Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Gentleman's Residence

Many men these days eschew marriage. They 'go their own way', according to a popular men's movement, as many have done since time immemorial. Not for them a house and home fit for a wife and children with all the daily chaos and life and feminised accoutrements and comforts (pleasant as they may be). 

Adventurous men always left such a home to sail the seas or discover new lands, though as married men they did, in the main, leave the wherewithall for living to the family and provided for them while away.  He was prepared to undergo hardship. The 'modern' man rarely does that these days.  Leave he may - or rather be ejected - and all his possession taken.  He has the hardship aplenty. Besides, there are few places left to discover and sailing the seas is to be anchored to rules and regulations, permits and licence fees. Odysseus could not be found today and his Penelope would be out clubbing.
A Southern Gentleman
The Chinese man is hard-pressed even to find a wife and is restricted to one sprog when he does. Some 100 million such lads have little hope and must look, as does his western chums, for a place of his own: a new paradigm. And there are lessons from eras previous that he can take with him.
Is this you?
I would suggest that he 'aspire'. First to be a Gentleman. Most men can be a gentleman with some modest effort. 

Next, to aquire a Gentleman's Residence. 

Especially if he is Chinese as I, for one, do not relish the ides of so many young fellows on the loose all over the place and behaving in an ungentlemanly manner.

Being a Gentleman is a State of Mind that is clear to all.  If you are without the knowledge of just what a gentleman is I suggest you steer well clear of articles that describe all that he must have and be. Simply find one and observe. And yes, they are hard to find so seek in places where Gentlemen are likely to be found.

I was, m'self, a Gentlemen, albeit briefly. Yes, even Kings and Knights had beginnings which were not quite so exhaulted. It was as per an Act of Parliament (The War Act, if you must know) which dubbed me a Military 'Officer and Gentleman'. 

It was a dark and marked day that our democratic representatives decided to make women officers who by virtue of distinct lack of vir could not be gentlemen so the title was dropped. The very Act was amended. A disgrace ! 

A 'young' man might be foolish enough to think that being a gentleman is 'old fashioned.' It is a foolish though, albeit true. It is of a different era. But a chap makes his own place and his own time. As I said it is a State of Mind which includes far more than a rolex watch and a smart suit. It is 'a Refined Masculine Human Spirit'. Independent. Self reliant. Attributes honed, Polished. And yes, I said Spiritual.  It does not sit still, unless reading or listening or waiting on game, but 'aspires'. And comes with a Pipe.
Now, to his residence. 

It may take a while to realise the full glory of a chap's Residence but an aim in mind is always useful. 

This for instance is very like mine at present. Yes, mine is just a bit smaller, as previously mentioned in the Tavern when I moved quarters, but how a chap 'sees' his pad matters.  And I am a hermit. 

A large place with land, solitude and water nearby is always a good start. Most young chaps could not possibly afford such a residence but were say 10 to club together it may be in reach.  Monks used to do that and still do. It would need to have plenty of rooms.  Such would enable guests from time to time but the place should not have neighbours apt to drop in. In fact no neighbours for at least a mile all around.

Privacy is essential. And trees. And water. If you do not have water near, you will need a pool. Indoor preferably but out is fine too. You will need space for solitude and for those occasions when a group of gentlemen wish to practice manly arts outdoors, with weapons.

Some illustrations may take your mind toward your own ideas. So...

This is a Monestery !
The monastic idea is ripe for return. Four to 20 chaps sharing a place, in the country, cooperatively and focused on improving their souls is a fine solution for many men. 

Preferably within half a day's walk to the Tavern.

Mind you, were I as active as I used to be quite a while ago, I would opt for a mobile Residence. A Steed is an essential for a Knight.



  1. I am privileged to know many Gentlemen and almost as many Ladies in my day to day life.

    Currently (for three days only) I am living the life of a Hermitess...

    I have privacy, quiet, trees and more but something is missing (maybe two somethings (not weapons)) ;-)

    1. If in possession of a doubt that one is missing the essentials, always go for a Crypt and a Turret. :)

  2. A man is a man because he CHOOSES to be one. A women the same. There have always been herd followers, those that bend over in submission to the mob. But being a lady and a gentlemen never goes out of style. Modern genders are better off making an effort to better themselves, instead of making excuses. Good article my dear friend:) The southern girl;)

    1. And I see you are taking great leaps forward too, my dear :)


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