Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Randall Shake Memorial

Hats off in the Spirit Bar today as we remembered a 'sound chap'. Then a fine round of drinks to the preservation of his soul up there and his reputation down here.

 Iron John told the gathering:
Randall Shake, aka Khankrumthebulgar, died  in 2012.  I am working with Artistry Against Misandry to create a memorial for him. To keep his memory going this memorial will be in the form of a drawing which will be presented once a year to that MRA who best exemplified his attitude and actions.

Randall Shake was known throughout the Men's Rights Movement as a 'Philosopher'. He articulated the depths of feeling that men, fathers, sons and Brothers have when faced with the systemic discrimination in our society against anyone with a penis.
He was a 'rough and ready' philosopher, no 'academic', tackling many 'hard' issues and from an American perspective. He never shrank from even the most down and dirty problems. He was blunt. He led discussions; he challenged wild anger and redirected it down righteous paths. He brought his own anger at the easy destruction of the most basic of Values and men's rights in relationships, law, institutions and society. But he channelled it with skill.  He saw through the lies and mendacities of 'progressives' and Feminists in particular. He structured responses.
The Award this first year goes to Geoffrey James.
A fine choice
He too is well known, as Solaris. He is an Australian MRA with a 'grumpy disposition' and a decade of experience. He aims to help young men realize they don't have to apologize for being male.
He is welcome in the Tavern.
I raise a Glass of Fine Amber fluid to both Geoff and to Khan.
Let us keep Khan close to our hearts and minds.


  1. I must come here more often,the spirit of good men linger here.

    1. The bar is open to Saints, Heroes and repentant sinners, Bob. Chose your category and pull up a bar stool.

    2. There are many sins for which I will not repent >:-) . But sinner I am and shall repent here as is necessary. And it may very well be necessary.

      I am sure that KTB would approve.

    3. It takes time, Bob. We do not like to recognise or acknowledge many of our sins, but one day when we stand at the door to the Grail we need to offer even our failures up.

      This Tavern-Keeper is not pure. I suffered for and by my sins as well as the actions of others. But still I was charged with the keeping of the Grail. It is MAN's job to find the Grail and to see if his name is amongst those whose names are etched in the base in Light. Who knows, yours may well be there.

  2. Thank you kindly! I'll do my best to carry forward Khank's legacy for another year. The man himself is still sorely missed.

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