, Lord Baltimore did not establish the Catholic Church as Maryland's religion.   
The other Puritan colonies were all too happy to put Puritanical laws on the books that would penalize Catholics.   
However, Lord Baltimore feared any resemblance to his hateful neighbors.  
Instead, Lord Baltimore demonstrated his weakness and granted the Protestants equality.
We, today, would laud this as 'tolerant', and indeed it is amongst men of good will. The problem however lies in the very word - Protestant. They were protesting against Catholics. Hello !!

Just as today we 'tolerate' Muslims who do not simply 'protest' against Catholics, Protestants, sundry part-christians, Hillsong and Joel Wossname, as well as Jews, Jains and Hindus, Zoastrians and Shintoists, but who would sooner behead you in an infidel-built civic square.

Things have changed little since Lord Baltimore opened the gates.
While it may be true that cousin Captain Thomas Cornwallis was able to vigorously blow a broadside into the hull of the Cockatrice, such defense of Maryland was isolated.  Perhaps the force of arms was not a priority for Maryland's leaders.  As a result, this lack of forcefulness resulted in the pirate Richard Ingle and his Puritan friend William Claiborne taking over Maryland's government for a year in 1642.   
It was an atrocious humiliation.  
Where leaders failed, the people prevailed, driving out the two usurpers, and giving Parliament back over to the Catholics.
However, Maryland's status as a Catholic refuge would not last.  As Charles Coulombe explains in his book, Puritan's Empire:
""Maryland was, of course, a different case.  Like his father and grandfather, the third Lord Baltimore, Charles Calvert, allowed Protestants to freely settle in Maryland and enjoy full civil rights.  By 1689, they were a majority of the population.  A group of the more wealthy and influential formed, when the news from London arrived, the Protestant Association.   
On July 27, the Association seized the capital at St. Mary's City.  In 1690, King William officially took control of the colony, and voided the rights of the Catholic proprietor.   
The Assembly made it illegal for Catholics to hold office in Maryland." "  
So much for tolerance and men of goodwill. ! 
The Catholics of Maryland foolishly put everyone on equal footing.  They tried to practice pluralism.  And by allowing in outsiders, they lost everything.   
Maryland became co-opted by the Protestants.   
They failed to kick out heretics and impose negative sanctions against the Puritans.  They missed their chance. The opportunity was there, and they failed to take it. 
The Catholic leadership was dull and dim-witted, while the Protestant Association was deliberately focusing on the capture of the Maryland government.  
Sound familiar? Just look at the infiltration of Mosques, no-go areas, Sharia Law impositions etc.  
The Puritans were fully prepared for a bureacratic long-game, as the Catholics instead rested on their laurels and enjoyed a false peace.  In reality, the surrounding Protestant hordes were fully prepared to overtake them, and they were at war with the Maryland Catholics-- 
even though the Catholics never knew they were in a political and cultural war in the first place.  
Christianity today stumbles about in a forest of so many splinter groups that they cannot see the fires of Hell coming. The 'Unity' that was at the heart of the Christian Movement, Catholic, started by Christ, is no longer and has not been since those very years when America was founded by refugees from religious wars.
Insult was later piled on top of the Catholic Marylanders' grievous mistake:
 ""1704 saw a political victory for the Protestants in Maryland as great as Moore's in Florida was for Carolina.  In that year the Assembly passed the Act to Prevent The Growth of Popery.   
This prohibited Catholic worship and forbade priests to make converts or baptize any but children of Catholic parents. 
 The wealthier Catholics of the colony petitioned for a temporary reprieve from the first clause in respect to private homes; in an extraordinary move, Queen Anne intervened to make the exception permanent.  Because of this, Catholic Maryland survived.""
It survived in tatters, never becoming what it was supposed to be.   
While the Catholics of Maryland were fully prepared to be merciful, be tolerant, embrace pluralism, and pretend there was unity: 
in reality their enemies stood next to them the entire time holding concealed knives behind their backs. 
The Catholic Marylanders wanted to "not be like those guys." They wanted to not be the same bigots they tried to flee from in England.  But ultimately, they proved to be sell outs. 
 The Protestant Assembly consolidated their power and were all-too-happy to kick out all who might oppose them.  The Puritans of Maryland had the balls to win a war, while the Catholics were completely lacking.  The latter were completely unprepared to respond to the challenges of their surrounding and internal enemies. 
If I could make an analogy of what happened in Maryland it would be of a silly man going to the beach to build a sandcastle, but the beach is filled with his enemies, and they come to kick over his sandcastle.  Lord Baltimore and his followers were filled with ideology and utopian thoughts, lacking any understanding in bureaucratic warfare.  The idea of Maryland was a defensive posture, and there was nothing offensive or aggressive to protect it. 
The Catholic failure of Maryland is but a mere microcosm for so many other Catholic failures, such as the eventual co-opting of the Church by liberals and Freemasons.  Yet such co-opting techniques of dissidents, liberals, and rebels goes beyond the Catholic Church to corporations, your job, and even your Protestant church, if you go to one.
Worse, of course, is the willing blindness of most western liberals - yea even unto the Church of Nice catholics - to accept into our midst today an even more virulent and violent creed.  When Catholic priests open Church doors so that Muslims can worship satan out of the rain, we know we are in deep trouble. 

Will we never learn?

But why not welcome Muslims? Are they any worse than politicians? LGBTXYZ ?  Communion in the hand? 

I shall tell why. We are here to Fight. The World: the Flesh: and the Devil. And that ancient Evil One has many tried and tested tricks that people easily forget. Disunity is one. Emnity between men of goodwill is another.

This old Knight is a Catholic. And a Monarchist. And an elitist by simple virtue of rank.

As for America, and all those there that I admire and love, I often wonder at their brazen claim that they are a 'Nation Under God'. Really? They are a Nation under Protest against the One Church established under and by God.

I gave the lad, Laramie, a pint. 

Have one with him.

Follow his link and see what else he has to say.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eating Skippy: Oz Delicious.

My Tavern Chef excelled the other day and I have had the finest Roo dish I have ever tasted. He made sufficient to delight the taste-buds of a dozen or so lucky-country customers so favoured in our gourmet restaurant.

It surprises me not a bit that this delicacy is less common that one might expect, being as we are in a multi-culti nation where every furrin dish is extolled and fine Oz dishes left to congeal on a low back-burner. But too many miss out on a beautiful, 'Game' meat.

As a lady who dined with us said,

 "Australians have an ingrained reluctance to eat their national emblem, but a number of chefs are now championing kangaroo meat as a delicious - and environmentally friendly alternative to beef and pork.
She was quite right, although the mob that sent her around - the BBC - may be better known for being economical with the truth (as they say) and even using wood chips in their news ingredients. More from her later. I think though it is less about any 'ingrained reluctance' and national emblems, and more to do with over-cautious restaurants and desire for trendiness. Australians eat out a lot and are game for almost anything. 

But there are gourmet suppliers where one can find Roo - and wallaby too - and even more exotic fine dish-making ingredients like Crocodile and Emu. Even the major supermarkets are now stocking some of them. Wallaby sausages are on my menu at least once a month.

I will tell you a recipe later but for the moment let us hear from that lady, Fuchsia Dunlop. I have never met a Fushsia before. 
Eating Skippy: 
Why Australia has a problem with kangaroo meat

Like many foreign cooks and food writers visiting Australia, I was dying to try some of the country's unique local ingredients, and none of them more than kangaroo.
On a previous visit to the country I'd been impressed by local chefs' commitment to sourcing the finest produce, and by the way their menus described the provenance of fresh seafood, heritage tomatoes and free-range pork. This time, I wanted to see how they cooked one of their most distinctive native Australian ingredients. And I knew that kangaroo meat had much to recommend it from an environmental point of view.

Kangaroos produce far less of the greenhouse gas methane than the cattle brought over by European settlers, and their jumping feet don't damage the fragile Australian topsoil like the hard hooves of cows and sheep. Although kangaroos are a protected species, there are so many of them that they are widely regarded as pests, and they are hunted by professional shooters according to a strict quota system. 

In an era when chefs all over the world are clamouring to use wild, seasonal and local produce, one might expect kangaroo meat to take pride of place on Australian menus.

Surprisingly, however, most Australians refuse to eat it. 
With respect, madam. Bollox. It is not a matter of 'refuse'. Most Oz people just do not see it on the menu in Chinese, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, and whathaveyou restaurants. Those places are operated by cultural interlopers who eschew this country's natural and national offerings and have taken over our high streets and CBDs. Some are quite good ! Some awful.

Kangaroo, Wallaby, Goanna and Crocodile were good enough for the Aboriginals and early Anglo-Saxon arrivals, but not for the others who are far too 'precious' about their cuisines.

On my first days in Adelaide, in South Australia, I scoured restaurant menus in vain for kangaroo dishes. The Greek, Korean, Chinese and Afghan restaurants I visited were testament to the multiculturalism of the Australian diet, but their menus maintained a studious silence on the subject of kangaroo. The only place I found it served was the Red Ochre Grill, a riverside restaurant that specialises in indigenous ingredients. 

There, some friends and I tasted rosy, sweet-cured kangaroo fillet, and a thick tranche of kangaroo steak served medium rare from the grill. But as head chef Nick Filsell admits, many of the restaurant's customers are tourists and other out-of-town visitors. "Kangaroo is a bit of a novelty meat, like crocodile and emu," he says. "Most local people wouldn't have it at home."
I do, and I am a hermit! But, she continued.....
Most Australians I talk to in Adelaide and Sydney say they feel funny about eating kangaroo. "After all," one young woman explains, "it's our national emblem." She confesses that the only kangaroo meat she's ever had in the house was to feed to her kittens. Almost everyone I speak to mentions what they called "the Skippy factor" - a reference to the 1960s TV series, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, which encouraged Australians to see kangaroos as far too adorable to cook for dinner. Eating kangaroo, one chef tells me, feels a bit like eating Bambi, that cute young deer in the Disney cartoon.
Adelaide ! Hah. Sydney ! Hah.  She should get about a bit more.
In the past, kangaroo meat was more widely accepted. It was always eaten by aboriginal Australians, for whom the succulent tail, roasted in a pitful of embers, is a particular delicacy. The early European settlers ate kangaroo out of necessity, and many eventually came to enjoy a red meat that didn't really taste so different from venison, hare or beef. 
According to historian Barbara Santich in her book Bold Palates: Australia's Gastronomic Heritage, kangaroo recipes appeared regularly in cookbooks until the 1930s. Kangaroo soup was highly prized, as was "steamer", a stew made from kangaroo enriched with salt pork. But as more Australians moved to the cities and living standards rose, kangaroo meat and other so-called "bush tucker" fell out of favour.
 A few pioneering chefs, though, are trying to revive interest among the Australian public in eating kangaroo, or at least its smaller, daintier cousin, the wallaby. One of them, Kylie Kwong, is passionately committed to using indigenous ingredients in her Chinese restaurant, Billy Kwong: warrigal greens, saltbush, sea parsley and quandongs or desert peaches all appear on her menu. "I jumped at the chance to use a native meat," she says. "This wallaby comes from the pristine environment of Flinders Island, and the quality is so high you can even serve it raw, like carpaccio. I think our customers are pleasantly surprised by how good it tastes." 
When she welcomes me into her kitchen, Kylie conjures up a plateful of red-braised wallaby tail with native fruits, and another of stir-fried wallaby tenderloin with black bean and chilli. The tail is meltingly delicious, like an Australian oxtail, and the tenderloin as tender as its name suggests, with a delicate gamey flavour that reminds me of pigeon breast.
OK, she redeemed herself, but even then had to refer to an Asian furriner to give it credence. But, 'pioneering' chefs?? 

So, how did my Chef do it? I shall reveal his secret !

Take about 1 kilo of Roo. Marinade it in a little olive oil and red wine and herbs for a few hours. Best put it in a sealed bag. When ready to start, dice it to the size you like and sear in a hot pan for a few minutes, just to lock in the flavour.

Prep your hot pot by putting a sachet of Beef and Red wine sauce (the liquid sort from Masterchef) in the bottom.  Turn the slow-cook hot pot on to 'high'. Put the Roo cubes into the warming-up sauce.

Take two good sized onions and chop them up; four medium mushrooms; half of a good sized red pepper (a capsicum for some) chopped small like the onion. Fry these until soft in a little oil to release the flavours. Put the lot over the Roo in the pot.

He likes a thick sauce so he then adds a packet of Beef and Onion powdered sauce/gravy, (Masterchef again) dissolved in a generous glass of red wine. 

He knows that I like an Australian Tawney port (we make the very best in the world).

This will just about cover the meat. Let it sit for a few minutes while you get and prep some veggies. 

Remember the pot is now warming well so put the lid on.

A carrot, chopped or sliced. A medium sized Sweet Potato. Just wash the potato; don't peel it. The skin is delicious and has many vital minerals and vitamins. Dice that too.  Into the pot they go; lid back on. 

A glass of Tawny too, and a good sprinkle of mixed herbs and cracked pepper over the ingredients so far. A bit of salt too.

Now my chef swears that the best meals are prepared when you drink a glass of wine for every glass you put in the dish.  Who am I to dispute?  But.... keep the one above right at hand for drinking and use the one below left for cooking !

Greens next. He put in four 'baby' broccoli, chopped into small pieces. The stems can be quite firm and will remain so through the cooking. And some green beans, say six, chopped into reasonable lengths.  Also some snow peas. These are kept until last and 'laid' on the top. You may if you wish add half a green capsicum, chopped but not fried. Just raw. 

Add a glash of tawny. Have one yourshelf.

I like beans. Especially 'four bean' mix and Chick peas. The former cook 'soft' while the latter retain a firm, crunchiness. They will pretty well bring your ingredient level to the top of the pot. Add a glaashh of tawney to bring the liquid into sight below the beansh. Have a glash yourself.

Turn the pot down to 'low' and leave it for seven hours. Take the bottle of tawny away and sit down. Have another wee drop of the good Tawny.

The resultant dish, when you wake up seven hours later, will be beautiful. You will awake to an aroma that will draw you to the kitchen with praise already drooling from your lips. The dish will have a thickened sauce but still spoonable. 

The meat will melt in the mouth. There will be enough there to feed six or eight folks, or ten if you put some on a bed of rice. (the Roo+, not the people, on the rice). It is good enough by itself though.


Have a drink.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Some things Cannot be Digitized

The Tavern has a large library where folk can sit in comfy chairs by a roaring fire and read. A customer mentioned in passing that all of the books on the shelves are on his 'Kindle'. He wondered why I bothered to have a library at all. 

Apparantly, he said, " there are currently 3,461,773 products in the Kindle store. 93,499 of them were published in the last 30 days (over 20,000 per week). 3,327,206 of these are classified as e-books. You can find these numbers on by browsing the Kindle store."

I laughed.

Abbey Library of St Gallen, Switzerland.

There are some things you just cannot digitise.

The Tavern library room is not so grand, but books are the tools of imagination.

And man has imagined so well.
Trinity College, Ireland
Handelingekammer, Netherlands

Biblotheque National de France.

Strahov Monastery, Czech Republic
A 'Private' Library. Jay Walker's, USA
One could go on. But you could simply follow the link and see 56 more.

Not quite the same, is it ?

Sit, surrounded by beauty and comfort and I shall bring you a drink.

Mind you.......