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Banking on Rudd, and dodgy Genes ?

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Money seems to be on the minds of everyone again now K.Rudd is back. His total mismanagement which set the pace for his traitorous protégé Ju-Liar Gillard has left Australia with a $200 BILLION debt and he is unlikely to reduce it. The man has a 'character'. And 'genes' may be the issue.

But how can he tackle the debts without taking more from the Taxpayer? The talk in the Pin Bar shows us.

The answer seems to be in the air and in the small print of the APRA, the guys that 'regulate'.  They are following the 'dictats' of the Global Wallahs with whom  KRudd just loves to party. They say that everyone with a bank account is going to lose their hard earned savings, shirt, skirt, knickers and all.

Yes, they WILL favour the Big Banks and the impact will be on your savings.

But Andy Sutton and Graham Mehl , a couple of analysts have their eyes on him and dropped in for a swift pint or two. This is what they had to say.

Australia, through its budgetary process, has endorsed the global bail-in resolution mechanism for GSIFI’s (Globally Active Systemically Important Financial Institutions).
One by one, the G20 has succumbed to the bail-in resolution mechanism. And it has been a very subtle process.  
You won’t hear about this on any of your favorite ‘news’  
and opinion-shaping programs.  
The globalist elite are playing chess and the Proletariat are playing checkers. We obviously can’t shame anyone into looking out for themselves. We can beg, implore, beseech with hat in hand, but we can’t force this on you.  
You have the right to your ignorance just as we have the right to ours about the things that you might be passionate about.  
The big difference is this affects everyone.  
We are no better and no worse than any other pair of analysts who might someday look upon 2013 and comment and critique. Our plea comes from the heart and from a duty to both God in Heaven and our respective nations to spread the truth.

Let’s get to some details from Australia. It is difficult to assign credit, but we first discovered the information on the ‘Barnaby is Right’ blog with direct citations to Australian government budget documents.  
We have no reason to doubt the validity of the information at this point, especially given the fact that the blog cites Australian Treasury documents and the links are valid. It is pretty obvious that there is a good effort underway to hide these revelations as much as possible and our thanks go out to everyone who is digging on behalf of the Earth’s population.

The two snippets from Australia’s budgetary docs tell most of the story in very similar fashion to how the story was told in the FDIC/BOE collaboration and the separate but eerily similar BIS whitepaper:

The term ‘bail-in’ as applied in Cyprus has now become accepted jargon for the .... 
fleecing of bank depositors to restore liquidity a failed GSIFI. The mechanism is identical, even down to the establishment of a ‘bridge institution’.  
The USFed has several of these: ‘Maiden Lane 1,2, and 3, LLC’. They contain the junk assets from now defunct financial institutions. You can find the Maiden Lanes in the weekly H.41 releases from the USFed here. These are the types of bridge institutions we’re referring to.
However, the bridge institutions are not what should concern depositors most. The next snippet, from page 134 of the budgetary document, deals with the responsibilities of APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority). See below:
There are some rays of light shone into areas not covered in the expository blog that broke the story. Note the portion at the beginning of this paragraph detailing APRA’s responsibility to help institutions adapt to the ‘continued caution of households’. You may interpret this in the following manner: households aren’t borrowing and spending enough, so we need to figure out how to help the banking system create enough inflation to simulate (not stimulate) growth.  

Furthermore, the document states that there is an expectation that this condition will continue for sometime. To break it down, what Australia suffers from is identical to that of the rest of the G20: stagnant aggregate demand and upward pressure on end-user prices, also known as persistent stagflation. 

And the chicken dinner winner is that APRA is tasked with focusing on implementing the ‘new global bank liquidity framework’ in Australia.  
How nice.  
We hereby submit to all the detractors, naysayers and threat-makers from March and April that they can proceed to the nearest pier and take a long walk – straight off. The bail-in mentality is real, it is here, and it is either already present in your land of domicile or is well on its way.

“If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”   
Sam Adams

For those of us that have savings, the message was taken aboard. Not that our monetary savings with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia compare with the stores we are building up in the Celestial Bank of Angels.

Meanwhile the demands for more and more money to be thrown into the education pit, a  Union and female dominated pit of course, is running into a very different problem.

"Genes" a reason poor kids struggle at school,  
says Australian government report.

 This is rather amazing to see; the unspeakable spoken, albeit with a lot of hedging.
RICH kids do better at school and poor children struggle due to genetic "inherited abilities", the Federal Government's top policy research agency says.  
In a controversial new report released today, the Productivity Commission cites "parents' cognitive abilities and inherited genes" as one of five main reasons why kids from low-income families lag behind those from wealthy homes. 
You can prove this is a girl by taking her Jeans off.

Genes are listed before access to books and computers, parental attention and aspirations, and even schools. 
In a section entitled "inherited abilities", the 246-page staff working paper states that "one explanation for differences in educational attainment between children of low and high socio-economic backgrounds is parents' cognitive abilities and inherited genes". 
But are 'good choices' genetically determined?

Citing a British study, it suggests that "inherited cognitive abilities" explain one-fifth of the gap in test scores between children from the richest and poorest families, once environmental factors are taken into account. 
"Genetic explanations for children's success at school is a controversial and complex area because of interactions between genes and the environment," the report says. 
"Evidence is now emerging that the same genetic endowment can result in different outcomes depending on the environment". 
The Productivity Commission notes that Australia has one of the highest rates of joblessness among families in the developed world, with nearly one in five families unemployed. 
It cites two research studies showing that unemployed parents have "poorer parenting skills", with their children 13.4 per cent more likely to lie or fight, and 7.6 per cent more likely to be bullied. 
The Productivity Commission also links learning success to "character traits such as perseverance, motivation and self-esteem". 
KRudd is called a Narcissist. He did well at school, apparently. Well enough to learn how to scheme and manipulate, bully and ingratiate.

Meanwhile of course, the Labour Party and KRudd will continue to claim that more Money - taxpayers' money - is needed, and continue to lamblast the 40% of Australian families that have deserted the public school system. They not only pay extra for their children's schooling but also give better genetic underpinnings.
The report on "Deep and Persistent Disadvantage in Australia", made public today, says poor children are "behind the eight-ball" when they start school and the gap widens as they grow older. 
Poorer children may have less access to books, computers or study space than kids from well-off families, it says. 
And parents' aspirations and attitudes to education "vary strongly with 
socio-economic position". 
Better educated parents tend to spend more time reading to children and helping with homework, the report says. 
"Evidence on why some disadvantaged children 'buck the trend' to succeed in later life suggests that the level of parental interest and parents' behaviour are important," it says. 
"Attending school with higher-achieving or more advantaged peers seemed to be associated with a higher probability of bucking the trend. 
"While inherited genes influence their development, the quality of family environments, and the availability of appropriate experiences at various stages of development, are crucial for building capabilities." 

Character Traits can Help or Hinder.
Indeed, help or hinder whole Nations.
The Productivity Commission cites the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) international PISA tests of 15-year-olds in reading, maths and science. 
"Results from the PISA show that economically advantaged parents are more likely to have read to their children regularly, sung songs, talked about what they had done during the day, and read signs aloud to their children," the report says. 

But, we are happy to share a pint with the lads and watch the flags. Even the thick, the lame and the lazy can, with effort, get to heaven, although I doubt many will be Heroes or Saints. Kevin is a very unlikely candidate.


  1. Lovely money, that plastic Australian stuff. Have you tried tearing it?

    1. I have to get my hands on some first, James.


  2. great article - I' up some.facts with some.folks I know...

    1. Oh yes please. There is so much light to throw on this area. So much speculation abounds and supposed meaning. The Cyprus Affair is real enough as well as the European and British Bank moves to make 'depositors' funds vulnerable. We need to know a lot more especially from inside banks themselves.

      Have a nice Red with a ladybug.

  3. So, they are coming after citizens retirement funds.

    Time to stock the mattress.

    1. Oh yes. Note the Leftist position on 'Retirement Funds'. Every leftist Government 'encourages' people to save for their retirement so as not to be a burden on 'State-Funded' pensions. (In reality paid for by the retirees themselves into obligatory, State-owned savings plans).

      YET, at the same time those Governments are constantly vilifying 'self-funded' retirees as some sort of pariah, living off their fat, while the 'poor' benefit claimant goes without.

      AND the State-Funds, coerced from the salary-earner whether he/she likes it or not, is plundered by Government to prop-up its profligate debts.

      A further insult - particularly to men - is that the larger part of the State Pension requirement is for women, who pay less in such taxes in their lifetimes, and who get 'the Pension' five years earlier than men and live 7 years longer.

      Now we shall see the deposits in banks held from access by their owners, just to 'save' banks that have worked hand in glove with Governments to create the debts in the first place.

      Get a solid bed with a very heavy mattress. Get a home-Safe. Buy silver coins as the price is low and the value of your Dollars falls with all the money printing that banks and Governments do.

      Maybe even buy your own printing press !!



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