Saturday, July 6, 2013

Girls just wanna have Fun

A little girl came by. After trying to bust into the Big Chap's bar she was sent out onto the patio carrying her toy. A LOT of chaps followed.

They liked her.

So do I.

Please, please, O Lord, don't let her become a Feminist.

A special drink of kindness and courage for her.

UPDATE 8 July '13: She is at it again, this time with some eye-science.

You GO !! Girl.


  1. ..."Please, please, O Lord, don't let her become a Feminist"

    LORD hear our prayer.

  2. What a great personality... love it! :))))

    1. I should have mentioned that she had her Daddy with her. He is clearly keen that she develops some skills to be a news reader, pilot, teacher, a Leader in something she likes.

      Just 'playing' with his daughter is fine but from all that she does (there are lots more of her on YT) she is being given far more than just his time.

      He has sipped from the Cup, much !!


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