Monday, July 29, 2013

Manipulated Compassion

Most of the Tavern folk have compassion, but few are fools. The Asylum Seeker issue is high on the news charts at the moment and a little Clarity goes well with Charity.

Mentioned was made of asylum seekers a week or so back. There are many people who sympathise with refugees and would try to emulate the Good Samaritan, but unfortunately want to reap the kudos through the use of money not given from their pockets but from those of others. The Taxpayers.

And there is a sound case to be made for a general social conscience.

Typically the issue is framed in an emotional manner rather than using cooler reason. Images are used to elicit our sympathy and compassion, which are duly delivered onto our streets by protesters who treat it as 'moral' coin. But again it is not usually from their own hearts and souls. Many of them also rely on the taxpayer-provided 'benefit' culture.

They manipulate Conscience.

It is a form of Emotional Blackmail used by an entire Industry of people living off the generosity of others.

And it works. Many people in the villages around like to see the protesters marching and carousing. These people also like to see the Tavern lights on a dark and stormy night, shining on the hill. They see themselves as 'compassionate' They see themselves as 'good people'. It is far easier to nod in agreement with the TV pictures of protesters and marchers from Amnesty or the Socialist Alliance from the comfort of their armchairs than to actually be a Good Samaritan. They 'sympathise' and 'empathise'. They congratulate themselves. They pay the taxes. They send an annual cheque to a 'charity'.

The 'fodder' for the meal the protesters make of their compassion comes by the boatload, and a very sorry lot of humanity they are. Poor, bedraggled, children as young as new borns.

Imagine if a family in a car crashed just outside your house. Wailing and the sounds of mayhem calls your attention  outside where you rush to be confronted with injured children and their mum and dad. You want to help. You do your best.

Those armchair people would do that if it were their house. They may even rush out from next door to help you too.

You DO your best for the injured. You pull them from the wreckage and make them as comfortable as the roadside allows. You comfort the crying children. You call for 'social help' in the form of an ambulance.

But instead of an ambulance taking them to hospital, they demand to come into your home. And live there. Indefinitely. "Look at the crying children", they cry.

They want you to foot the bill for food, clothing, household goods and all. "For the children". And they demand that you rearrange the furniture and provide a 'prayer room' so they can pray thanks to their bizarre false Gods for their good fortune.

Compassion can be stretched just so far.

Then the next family arrives and crashes outside two hours later. Followed by another group in the evening. They all 'cry' for your help.

Now it dawns on you that the crashes are not simple accidents. They are deliberate. And YOU have been taken for a fool.

This is the real state of affairs. The clarity.

"But", say the do-gooders' and the rent-seekers,"We are a rich country. We CAN afford to care for them."

The Tavern has many rooms. The larders and cellars are well stocked.

Our supplier, who is well known to us, assures us that He has unlimited stores and warehouses full and we can have as much as we like. We simply have to ask. And abide by his decent and reasonable business rules. He likes to be paid on time even when he gives more than the usual 21 days credit.

We can be assured too that our generosity to others is extended and welcome in people in need of sustenance.  

But we know too the effect of inviting in people who will simply break the furniture and who want to turn the small room at the back of the cellar wherein sits the Grail into a toilet.

Even the devil herself has rules and knows the score. Even Presidents of ill repute know the score.

Peter dropped in this morning and was telling us of what President Putin had to say about people coming into 'his' country:

On February 4th, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:  
"In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws.  
If they prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law.  
Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'.  
We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation.  
The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities.  
Maybe Putin's grasp of geography does not extend as far south as Oz but he has a point.

It is not the numbers but what the asylum seekers bring with them.  And in many cases it is not a fear of where they have come from, nor dispossession back there, but a hope for a 'better life' here, which is far more a possibility for them.

Who can blame them for that?

It is in itself not blameworthy to aspire to a better life. Such is the Political argument put by socialists in Oz.

So many 'boat people' were coming here at one point that the death toll from accidents at sea - inevitable accidents in poorly built 'littoral' boats on the high seas - that some deterrence was needed, just to preserve the lives of people who did not seem to care for their own lives. Or the lives of their children.

They were deterred by a policy of allowing only Temporary Asylum and off-shore processing. Few boats came.

The Socialists overturned that Policy and in doing so overturned many, many boats.

A flotilla of boats worthy of Helen of Troy have departed Indonesia under Capt Rudd and Capt Gillard.

Over 1000 people have drowned.


STOP right here, for a moment. Think.

By the stroke of a pen for Political Purposes, over 1000 people have died. Children amongst them.

These were needless deaths. Pointless deaths. Deaths caused soley by the Narcissism and Hubris of the Socialist Government of Australia.

But being compassionate about the dead is not sufficient for the socialists. Beating the Opposition and calumnising their efforts to save lives and preserve our National Integrity is all that matters.

The Socialists take the 'High Moral Ground' whilst being totally deficient in Morals.

Many boats have sank in storms or simply from being swamped through gross overloading. Some boats have been deliberately scuttled or set fire to when an Australian warship or Customs ship hove into view.

The boats still come bringing people from all over Africa, the middle east and Asia Minor even now and they also, all too often, bring a demand to reconstruct the very life they once lead and ran from, here.

They are not destitute when they set out. They are not 'unable' to move their money out. They use it to buy an illegal way here, destroying ...

their identity on the way and crashing /sinking / setting fire to the boats they arrive in.

We are a large Tavern but one has to travel some distance up a steep hill to our doors. Oz is an even larger place surrounded by enormous distances of sea.

Asylum seekers' by-pass' many safe harbours to reach our shores. They feed themselves, clothe themselves and house themselves en-route. They then claim to be destitute. Poor.

When did you last have an overseas trip through so many countries as some of these people? When did you last have enough money saved for such a journey over so long a time?

They buy an old car from a back-yard dealer and drive across town to 'crash' right at your front door, because they KNOW that compassion is important to YOU.
They take advantage of that.
They do not respect compassion.
Compassion is a very Christian concept.
'Love thy Neighbour as thyself' may well have been spoken a long time ago by a man from the middle east, but few there agree with Him. The Samaritan was not a popular fellow.
And neither was Jesus.
And the Christ of Christianity, and what he stood for and died for are certainly not respected by the vast majority of the 'asylum' seekers. Mostly they are Muslims.
They do not want to go to Muslim countries. They want to bring Islam to Australia as part of their 'multicultural' gifts.
How many of them would stop to save even one of themselves, let alone you.
It is not usual that this old and grumpy Tavern-Keeper agrees with President Putin. Even the devil can report the weather correctly on a cold day.
The Christian Principles that underpin Australian society and institutions also reside in the warm hearts of its people. Admittedly the glow is sometimes weak and the influx of other creeds is just one 'external' attack on Goodness that joins the many 'internal' attacks from the 'Progressive' left; the Cultural Marxists; the Feminists; the Intellectually Dishonest and compassion- bereft.
Such people 'USE' us.
And Abuse us.
Drink deep of Grace for the storms arising and blowing your way.




  1. Here in America, the politicians give us the same crap. These Hispanics are just looking for a better life...and they are sucking us dry...they get free everything.

    I'm tired of it.

    1. Yes, it is happening all over western countries, but let me make something very clear.

      I have no problem with refugees. I have no problem with people seeking a better life. I have no problem, in particular, with Compassion.

      Compassion is God-given. It is a Gift. It is in the human heart and a Grace which is 'topped up, with extra' whenever we use some.

      But it can be manipulated and faked. It can be coerced and used as a coercive by Evil people - or just plain manipulative ones. People can be fooled and many WANT to be fooled. They want the appearance without the effort and the cost.

      Politicians vie to outdo one another in false-compassion.

      Those who would manipulate are not only the politicians but the 'protesters and even the faux-refugees who deliberately cast themselves upon the waters with the intent of crashing outside your door.

      Providing the wherewithal for life to someone in great need, when they are in great need, is an act of a Good person. Those good people know the answer to the Question: Whom does the Grail serve. But the 'refugee' who continues to rely upon goodwill when their plight is relieved is a manipulative sponger.

      For politicians and 'Policy' to deliberately sully compassion by using it as a political weapon to 'beat' the opposition politicians, we see a gross distortion of values. It is Blasphemous.


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