Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend. Continuations.

A busy weekend in the Tavern and little time to even to polish the bar tops. Lovely day out there and an even nicer one expected tomorrow. And tomorrow is a favoured day.

Yes, it is the first Sunday and I will be down in the cellar mopping the floor of the Crypt in which the Grail sits. That is, after an early rise to talk with Men across the country and the World about Men's Issues.

Men have many problems. Large ones and some menial ones.

Fr. Tielhard, a long-time mentor, assures me that even the most menial tasks can be offered as a prayer. And pray I shall at the Latin Mass at 11.30. I have much to pray for. 

I will be praying, as usual, for my beloved Son in whom I am as well pleased as the Big Fella was of His. And for my Little Petal, my beautiful daughter who has cast her Old Knight and King from her. Yes the Kingdom of the heart is still blanketed in snow while the Princess is estranged.

But I keep glowing embers in a warm heart for her return.

Meanwhile this evening is charmed by love songs from Carly in the music room. Enjoy.

To all, I say, no matter the hurts, Loving you is the Right Thing to Do.

Guns n Roses got close.

When you're talkin' to yourself
And nobody's home
You can fool yourself
You came in this world alone

So nobody ever told you baby
How it was gonna be
So what'll happen to you baby
Guess we'll have to wait and see

Old at heart but I'm only sixty eight
And I'm much too young
To let love break my heart
Young at heart but it's getting much too late
To find ourselves so far apart
I don't know how you're s'posed to find me lately
An what more could you ask from me
How could you say that I never needed you
When you took everything
Said you took everything from me
Young at heart an it gets so hard to wait
When no one I know can seem to help me now
Old at heart but I musn't hesitate
If I'm to find my own way out

Still talkin' to myself
And nobody's home


So nobody ever told us baby
How it was gonna be
So what'll happen to us baby
Guess we'll have to wait and see
When I find out all the reasons
Maybe I'll find another way
Find another day

With all the changing seasons of my life
Maybe I'll get it right next time
An now that you've been broken down
Got your head out of the clouds
You're back down on the ground

And you don't talk so loud
An you don't walk so proud
Any more, and what for
Well I jumped into the river
Too many times to make it home

I'm out here on my own, an drifting all alone
If it doesn't show give it time
To read between the lines

'Cause I see the storm getting closer
And the waves they get so high
Seems everything we've ever known's here
Why must it drift away and die
I'll never find anyone to replace you

Guess I'll have to make it through, this time - oh this time
Without you

I knew the storm was getting closer
And all my friends said I was high
But everything we've ever known's here
I never wanted it to die




Friday, August 30, 2013

All the Same with Clothes Off.


The Middle East problems could be solved by making everyone wander around in their underwear. This was the conclusion vociferously reached by at least one drinker at the bar, although many heads nodded in agreement.

Of course, few could bring themselves to full-hearted verbal agreement, being as the subject had turned to bikinis on the beach,  as a member of the thought-police from the local womyn's collective was in the room collecting for her favourite charity.

But the issue had been brought up during a deep and meaningful discussion on Arab-Israeli relations, and the womyn's collective lady was crestfallen.

Brian was telling us of a conversation he had had:

Just as there are observant and unobservant Jews in Israel, there are all sorts of Arabs. Just as some Jewish women wouldn’t ever be seen in a bikini on the beach, there are plenty of Israeli Arab women who take advantage of Israel’s liberal nature and sunbathe on Israel’s many fine beaches.  
So while the picture of the woman walking on the beach in a burka that did the rounds on social media a few weeks ago is accurate, it’s quite possible the girl in the bikini is an Arab too. 
It’s normal. Here’s a typical story from one of my Facebook  acquaintances, Bat Zion:
Now, Bat Zion could have been this lady:

From Facebook

On the other hand it could have been:

From Facebook.

I will leave you to figure out which would be seen in a bikini.  Both look quite lookatable to me.

But there she was on the beach, she told Brian.

Shabbat in Eretz Yisrael and as is my custom on this Shabbat and every Shabbat, I go to the beach to enjoy the cooling water and the refreshing sea breeze. 
Next to me in bright colourful skimpy bikinis, there situated themselves two beautiful young Israeli Arab women. 
We exchanged common greetings (I talk to anyone:-)) and set to deepen the already evenly golden brown tan all three of us seem to have acquired. 
One of the city inspectors, patrolling the beaches, approached us and reminded us to drink water so that we do not get dehydrated. 
I told him I had forgotten mine. My beautiful beach neighbours seem to have also forgotten theirs. 

“I will get a popsicle as soon as the vendor gets here,” I answered. 
“So will we,” answered one of the young ladies next to me. 
“Ok, ” said the inspector, “I will send him your way.” And left. 
A few minutes later, all three of us were left with out mouths open. 
There, in front of us was the city inspector negotiating his way barefoot on the hot sand, coming towards us. 
In his hands were three popsicles! 

Welcome to an “Apartheid” state called Israel!
The truth is, when girls are wearing bikinis, it’s hard to tell if they’re Jew or Arab and few people really care. You’d only notice if you spoke or listened for an accent and then again, most of them speak perfect Hebrew and with far less accent than my crappy Hebrew. 

Another fine tale of normal, intermingled life in Israel. It’s not quite what you may have been mislead to believe. 

I will drink to that.

Mind you, popsicles taken to beachgoers by Inspectors may not be the norm. Even if this Tavern-Keeper was fully clothed and in my best, polished armour, I very much doubt I would get such service and attention. Being svelt, sexy and female just may have something to do with it.

Some people's 'armour' is dangerous to go near.

Now if SHE had been in a bikini she would have been spotted leaving home. Someone might have had a word and persuaded her to stay at home.

That's what we suggested to the Womyn's Collective lady.

Both need a strong drink, it seems to me. Some Saving Grace?

Perhaps if Presidente O'Barmy refrained from speaking with his clothes on, some Arab leader would give him a popsicle.

With the Syrian 'crisis' in the news and Chairman Mouthy Kev threatening to go to a G20 meeting (before the election that throws him out on his arse), it would be instructive to see all those world-leaders posing in their underpants. It would put their pronouncements in a different light, especially with all the suns shining from their leopard-print-covered backsides.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

ONE Sane voice

Is Nigel Farage the only sane politician in the West?

We have Chairman (for a week or so) Mouthy Kev demanding the G20 'seriously discuss' the Syrian bizzo, despite the G20 being an economic forum and not a defence body; Presidente O'Barmy drawing 'Red lines and rattling 'assets': Camerlunatic 'pledging' a depleted British armed force to a fight that is none of his damned business against an 'enemy' he cannot even identify.


The boys in the bar are having apoplexy.

Nigel Farage stands up.

You can watch on Guido too.

Meanwhile here is the famed UN / White House / Middle East 'Road-Map' to ponder.

America's top scientists have been taken off Climate Change to develop a device to control similar complex international lunatic systems. Due to the urgency they are currently trying to adapt the mext most complex control device.

It is hoped that IF they can make the bottom half as easy to operate as the top half, sorting out most of the Middle East should be a doddle.

I though will settle for a drink.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It Ain't over 'til.......

No. Not the Election. The Fat Lady sang in the Music room tonight bringing the 60's back to the older people and showing the youngsters what they missed.

Mama Cass Eliot showed the 'pop' world that you did not have to do a Miley Cyrus and strip off to sing.  Crikey, if she had done that the audience might have seen far too much. Later Michelle told us of how she beat the crap out of being stranded.

So enjoy. She was fun. She even did 'fun' lip-syncs.

Mama Cass Eliot - Dream a little dream of me
Cass, real name Ellen Naomi Cohen came from Baltimore.
She was the 'main lady' of the Mommas and Pappas
(But Michelle was the slim, pretty one)
Mamas and the Papas - I Saw Her Again
The Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday
Michelle Phillips talks about Mamas & the Papas
How did she do it. 18 craps in a row !!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Delusions of Adequacy.

Kevin Rudd continues to show form. Today he had everyone in the Tavern rolling their eyes and even more-so after Bill had his say.

The Election this time around has turned into a farcical performance for a sitting Prime Minister who at every turn shows his complete lack of even a tenuous grasp on reality. I think he should be very grateful that he has a wealthy wife who at least has the foresight to suck her wealth out of the British taxpayer's teat rather than the Australian one. He will soon be living off her immoral earnings instead of making a living ruining the Labour Party.

Just two examples here show the lunacy that assails the poor sod, and in turn us for another few weeks. The Homosexual issue and the Syrian one.

Bill Muehlenberg was in a side bar:

We of course have come to expect politicians to play fast and loose with the truth, to be masters at equivocation, and to never answer a direct question, but it seems that Kevin Rudd has perfected all this – and then some.  
We see Rudd the master politician, who has perfected the art of lying,  
of distorting facts, and twisting things 
out of all recognition.  

"Don't believe what they say about me. Just believe Meeeee"

It has to do with his push for homosexual marriage. 
In his first debate he insisted that this would be a super-priority, rammed through in the first hundred days of being in office.  
$300 BILLION in debt and THIS
is his 'Super Priority !! ?? 
Now he is back-peddling like a frightened turtle. Let me offer a few lines from an article, then speak to it further:
“Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has declared he is not going to ‘ram’ his views on same-sex marriage ‘down the throats’ of others by allowing a referendum on the matter if he is re-elected. When asked on triple J's Hack tonight why he would not promise a binding vote if he was ‘really serious’ about marriage equality, Mr Rudd said he would not force his views on ‘questions such as this’ on people who don't share them.” 
Um, yeah right Rudd. You are back-peddling big time for one simple reason: most folks are not the slightest bit interested in homosexual marriage. It is simply a non-issue, and one which will in fact cost Rudd votes by ordinary folks in the electorate.
Someone in the bar pointed out that it takes up a lot of space in the popular press, especially in the 'Lifestyle' pages for a non-issue. But then so many non-issues do get in there. Perhaps it is something to do with third-tier women editorial staff. Nah: can't be that.
And plenty of homosexuals themselves are not in the slightest interested in it either, as I carefully document in my book Strained Relations. And many of the big cheese homosexual activists who are now pimping this in fact not so long ago thought it was a non-event as well. 
Consider what (Tasmanian) activist Rodney Croome said some years ago about this topic:
 “I was also once a sceptic about marriage reform, believing it to be a distraction from more important issues, at best unnecessary and at worst dangerous”.
And get a load of this baloney about not forcing a referendum on this.  
Oh, aren’t you nice Kevvie - so very considerate of you.  
The simple truth is this: of course he does not want to go the route of a referendum.
He knows his stupid idea will be shot down in flames if he does.
The people will vote it down big time. Indeed all the homosexual militants know this as well.

Now which would YOU want to marry?

Now you might wonder why Rudd persists. Delusion, remember.

Delusions of Adequacy.
Thus they keep telling us we must not have a referendum on this issue. There are scared stiff about it, knowing they would lose big time.  
Thus we find ol’ Rodney penning whole pieces on this:
There he whines about this issue being divisive and how “cashed up” groups will oppose it.  
Yeah right Rod. Our side is just rolling in the dough. After all, we have so much government funding – something which your side just never experiences – not.
So he offers us these baloney opinion pieces telling us the people cannot be trusted on this issue, so better leave it to the elites to decide for us. And that is exactly Rudd’s point as well.  
He most certainly wants to ram homosexual marriage down our throats. He wants to simply bypass the will of the people and use Parliament to push his deviant agenda. 
This is just how dictators operate: ignore the people and force things on them whether they like it or not. Thus this entire article shows us just what a conniving, deceitful, low-life Kevin really is. It is incredible that anyone would even consider voting for this guy. 
And when uber-lefty rags like the Canberra Times start saying the same things about the guy, then you know that Rudd is a real dud. In what was an extraordinary attack on the PM, the CT today printed “Rudd's delusional world is crashing around him” by Nicholas Stuart.

“Indications that Rudd is living in a delusional world came when he allowed the perception to grow that he'd stopped campaigning to ''undertake, in a calm and measured fashion'' briefings on the situation in Syria. ‘These are troubling times in the international community,’ he said, ‘and we need to focus carefully and squarely on unfolding events as they affect Australia's core national interests. 
Well, it seems we've done nothing. Perhaps our interests weren't involved after all.
What possible interest, apart from standing at a road accident, gawping, does Australia have in Syria? There we have a nation of lunatics tearing itself apart with one lot of murderous thugs killing another lot, with innocents in between getting whacked too.

Presidente Obama claims that using Poison Gas is not on, as though dropping bombs and using tanks was a finer, more civilised way of killing people. He 'threatens' to intervene against the 'Regime'. But what if it is the 'rebels' using the gas? Will he attack them with western troops?

He calls the Gas, a Weapon of Mass Destruction. A few months ago that term was used for pressure cookers when two were used in Boston.

A WMD in every home.

Kevin Rudd followed up his 'briefing' and his 'suspended campaigning' - because of the 'importance' of the situation - by going to have himself filmed for an ABC political cooking show set in a friendly lefty journalist's home kitchen!

I hope he was kept well away from the pressure cooker.

Joyanna, propping up her special spot in the Pin & Balloon Bar chimed in with her usual pithy, irreverent style :
According to all international UN degrees, countries are allowed to kill in the good old fashion normal way, you know, with bombs, planes, drones, knives, bad food, starvation, torture, guns, Jackie Chan video’s…BUT…they are NOT allowed to use chemical weapons.  
That’s where the buck stops.  
It’s reported about 300 were killed. 
Obama, who took out his red pencil, …said he would retaliate because women, children, and innocents were killed by Assad…and this was it. He is going to attack.
Of course, MEN were beneath even mentioning by Obama.
Bashar Assad must cooperate with the international community and prove that his regime has not committed this horrific crime, allowing unrestricted access for the UN and OPCW  (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) to investigate on the ground in Syria.’ 
The CIA believes Syria has had a chemical weapons programme for years. There is grave concern in the UK and US that its stockpile of chemical weapons – approximately 1,000 tons, stored in 50 towns – could fall into the hands of Al Qaeda to be turned on Western targets. 
Translation: Our CIA has lost our WMD’s……. 
 Bill continued:
“Rudd may have no policy principles, but we can live with that. But sociopathology (the absence of a moral compass and the belief that reality can be defined to suit yourself) is another thing altogether.  
To justify overthrowing Julia Gillard, he claimed she was ‘leading Labor to a catastrophic defeat’. Now he says: ‘I will not be engaged in any character assassination of her or her political … record.’  
Both statements can't be true.” 
He ends his piece as strongly as he begins it: “He is, in short, arrogant and offensive to people whether they're putting on make-up, picking up his clothes or serving up policy papers. Let me assure you, it's not just one make-up artist who has suffered. I've heard similar complaints expressed by many staffers over the years, although always on the basis that the details aren't to be repeated. 

“The election campaign has moved into a new phase. The circle in the Ruddenbunker is growing smaller. Increasingly, people are keeping one eye on the exit. Too many inside Labor hold bitter grudges. It's the media's job to record honestly what others tell them. Facts are verifiable - but packing a story full of fact doesn't mean you're faithfully recording what's occurring. It's necessary to look beyond statements to reality.
“There comes a moment, once every three years, when the spinning and construction and the myth-making stops. That time is finally approaching with all the ruthless finality of a Soviet tank army closing in on Berlin in 1945. The phantom defences won't stop Abbott's assault. Many voters may not particularly like him, but they still prefer him to Rudd. That's for a reason.”

Drinks all round?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Putting out the Fires

It is the time of year to get all the kit ready for the next fire season. So today we had a look at some 'displayed' for us. Glass in hand, we are on the Patio in the sunshine. Salute heroic flyers.


Russian Seaplanes pick up water
Martin Mars Water-bomber Performs for Crowd

Fire fighting airplane working


World's Largest Firefighting Aircraft Takes Off

C130A fire bomber loses wings.wmv

A drink of courage for brave crews.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Gramscian Crown Jewel

Oz is a strange place. Quiet usually, that land beyond the hedge around the Tavern, except at election time when all the lies and calumnies erupt into view. We all know from which side.
Those lies are usually hidden within lies and confusions designed to cover the aims behind the scenes.
Gramscian rules, Rule.
But Oz is just one of a number of Anglophile countries The political divisions are virtually identical but they all have quite different colours. Our ‘colour’ problems are small compared with America where of course the Liberals there are Labour here and the Republicans there are called Liberals here, but our Liberals are Monarchists not Republicans.
And a man is judged not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character.
As if.
But the Blackfella voice is speaking out in the USA a bit louder than here. And more articulate. Heed his warning. He is trying to blow the confusion away.
The rise of the Conservatives (called Liberals) here will not last if the Gramscian Labour Party galvanises the women and the feminist horde takes their souls.
I hope the Abbott Government dismantles the entire network of Taxpayer-fed ‘Womyn’s’ efforts to corrupt us all.
Feminism has insinuated itself as a virus, a Mind-Pox into every aspect of Australian society. Our Government, especially on the labour side is riddled with the pox. The Universities are riddled too. The Courts, the schools, even the Kindergartens. The empathetic, nurturing, empowered useful idiots dominate.
No sign from our Liberals regarding the Family Court,
the Gramscian Crown Jewel.
Lies and calumnies reside there more than in any other Labour- initiated institution.
There the Family is torn apart.
There men are sacrificed just for being men.
There the rent-seeking scum feed off the small, hard-earned wealth of men’s lifetime savings and efforts.
Children lose their fathers.
No sign from Abbott standing against the murder of 80,000 baby Australians every year.
The Abortion mills exist in our public hospitals.
The Hearts of Women are turned against their own babies.
The expected three-year term will see 240,000
babies murdered.
These Crimes against Humanity are
Gramsci writ large.
So, Drink deep of sanity, clarity, family and Faith to save our women and our civilisation in this Great Red Land.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Protecting the Innocent.

The mind boggles.

It is ‘normal’ procedure for newspapers to withhold identifying ‘victims’ of sexual crimes, especially kids, but the chaps in the UK Room bar think this has taken it a bit far.

Pixilating a picture is supposedly done to cause little or no embarrassment, but I bet the sub-editor of the Metro is a little red-faced.

Picture Posed by a Model

Did he/she not know that goats recognise one another by their ears?

The 'model' will never be able to show her ears in the field again.

There is no mention of police investigations of whether consent was sought or given either.

Robert Newman has been banned from every farm in the UK.
A man who admitted having sex with a goat has been banned from every farm in the country.
Robert Newman has also been told he must stay indoors after dark until his sentencing hearing next month.
The 23-year-old had been due to stand trial but at the last minute changed his plea to guilty at north-west Wiltshire magistrates court in Chippenham, admitting one count of an act of sexual penetration on the animal.
He will now be sentenced on September 12, and until then, Newman, of Devizes, Wiltshire, must abide a curfew of between 7pm and 7am, as well as stay away from all farms. 

No mention of how the police intend to monitor every farm in Britain. And what about before 7pm?

Peter H was agog:

Those ears really interest me!

Actually the Magistrates comments remind me of the father of a girl friend from my student days. He always demanded that we returned from any night out by 10 pm. Apparently "naughty" things happened after that time with unspeakable results.  
Actually it suited me - short term accommodation was cheaper in the afternoon and the quality of the afternoon dictated the quality of the restaurant (and meal) before fronting up to "Daddy".  
The consequence was that I always had a most restful night sleeping the sleep of the just, the righteous and the satisfied. I saved enough for a small but exotic sports car - just under $2K in those days.

I also watched in great amusement as the younger sister was refused permission to go out with her boyfriend who owned a panel van with a mattress in the back. It was tricked up a real treat. Instead "Daddy" insisted they take "mummy's" car (with the layback seats).

I don't think "Daddy" had any idea at just what his own efforts at procreation had achieved! They were very pretty girls and enthusiastically co-operative.

A drink for Peter.  And for the model goat.

Our Bouncer is on pre-7pm alert.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Honi Soit, Honey-Trap.

Some students from the University of Sydney passed by and left some copies of their ‘revered’ student magazine “Honi Soit" . This title is from the Latin "Honi soit qui mal y pense" loosely meaning: "Shame to him who thinks evil of it."

The guys in the P&B wondered a bit about the evil part but could see the 'shame' quite clearly. And the stupid too.

We are all old and long-enough in the tooth to recognise that young people are conformly thick, even at University, and that some have a chance to grow out of it one day.

Meanwhile the rest of the University educated become feminists, greenies, lefties and white-collar criminals. Politicians, quite often. Fewer, fortunately, take to being common o’ garden street thugs, unless in a protest march, saving whales or demanding free stuff from the taxpayer. And few are intrinsically evil. Just stupid.

Here is one such quite stupid student: Lily Patchett. She is some mum and dad’s daughter. The apple of their eye. 

Pretty girl. Nice open smile.

The student magazine’s cover featured Lily.

Not the pretty face, but another small, moist, very personal and smiling part of Lily, along with a dozen or so other girls' vaginas.


Why on earth would she want a picture of her private parts on the magazine cover?

If she had texted them to someone she might have found herself in trouble. If a male as much as sends a copy to twitter or put it on Facebook, he would be in jail within a day and HE would be in the headlines.

But Lily can ‘do whatever she wants with her body’ because that’s the modern stupidity.

She is a Feminist, you see.

She still has the cradle-marks 
on her bum
....but she didn’t have those photographed, just her girl-bits.

Lily is a member of the Women's Collective at the University of Sydney. She was recruited to the Honi Soit project at one of the group's meetings.

Now we know what they do in a 'women's collective'. They look at one another's vagina's like little girls in the bushes.

Women can gawp at women’s vaginas but feminists say that men are beasts, depraved and potential rapists if they gawp at them too.  But on a student magazine cover it is 'intellectual'.

Women can display bare vaginas (with and without 'bushes) on student magazine covers but the feminists will create havoc if a bikini-clad pudenda is on a men’s magazine cover.

“"I expected the criticism, but I can't understand it," Lily said.
"When is it going to be appropriate to show our bodies as they are, and not in some false, made-up way? Because if there is a place and time, not enough people know about it.

"The truth of the diversity and richness of our bodies is hidden from almost everyone. In 2013, I couldn't think of a more appropriate time."

Meanwhile, the reaction from Lily's friends has been overwhelmingly positive, and she has been supported well by others involved in the story.

"Jennifer Yiu (who photographed all of the vaginas featured on the cover) was very professional about the whole thing," Lily said.

What a wonderful education we provide our young people. Nice places to go each day.

Read more:

Still, all those old buildings have an asset value.

Fred in the bar gawped in astonishment at the news that Lily thought ‘not enough people know about’ seeing women’s private parts.

Heck, Lily. They are PRIVATE.

Isn't that the argument your feminist friend give?

Should you not be applauding Men's Magazines for educating the world about women's private bits so that the world can appreciate the 'diversity and richness'?

"Good Lord Harry NO, King Amfortas the Tavern Keeper", would come the feminist retort.

OK, they might not say Lord Harry. Harriet, as in Harman, maybe.

You see, Men's magazines often feature pictures of naked women, or beautiful girls in stunning lingerie. Sometimes, with their blokes for company.

On the other hand, on the other shelves in the newsagents', Women's magazines simply feature pictures of naked women and beautiful girls in stunning lingerie. Some, also, with their blokes for company.

But that's 'different'.

His magazines usually contain about 54 pages, 25 of which feature the naked and under-dressed women.

There will be several, incisive, 4-5 page articles from prominent people. And reader’s letters and adverts from ladies who tell popular stories on the ‘phone.

Her magazines are 'better'. They usually contain 278 pages with 137 devoted to naked women and beautiful girls in stunning lingerie.

There will be 754 visually decorative paragraphs, with lots of coloured headings, and paraphrases in bright red or mauve or blue in boxes, about clothes or celebrities, or both together, from whomsoever. And reader’s letters.  Also, 400  adverts from telephonic psychic healers, tarot card readers, soothsayers, dieticians, magic charm & potion sellers and a huge range of free offers for only $49.99 post and handling.

Women look at the pictures and fantasize.    Men look at the pictures and fantasize.

For some unfathomable reason, she make a lot of fuss, sometimes even cries, when he looks at his magazines.

Lily's feminist friends picket Marks and Spencers to stop the men's magazines being shown at all.

I wonder what Lily expected men and women to do seeing her vagina splashed all over the front page of a student magazine. Should Marks and Sparks display her cover, do you think?

Not only that but  the fact is (Unis still deal in facts, don't they?) 50% of the world’s population have one. A vagina that is.

They can see them already but seem to want the other 50% kept in the dark.

But women are a bit funny about them.

That’s a woman’s issue, Lily.

I guess she thinks so too.

Professional photographer perverts are often women. Did she think of that, I wonder

Not that a dozen or so male private members would appear on the student magazine cover. All sorts of problems would have arisen. Ambulances would have been called: first for the victims and then for the feminist rioters.

Note too that Lily’s motivation was not simply that there was a camera handy, but that she wanted ‘other women’ to be ‘happy’ about their vaginas.

By looking at her's.

How does that work? I doubt, somehow, she would accept that from a man showing his penis. Do you?

"I want other men to be happy about their penises. So look at mine"

I just cannot hear a chap saying that, can you?

When it comes to vaginas and penises, women seem to have the strangest ideas.

‘She’ can show hers to strange gawpers but thinks ‘he’ is ‘obsessed’ with the SIZE of his penis. That's why he doesn't show it.

He is terrified of it apparently.  It isn’t that he considers it private.  No.  He is so terrified that he barely ever lets the issue enter his mind for fear of total life disruption.

Unless in a public toilet where all he does is look, in astonishment and envy, at other men’s dicks. They, apparently, don’t mind him looking.

Every woman ‘knows’ this, ‘intuitively’,
...because he never discusses it with her.

Every other man in the world has a bigger dick.

That is, her man has the smallest of 3.2 billion dicks, including those of little boys.

No wonder he refuses to think about it, let alone talk to her about it.

He makes sure his little penis is out of sight as much a possible. It is of such shamefully small proportion that he would be arrested if he showed it in public.

Honi Soit-Not

Old ladies would faint; younger ones scream; dogs would howl and little girls need counseling for the next 35 years (at taxpayer expense).The law actually forbids it, as people would be traumatised.

She, charitably, cannot understand his ‘obsession’. She cares nothing for size.

Size does not matter”

she says, nonchalantly.   Why should she care?

Even despite the fact that HER man has the smallest, weenyist, most miniscule  dick in the world, she doesn’t mind. She loves him.

She thinks that penis augmentation is just a silly idea.

She could not imagine being so obsessed.

Besides. She has BREASTS.

And, she has bras, that have padding.

And gels. And up-lifting under-wires.

Bras that lift, shape, separate, accentuate, minimize, maximize. Push-up, plunge, contour, control, shape, flatten.

Increase cleavage, decorate, contrast, attract.

Give illusion of ‘cup of choice’, overflowing or otherwise.

And …..silicon gel inserts at $500 per breast, along  with $7500 surgical interventions that generate $ 62.8b a year of Gross Domestic Product.

She can even get a special Surgical Loan from her health fund.

Then there’s the diet industry.  $145 trillion. p/a !

Why should she be concerned ? 

Men and their obsession with size !! 
She, even with ‘petite’ breasts,
 will get her kit off at the sound of a camera being cocked,

but he won’t –  ‘cause his dick’s TOO small.

Men !  Just ‘little boys’. 

She wonders if ‘lovers’ have big ones.

Ah yes. That camera.

She wonders if she can get paid next time she has her vagina photographed.

Maybe a men's magazine will pay her.

Those cheapskate students !!

Lily NEEDS a drink.

Honey Soit

Make it a stiff one.