Sunday, July 31, 2016

Muslims in Oz

The past few weeks have seen atrocities committed in several countries, notably France, with the massacre in Nice and the beheading of a Priest at Mass in Rouen. And in Oz we have been dissecting the management by police of the ISIS 'lone wolf' attack on a small cafe in Sydney where several innocents were murdered in the name of Islam.   Then there was the murder of a police accountant right outside a cop-shop, by, yet again, a Muslim. Again, we are told, a 'lone wolf'. And Melbourne has experienced the murder of police by a muslim youth and continued riots, burglaries, killings and beatings by an 'African' gang of likely muslim members.

It is hardly surprising that some people fear for their lives and for the country. It is hardly a surprise that fearful eyes are turned on the muslim 'community' here. Yet when a woman on TV expresses that fear in a cogent and controlled manner, all hell breaks loose condemning her. Poor Sonia Kruger. She didn't know what hit her. The first verbal tirade came from her left, her fellow presenter.  That is him giving her the evil eye and preparing mimself for a PC- outrage tongue-lashing.

Where do these weasels come from?

It took a week or so of condemnation and threats against her life before one or two others came from behind their autocues to say 'hey, leave the gal alone, she's right'.  The 'debate', if one can call it that) continues.
"We are coming to get you. Oz will submit"
Everyone has an opinion but few seem to have any facts, apart from the explosive ones and the bloody-knife ones we see every week.

Even the gummunt has put its oar in. Yes, the gummunt is up and running again, after the election, and the few remaining members of the  rump are flexing their vocal chords. 
"Islam is The Religion of Peace."

We had Pauline Hanson, of course, saying 'please exploin' in that now familiar Queensland accent. She now has an ally in Jacqui Lambie  who has not quite got the full Tasmanian drawl, but who is equally forceful and demanding. Pauline cops more flack of course as she is a red-head while Jacqui is a miniscule-part Aboriginal. 

But to the Gummunt fellow, Craig Laundy, of whom no-one knows much. Jared Owens was in the bar telling what he heard Craig singing from the gummunt PC song sheet.
Craig Laundy wants to combat opinions about Muslims in Australia

Malcolm Turnbull’s new assistant minister for multiculturalism, Craig Laundy, has vowed to combat ”wrong’’ public perceptions about Australia’s Muslims.
Hmmmmm. 'Wrong' by what measure, one might ask? Presumably the 'multicultural' one with the hierogliphs on it. He didn't get to  the bit about having a mandate to 'counter' the opinions of people who elected him. 
Ethnic and religious leaders have reported increased tension in recent months amid the rise of Islamic State and calls from political leaders such as Tony Abbott for a “reformation” of Islam.
Mr Laundy, a former publican from Sydney’s culturally diverse inner-west, said the vast majority of inflammatory opinions about Islam and Muslims came from people who were “not well informed” and their views were “wrong”.

Although he acknowledged greater “tension” in the community following recent terrorist attacks, Mr Laundy said Australians should “come together in times of challenge, not fall apart”.
No mention of just who it is who is being 'divisive', dividing heads from shoulders and separating fixtures and fittings from buildings. 
“People that dive into this debate and say controversial things, I would argue, the vast majority are speaking from a position that is not well informed,” Mr Laundy told ABC Radio.
“My job … is to enter the debate, knowing the background and the community, engaging and explaining to Australia the challenges that these communities actually face.
Er..... what about the challenges we ALL face? 
Mr Laundy said Australian Muslims were “not scared” about debating how their religious practices integrated with the Australian way of life, but the discussion should be “respectful” and “informed”.
Agreed. No bombs. No guns. No machetes. But which side has them? 
He said the story of Australian multiculturalism was new arrivals “rolling up their sleeves and having a go”.

“That has never changed be it the Snowy Mountains workers (from Europe) after World War Two or be it the Hazara Afghanis that are working in local abattoirs around the country as we speak – very good boners, for example – they are here to give their families more opportunities than they had,” he said.
Hello. Of COURSE it has changed. The Snowy River migrants never had plasma TVs and centrelink benefits. They weren't a protected class. That has changed.
“The humanitarian intake visa category is one of the most entrepreneurial classes of visa category we have. I see new arrivals start working for someone else and within six or 12 months they’ve started their own business.”
Hmmmm. Not a lot of information there with which to be informed.  Not a lot of respect for those in the 'Community' that are concerned when death threats come through the front door.

So, let us look at some pertinent information and become a little better informed.

We has a screed land on the doorstep from the Australian, but it disappeared quickly behind a paywall.  Some kind soul, a regular and Prof of this parish, delivered the words. There might be some cheer here.
Muslim migration to Australia: 
the big slowdown

When it comes to immigration, the government and opposition are in agreement. Our migration program is proudly non-discriminatory and that is how it should remain.
Hmmmmm. Again, someone who wrote that nails his/her colours to the mast. Why NOT have some discrimination?  Or is this claim just more weasel words? Read on....
Yet the Australian government is pursuing a migration strategy that makes it extremely difficult for large numbers of Muslims from the Middle East to settle here, even if that is not the policy’s aim.

While governments of all stripes insist Australia’s migration program is non-discriminatory, an analysis of available data by The Australian suggests that the migration of Muslims from Lebanon, in particular, has slowed to a trickle, with no sign of a rush coming anytime soon.
Must be our naval presence  detering Muslims, eh? 
Immigration officials tell The Australian that the low number of Muslim immigrants from the Middle East arriving in recent years has nothing to do with their religion, since applicants are not asked to state their faith when they apply to settle.

Instead, they say, it’s an unintended consequence of a migration policy that is almost entirely focused on attracting skilled and family reunion migrants from countries such as India (now Australia’s No 1 source of permanent migrants, with 34,874 arrivals last year) and China (27,874).

The strategy, which both major parties insist is not deliberate, means that while Islam was once the fastest growing religion in Australia, there are now more Buddhists (2.5 per cent of the population) than there are Muslims (2.2 per cent), and the Hindus are rapidly catching up.

“There are officials and politicians who openly favour Christians including Orthodox Christians (and Jewish migrants over Muslims),” one of Australia’s most eminent scholars on immigration, James Jupp of the Australian National University, tells The Australian. 
Still Worried.
But, he says, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection “will never admit bias as many decisions are made locally” — that is, by officials in the country of origin.
Islamic Sciences & Research Academy Australia’s director Mehmet Ozalp says the local community could not help but notice that “the Muslim population from the Middle East was at one point growing fast, but that was about 10 years ago, and now it is slowing, whereas the Buddhist and Hindu population was pretty low but has increased dramatically.
“It is concerning because there are calls for stopping Muslim immigration,” Ozalp adds. “It’s not too far to assume that people in parliament may agree with these calls, and we need to worry: are these numbers indicative of an underlying problem?”
Muslim immigration came to the fore during the recent federal election when Senate candidate Pauline Hanson called for a complete ban. A debate kicked off just last week, when Nine Network presenter Sonia Kruger said she, too, wanted a ban on Muslim immigrants coming to Australia.

And this week Liberal senator Eric Abetz sent out a tweet saying: “We need an open and frank discussion on the future of immigration.”

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton insists, however, that Australia’s migration program is proudly non-discriminatory. “We don’t focus on religion. We focus on skills,” he tells The Australian.

The question of how many Muslim immigrants come to Australia each year is difficult to answer. The Department of Immi¬gra¬tion says it does not ask newly approved migrants to state their religion and therefore does not keep statistics.
In an effort to find an answer, The Australian studied immigration statistics from 1974 to last year and compared them with census data held by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, specifically on the religious affiliation of overseas-born Australians. The two sets of data are not a complete match, making a precise extrapolation impossible, but some trends immediately become clear.
No Bhuddist Bums here
While Lebanon once provided Australia with 2000 to 4000 migrants a year, that number had dropped by 2010-11 to 1143 people (last year’s figure was 1242). The department says it does not know how many of these people were Muslim, but according to ABS data most of the Lebanese migrants who arrived in recent years (57.2 per cent) are not Muslim. If that trend is holding — and there is no reason to suppose that it is not — then Australia is taking as few as 550 Lebanese Muslims a year.
The situation for Iran is similar: while figures show Australia continues to welcome immigrants from Iran (4093 people in 2013-14), the ABS data suggests that as many as 62 per cent of those who arrive are not Muslim but Christian or of the Baha’i Faith.
Halim Rane, associate professor in the school of humanities at Griffith University, who worked for the Department of Immigration for six years, says the trend towards non-Muslim immigration is not new.
“Even in the 1990s, before Islamic extremism was even on the radar, the majority of people coming to Australia from Muslim-majority nations were not Muslim,” he says. “Take Egypt: it is majority Muslim, but Australia takes mostly Coptic Christians because they tend to have more of the skills Australia needs.
“But I don’t believe there is a policy or an anti-Muslim bias because they don’t even ask the question. They wouldn’t know if you’re Muslim or not. What happens is, the government of the day will focus on attracting certain skills — say, technology — and those immigrants will come from China or India, where there are not a lot of Muslims.”
The focus on skills means Australia takes more people from Ireland (5541 in 2013-14) than from Iraq (4304), and more from Nepal (4470), whose population is about 80 per cent Hindu, than from Bangladesh (2569), where most of the population is Muslim.
There is one clear exception to the general rule: Australia welcomed 8281 immigrants from Pakistan in 2014-15, most of whom are assumed to be Muslim, since ABS data shows that 87.7 per cent of Pakistani-born Australians identify as Muslim.
On the other hand, ABS data shows that Hindus are experiencing the fastest growth, with numbers increasing by 189 per cent to 275,500 across a 10-year period, mostly because of immigration.
By contrast, while the number of Muslims in the community is still increasing, it is doing so at the much lower rate (69 per cent across the same 10-year period) and most of that growth would seem to be coming not from immigration but from a high birthrate.
Muslim community leader Jamal Rifi tells The Australian that migration from Lebanon has definitely slowed in recent years, but “it is for a couple of reasons, including that not as many people are trying to come”.
“For some families, it’s expensive to apply, but also because the Lebanese community in Australia is very integrated now,” Rifi says. “There aren’t as many people going back (to Lebanon) to find a partner. It’s better to find a partner here, who will be more educated and liberal and compatible. The marriages between here and there, we have seen failures.”
Rifi says the local community supports the rigorous, skills-based program. “We don’t want anyone who might end up being radicalised. It’s not an anti-Muslim policy, it’s a conscious decision to take people who will contribute, and that is why we don’t have the same problems here.”
Well, there's some 'facts' to be going on with, which shed, frankly, little light on the Muslim issue. The incoming numbers may be slowing but those already in have done a huge amount of damage. Personally I think 'discrimination' is prudent. They seem to be the ONLY religious or even secular group that threaten to take over, kill people, and even change our friggin' menu options.

There is no halal in my restaurant.

But heck, I am just a barkeeper. Send me your views.


Friday, July 29, 2016

A Welcome Victory

In a week of defeats and death, fines and assorted assaults on the dignity of good people, we were cheering in the Tavern today at some good news.  It is high time we had something to celebrate. And this was a Big One.

You will recall that last year saw the exposure of a particular wickedness in America with the Planned Parenthood baby-murderers being filmed haggling over their canapes and babies' organs.  The courageous and psychological-warfare-savvy investigators had gone to great pains to gather compelling evidence against Planned Parenthood; evidence that did in fact explode onto the news and social media and send shock-waves through political hierarchies.

Planned Parenthood pulled out all the stops and called in all the favours that can be bought with half a billion bucks of taxpayers' money funnelled to them by the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton and a small army of feminist organisations. They took 'legal action'.

David Daleiden and some of his co-investigators were charged with a variety of trumped-up charges.

But now a Judge has dismissed those charges.
Last charge dropped against anti-abortion duo 
behind Planned Parenthood videos
A Texas judge on Tuesday dismissed the last remaining charge against two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood officials selling baby body parts.
District Judge Brock Thomas dismissed the charge of tampering with government records against 27-year-old David Daleiden and 63-year-old Sandra Merritt upon the request of the Harris County prosecutor's office.
Bogus, politically motivated charges  
"The dismissal of the bogus, politically motivated charges against [Center for Medical Progress] project lead David Daleiden and investigator Sandra Merritt is a resounding vindication of the First Amendment rights of all citizen journalists, and also a clear warning to any of Planned Parenthood's political cronies who would attack whistleblowers to protect Planned Parenthood from scrutiny," Daleiden said in a statement.
The pair's attorneys had pushed to have the charge dismissed, saying Daleiden and Merritt never should have been indicted. If they had been convicted of the felony charge, each could have been sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.
Prosecutors alleged that Daleiden and Merritt used fake driver's licenses to conceal their identities while dealing with Planned Parenthood.
Daleiden claimed victory on Tuesday, not only for his legal woes coming to an end, but also due to the continuing investigation into Planned Parenthood's practices, an investigation spurred on by the videos he helped produce.
"A year after the release of the undercover videos, the ongoing nationwide investigation of Planned Parenthood by the House Select Investigative Panel makes clear that Planned Parenthood is the guilty party in the harvesting and trafficking of baby body parts for profit," Daleiden said.
It was pints all around in the Tavern.

And a visit down the stone steps to the Crypt to offer Gratitude.


Military Balls-up.

The Americans, always testing the language, use the word 'cojones' instead of testicles. Perhaps because so many do not have them. Maybe. What is more certain is that there are some military leaders of high rank that don't have any. General Patton must be getting ready to slap the next crop that comes his way.

The treatment of veterans in America leads the world, in its disregard, and the most senior ranks currently serving do not seem to know even their professional business. One wonders what they do know. They do not seem to want to acknowledge their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines but can they even recognise the enemy?

Clearly not.

A 'Four - Star' Navy chap, an Admiral, must surely be up for multiple barrels in the bar after his appearance at the Democrats' 'Conference' (a place where even the main players do not confer with one another).  I hope he sues for the cost. Please let it be that he was conned into the speaking role.
Russian ships displayed at DNC tribute to vets

On the last night of the Democratic National Convention, a retired Navy four-star took the stage to pay tribute to veterans. Behind him, on a giant screen, the image of four hulking warships reinforced his patriotic message.
There was a big mistake in the stirring backdrop: those are Russian warships.
While retired Adm. John Nathman, a former commander of Fleet Forces Command, honored vets as America's best, the ships from the Russian Federation Navy were arrayed like sentinels on the big screen above.

These were the very Soviet-era combatants that Nathman and Cold Warriors like him had once squared off against.
"The ships are definitely Russian," said noted naval author Norman Polmar after reviewing hi-resolution photos from the event. "There's no question of that in my mind."
Naval experts concluded the background was a photo composite of Russian ships that were overflown by what appear to be U.S. trainer jets. It remains unclear how or why the Democratic Party used what's believed to be images of the Russian Black Sea Fleet at their convention.
Er..... could it be, stupidity?  I suppose we have to accept that the Democrats do not know the difference between Russian warships and America's own. After all, as Sean shouted out from one of the bars, they do not seem to recognise any difference between males and females, even when you take their genes off.
A spokesman for the Democratic National Convention Committee was not able to immediately comment Tuesday, saying he had to track down personnel to find out what had happened.
The DNC's Navy advisors.

The veteran who spotted the error and notified Navy Times said he was immediately taken aback.
"I was kind of in shock," said Rob Barker, 38, a former electronics warfare technician who left the Navy in 2006. Having learned to visually identify foreign ships by their radars, Barker recognized the closest ship as the Kara-class cruiser Kerch.
"An immediate apology [from the committee] would be very nice," Barker said. "Maybe acknowledge the fact that yes, they screwed up."
Perhaps they can include it in the very long list of apologies to the American people for almost everything from the KKK to Hillary's millions. 
The background — featured in the carefully choreographed hour leading up to the president's Sept. 6 speech accepting the Democratic Party's nomination — showed four ships with radar designs not used in the U.S. fleet.

For example, the ship in the foreground, on the far right, has a square radar antenna at the top of its masthead. That is the MR-700 Podberezovik 3-D early warning radar, commonly identified as "Flat Screen" for its appearance, a three-dimensional early warning radar mounted on the Kerch, said Eric Wertheim, editor of "Combat Fleets of the World."
Similarly, the third ship has a MR-310 "Head Net" air search radar, shaped like two off-set bananas, at its masthead and is mostly likely the guided missile destroyer Smetlivyy. The first two ships seem to be Krivak-class frigates, but it's hard to discern from the silhouette, experts said.
But the fact they are Russian ships is not in doubt. 
In addition to the ship's radar arrays and hulls, which are dissimilar from U.S. warships, the photo features one more give-away: a large white flag with a blue ‘X' at the ships' sterns.

Polmar, who authored "The Naval Institute Guide to the Soviet Navy," recognized the blue ‘X'-mark: "The X is the Cross of St. Andrew's, which is a Russian Navy symbol," Polmar said. (An anchored U.S. warship, by contrast, flies the American flag on its stern.)
Based on this specific group of these ship types, one naval expert concluded that this was most likely .....
a photo of the Black Sea Fleet.

"Ships are all Black Sea Fleet," A. D. Baker III, a retired Office of Naval Intelligence analyst, told Navy Times after looking at the image. "These four ships, at the time the photo was taken, constituted the entire major surface combatant component of the Black Sea Fleet," Baker said, noting the photo was likely to be six years old or older. (The Kerch is now on the list to be scrapped, Baker said.)
Barker, the former sailor who first spotted the errors, believes the seven aircraft streaking by are F-5 jets, a trainer used by the U.S. Navy. Asked to explain how he reached that conclusion, the former airplane spotter ticked off a list: "Twin engine, single rudder, with hard points on the wingtips, with that silhouette is going to make them F-5s."
It would not be the first time that a very senior military man was conned by a political party to 'front' some outrage. Even retired chaps - as in this case - can appear persuasive when paraded in Uniform. 

You would have thought such ranking chaps would be cautious.

If indeed this retired fellow was taken in, I do hope he takes it out in a hefty damages claim, because his reputation is seriously in doubt after this fiasco. Hillary can afford it.

Drink and weep.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Memories are made...

...of these. Not many people have had the pleasure I have had of flying these. 

Back in the day the Gnat was the little fast pocket rocket and I spent many an hour in them over just the place shown here. Valley. 

Here we see the legendary Ray Hanna when he was Red One.

Keep you head down toward the end as these things go low.

Hawks for the first minute or so, then after the 'Titles', the Gnats. 

I shall drink to them.



The Devil is well ahead, such is the state of the world's souls. And such were the mutterings and discussions in the bars all week. The Muslims seem very pleased to offer their bodies, their children's bodies and anyone in the vicinity of a terrorist bomb or blade, in homage to their satanic creed's demands for blood, mayhem and grisly death. When the chosen Christian or Jew or other secularist, atheist, leftist Infidels are not around, as in many middle easten countries where the genocide is reaching its conclusion, the muslims will kill one another.

In France an old and holy Catholic Priest was murdered whilst offering Mass. Awful as it is, he at least was Martyred in the best of all possible circumstance. May Perpetual Light shine upon him. For his murderer it will be the perpetual glow of a firey lake. France has repeatedly 'declared war' on ISIS. 

Fat lot of good that will do. 

War is an all or nothing affair. The French, as the Germans, the Britsih, indeed all the European countries, speak of 'war' in the same terms as they do of that on drugs or obesity or 'inflation' or tax dodgers.  

They denounce ISIS. 

It is like the making of war on tax dodgers means mugging a small group of benefits scroungers in a sink estate in Bradford or a western suburb in Sydney. It is all mouth and trousers. 

Those benefit scroungers are considered as martyrs by the leftists while sitting watching their plasma TVs and bemoaning a freeze on their unemployment 'benefit'. It does not even begin to tackle the issue.

Meanwhile as the original breeding ground of terrorism is ploughed by a motley crew of American, British, odds and sods and Russians, bombing and laying waste, in effect simply aiding the Muslims to kill one another on 'home turf',
the army of satan has moved into Europe to suck off the taxpayers' teat while bringing the mayhem to infidel cities. 

And the Governments there, as in Oz, as in America, do nothing at all to root them out and send them back into the maelstrom of muslims making. 

Except of course, to speak of making war on ISIS.

As one voice shouted out in frustration somewhere in the rooms in the taverm. "It ain't ISIS, stoopid; its ISLAM".

One voice that clearly does not mind being called 'Islamophobic', by the baying mobs in Hillary's Village.

Talking of which....

In the Village that it takes to raise a child, we continue on our way in similar fashion to the Muslims, offering innocents as martyrs to Satan. In Oz alone 100,000 every year.  It is the Village mentality that is destroying the sanctity of life, the family, marriage, indeed, Virtue. 100,000 babies in the womb, murdered. Every year.

Yes, yes, I am an old Knight and I should have my old heart filled with sympathy for the mothers whose lifestyle would be cramped by disposable nappies. And I am sympathetic to them and acknowledge the demands of parenthood. But frankly the very life, let alone lifestyle of the babies is more important. They have a higher and more pressing priority.

And that took me out of the tavern this week, twice. 

First to my weekly vigil outside the abortuary in Hobart where I say a Rosary, not only for the souls of those babies, but for Christ to ease the sufferings of the mothers 
who will suffer for years after their abortions;
 and for the fathers who are denied a voice in the matter and yet are denounced; and for the women who 'nurse' in that charnal house, holding the hands of the women they invade and abuse, and cart away the pieces of the little human beings that were, up 'til then where they should naturally and rightly be; and for the doctor who flies in from Melbourne to kill babies, with the aid and protection of our Government's wicked laws that punish any objection.

The second took me to the Court where my friends were arraigned in charges of being horrible people and breaking the law.  These were secular martyrs-in-training too, albeit not assasinated or murdered. Yet.

I have spoken before of Graham and Ray and little Penny. I say 'little' as she is very tiny and almost blind. They were arrested last year and their 'case' has dragged through the court costing them much money - and the taxpayer too.

The 'complainant' you might recal, lied under oath in the court and broke the same law herself by recording the conversation she had with Graham. Purjury;  playing 'Let's you and him fight'; perverting the course of justice. 

The Magistrate cared not a jot.

Such is the justice in our Courts for anyone who dares seek justice for the innocent. It just isn't.

You can see from the picture that Graham's signs were insulting, demeaning and Intimidating. Indeed, the Prosecutor described the picture of a healthy baby in the womb - similar to ones you will find any any medical textbood on the subject - as "GRAPHIC".
Shock, horror.

Of course it is graphic. Photographic. Of something natural and good.

But here, far worse it seems than the nightly 'graphic' depictions of bombs and bodies in the street.  It frightened, intimidated, insulted.

This is what Graham had to say as I pulled him a refreshing pint afterward.

Well the verdict has been given and the three of us were found guilty.

The magistrate (Catherine Rheinburger) came in and simply said that she had put her reasons for the verdict in writing (23pages) and referred us to the last page which concluded with "For all the above reasons I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of all the charges against Mr Preston and Mr and Mrs Stallard"
Then there was some discussion about sentencing. My record of convictions was produced and as well as the other actual convictions I have it also had the last time I was in court, claiming I was hit with $750 costs when in fact we won that case! The magistrate sort of believed that was an error and it probably didn't matter much as there were plenty of other convictions to look at.
Ray and Penny had no police record. She went out for about 20 minutes and on return said that Ray and Penny would each have a 12 month good behaviour bond but no conviction recorded. 
For myself I received a $3000 fine to be paid within 28 days!
The maximum, by the way, is $9750 and a year in jail, and Graham has already spent over 800 days and nights in jail over the past few years.  
The short time period doesn't matter much though as on principle I don't intend to pay as I do not believe we have acted wrongly. The magistrate did not say anything about what jail time there would be for not paying.

Hopefully this will now go on to appeal in the High Court and if we win there the fine will not need to be paid anyway. Christopher (the Lawyer acing partly Pro-Bono) has taken away the decision to examine it closely but we are keen to go on with the appeal. This means unfortunately that we need to try to raise some more funds to help cover further legal costs. If anyone has some bright ideas as to how to do that we would like to hear them as the crowdfunding effort did not raise a great deal.
Apart from nearly freezing this morning I did not have any particular problems when I was on the streets. I will be back out there tomorrow for a couple of hours before heading back to Brisbane. There were quite a few media there today and I did an interview after the verdict was given.
Thanks again for your support and hopefully we can help people see how important it is that we win this free speech case.
I watched the journalists interview Graham and mostly they were polite, except for one. The ABC sent their award-winning Court and Crime reporter, Edith Bevin. She scowled. She had sat in the court scowling too. No chance of an impartial report from her, thought I, and this was confirmed a few minutes later when I spoke to her. 
She brushed aside my questions as to whether she would be reporting about the main prosecution witness lying on oath. No word on that has appeared. I asked her what she thought of the charges over all and she was scathing.

I asked if she was going to report the Prosecutors' description of a photograph as 'graphic'. Hah! I pointed out that the photograoh was of a healthy baby in the womb. Her response astounded.... "It is as intimidating as ...

Holding up a picture of Hitler outside a place where Jews congregate."

The mind reels at such bias, but what do we expect of the ABC.

That same ABC caused another shock just last night conducting its own 'trial by media' of Cardinal Pell, using 'evidence' leaked from the Victorian police and rejected by the Prosecutor's Office.

Independant? Impartial? Intent on maliciously 'reporting' in the worst possible light.

There is plenty of scope for being a martyr thses days. Innocents will suffer in my Supplier's name.

But as I said, the devil is winning on that front at the moment.

Drink deep.



Saturday, July 23, 2016

TRUMPet Sounds

The Trumpet features several times in Eschatology - the doctrine of Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell, and so it did again this week. What a busy week and a busy civilisation history it has been too. Jerico, you might recall, was brought down by a Trumpet being sounded around the walls; Gabriel is a trumpet-playing Angel who will sound one day too to bring the whole schmozzle to an end. And this week we were treated to a trumpet embodied in 'The Donald', who blasted out with great fanfare.
The Don has some words to the Great Supplier, too, it seems.
"Let me blow my Trumpet, Lord"
The Tavern was very busy, such that I had little time to show some of the many in-fill conversations. I was run off my feet, what with my best helping hand, the Southern Gal, away at her mum's. That, and a visit to an Order of Knights that took me away for some of my time. Yes, I am not the only Knight on this island at the botton of the world, and I am inclined, as the world gets darker, to gather some of them around me.

The week started with a coup in Turkey. Well, an attempt, be it a real one or a false flag raised by the Muslim President there who wants desperately to be the next Caliphate boss. 

Not a peep out of the U.N. or the E.U - which Turkey wants to join so that the entire Muslim horde can simply walk into Europe. Yes, I know, they have been doing that and swimming in and taking boat trips to Lesbos. 

And not an alarum sounding from even an EU / UN  party whistle when the arrests of everyone and his dog who might not like his plan.  And what an arrest list it was. Judges, prosecutors, deans of universities, parking ticket wardens, lollipop ladies, it went on and on and was clearly prepared well in advance.

Did he borrow it from the Donald, or will the Donald borrow at least the idea from him?

The 'coup' (if it was) didn't succeed. No trumpet you see.  Indeed it made little positive difference to the shambles that is Turkey. And remember that that is the country that the EU wants in the fold ! Not that the EU is standing soundly. 

Nigel Farage didn't have a trumpet but he did take note of Biblical precedent and by the Lord Harry he did a fine Samsonite job.

I pulled that pint for him :) In the UK room
He didn't manage to pull the columns down with his bare hands but he didn't have to. He dislodged just one substantial stone which had been bearing a substantial load. The UK. 

The roof is crumbling now and unless the builders get busy the place will come tumbling down.

It looks as though soon-President Trump will need a hit-list  like the Turkish fellow if he is to reverse the  traitorousness that has benighted America during the reign of Mullah Obama and poisoned the Universities, the media and government.

Donald has a Plan. In the Tavern's US Room we listened to his Speech and read the pre-leaked script (which differed just a little). There was certainly a lot of noise and not a little of the Trump Style about it. 

An American fellow, Rod Dreher, translated from the American tongue to English for us and had a few things to say too. Now, before he tells us, let me say that I cannot agree with some of it. Hahaha
Trump’s Speech Is Good. Really Good

The Federalist publishes an advance copy of Trump’s remarks. These aren’t the remarks I, a follower of the man Swinburne contemptuously called the “pale Galilean,” would have liked to hear tonight.
Me neither. I don't remember Trump saying 'Good', or even God, for that matter.  But he was interrupted by a lot of cheers so I might have simply missed it. 
But from a strictly political point of view, this one is a winner that’s completely in touch with the cultural moment. Excerpts:
**Our Convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. The attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities, threaten our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country.
**Americans watching this address tonight have seen the recent images of violence in our streets and the chaos in our communities. Many have witnessed this violence personally, some have even been its victims.

**I have a message for all of you: the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end. Beginning on January 20th 2017, safety will be restored.

**The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its own citizens. Any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead.

Let me take a time out from the speech to repeat an e-mail a friend in a major American city sent to me this afternoon:
"I went to the gun range today. Thursdays in the early afternoon, around 2, is my usual range time. Usually there are 3-5 people shooting. Two weeks ago I was the only one. Today I was first in line when someone finished, which was 45 minutes later. Every alley was full, and there were groups of people in line behind me. One group had 8 people. Of those, only 2 had ever shot. The other 6 want to learn.
I talked to one of my buddies there, and [he] said Monday at 10:00, they open at 9:00, they were already putting people in line, and it has stayed that way all week. He said people are scared, learning to shoot, and trying to get their LTC [license to carry] as quickly as possible."
I can see a lot doing that. I just hope they are all 'good' folk rather than them being outnumbered by the well-practiced guys from the 'hood. 
Trump is definitely speaking to the moment. He may not be speaking to you, but he is speaking to many, many people in the country right now. 
Back to the Trump address:

**The most important difference between our plan and that of our opponents, is that our plan will put America First. Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo. As long as we are led by politicians who will not put America First, then we can be assured that other nations will not treat America with respect. This will all change in 2017.
**The American People will come first once again. My plan will begin with safety at home – which means safe neighborhoods, secure borders, and protection from terrorism. There can be no prosperity without law and order. On the economy, I will outline reforms to add millions of new jobs and trillions in new wealth that can be used to rebuild America.

**A number of these reforms that I will outline tonight will be opposed by some of our nation’s most powerful special interests. That is because these interests have rigged our political and economic system for their exclusive benefit.

**Big business, elite media and major donors are lining up behind the campaign of my opponent because they know she will keep our rigged system in place. They are throwing money at her because they have total control over everything she does. She is their puppet, and they pull the strings.

**That is why Hillary Clinton’s message is that things will never change. My message is that things have to change – and they have to change right now. Every day I wake up determined to deliver for the people I have met all across this nation that have been neglected, ignored, and abandoned.
**I have visited the laid-off factory workers, and the communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade deals. These are the forgotten men and women of our country. People who work hard but no longer have a voice.
That’s rhetorical gold. All of it. I have never heard Trump or any other politician since Pat Buchanan put it so succinctly.
So far it is indeed rhetorical.  I pulled a few pints for the listeners - and onother for Nigel of course -  as the Trump blew his et.

And when a Secretary of State illegally stores her emails on a private server, deletes 33,000 of them so the authorities can’t see her crime, puts our country at risk, lies about it in every different form and faces no consequence – I know that corruption has reached a level like never before.

When the FBI Director says that the Secretary of State was “extremely careless” and “negligent,” in handling our classified secrets, I also know that these terms are minor compared to what she actually did. They were just used to save her from facing justice for her terrible crimes.

In fact, her single greatest accomplishment may be committing such an egregious crime and getting away with it – especially when others have paid so dearly. When that same Secretary of State rakes in millions of dollars trading access and favors to special interests and foreign powers I know the time for action has come.
I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves. Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.
Again, this is Grade-A red-meat populism, which has the great advantage of telling a true thing about Hillary Clinton and the Establishment. 
Whether or not Trump can or will do a thing about it is another question. 
And thereby hangs the question. How many times will he have to circle the walls of Washington, before they fall down? Will he arrest Hilary and an entire city, let alone a village of miscreants, liars, thieves, rioters, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, FBI agent Directors, University Deans and Professors of Feminist Underwater Basketweaving and General Mayhem-making, 'Anchor-Persons' of the Media, lollipop ladies etc?  And when? 
He is fortunate in that he will inherit some major facilities for housing tens of thousands of such traitorous cultural marxists. Fema camps may well have been a sound taxpayer investment.
But this is a really good speech on these themes. Trump will go on:

**America was shocked to its core when our police officers in Dallas were brutally executed. In the days after Dallas, we have seen continued threats and violence against our law enforcement officials. Law officers have been shot or killed in recent days in Georgia, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan and Tennessee.

**On Sunday, more police were gunned down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Three were killed, and four were badly injured. An attack on law enforcement is an attack on all Americans. I have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets and the safety of our police: when I take the oath of office next year, I will restore law and order our country.
**I will work with, and appoint, the best prosecutors and law enforcement officials in the country to get the job done. In this race for the White House, I am the Law And Order candidate.

Straight-up Nixon ’68. Henceforth, every incident of violence against the police, every left-wing riot outside Trump campaign stops, and every campus disturbance this fall, will be a Trump commercial.

Here’s the love letter to Milo part:

**Only weeks ago, in Orlando, Florida, 49 wonderful Americans were savagely murdered by an Islamic terrorist. This time, the terrorist targeted our LGBT community. As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBT citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.
Several chaps spluttered into their pints at that ! 
There’s so much more, but here’s how he winds the thing down:

**But now, my sole and exclusive mission is to go to work for our country – to go to work for all of you. It’s time to deliver a victory for the American people. But to do that, we must break free from the petty politics of the past.

**America is a nation of believers, dreamers, and strivers that is being led by a group of censors, critics, and cynics.

**Remember: all of the people telling you that you can’t have the country you want, are the same people telling you that I wouldn’t be standing here tonight. No longer can we rely on those elites in media, and politics, who will say anything to keep a rigged system in place.
**Instead, we must choose to Believe In America. History is watching us now.
**It’s waiting to see if we will rise to the occasion, and if we will show the whole world that America is still free and independent and strong.
**My opponent asks her supporters to recite a three-word loyalty pledge. It reads: “I’m With Her”. I choose to recite a different pledge.
**My pledge reads: 
Quite a few of those American People are family members !
A far better looking lot than Michelle's output.
Believe in America. Hmmmm. There are worse things to believe in, but what of Values, Virtue, 'Under God"?  

I do not wish to knock here, but I can imagine a few orators (possibly better ones) rallying the folk in Jerico with similar sentiments when the Israeites were unpacking their trumpets. 
Read the whole speech.  You may well hate this address, and it won’t be remembered in the annals of eloquent oratory, but give Trump his due: this thing gets the job he wants done done, and with great force. 
Ross Douthat earlier today called it “Buchananism without religion.” 
He’s right — and it’s Trump’s conspicuous lack of Christian virtue that worries me a very great deal about him in the White House.

But I’m not writing about that here. I’m writing about this speech, the biggest of Trump’s life. You know I’m not a Trump guy, but having read this address in advance, I think, for the first time, that Donald Trump could win this thing.
Yes, I do too. In fact if it is to be him simply to stop Hilary, then many Americans will put to one side their triangles and xylophones and put Trump and his trumpet in power. 

And we still didn't get to hear what the plan was.

As Ford Prefect advised Arthur Dent, have a pint of ale and hold tight to your towels; we are in for a lot of noise and falling masonry.

And the Vox Populi?

The American people will soon know (after their unelected Electoral College has decided for them /despite them) just what the Great Supplier has in mind. Judgement, Death, Heaven and Hell. It is getting a step closer by the day.

Listen for the Trumpet.