Sunday, June 29, 2014

Is there a Doctor in the House?

That was the cry, the other day in the Oz Room when a customer fell off his bar stool. Poor chap banged his drinking arm and put his elbow out. "Is there a Doctor in the House", I called, and fortunately there was.

And a nurse. In fact two fine gals and the Doc were soon treating him to some functional human Grace.

Of course the liklihood of a doctor or a nurse being nearby is quite good. We in Oz are about half-way up the charts in terms of such professionals per 100,000 of the population. That's the usual measure of demographics in terms of 'sorts of' people. 

Oz has around 247 Doctors, 350 if you count in the 'Specialists', and around 1200 nurses per 100,000. That's pretty good.

When it comes to scientists - as we discovered this week when there was a local furore about 15 CSIRO scientists about to lose their jobs due to Government economising - we have around 2500 per 100,000 population. And that is just the scientists (there are lots of science disciplines) engaged in 'research' work that is 'government supported'. You can add all the private sector ones to that number, working in industry.

Mostly we grow our own, from scratch. Our schools and Universities churn out these necessary fine men and women well educated in the Professions. We encourage such career choices from quite young.

Every one started, of course, as a twinkle in someone's eye at bedtime. 

From every One Hundred Thousand babies we will get 350 medicos and 1200 nurses. And 2500 scientists.

And 100,000 is the number of pre-born babies we kill in Oz every year.

In twenty five years time we can expect that there will be 350 fewer doctors, 1200 fewer nurses and 2500 fewer scientists than there would have been otherwise. 

Because we will have killed them this year.

We will kill a similar number next year. And the year after. And the years after that.

Oddly, it is the 'reduction in criminals' that was used as an excuse for abortions not so long ago. No-one wants criminals around, so the 'theory' went, and aborting likely ones was a fine idea. It was Harvard University, hotbed of lefty and feminist theology that came up with the spin.

Many plausible explanations have been advanced for the drop  (in crime) during the 1990s. Some stress law-enforcement measures, such as higher arrest and conviction rates, longer prison sentences, “broken windows” police strategies, and the death penalty. Others emphasize right-to-carry laws for concealed handguns, a strong economy, or the waning of the crack-cocaine epidemic.
Yet, of all the explanations, perhaps the most controversial is the one that attributes lower crime rates in the ’90s to Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision to mandate legalized abortion. 
According to this argument, the large number of women who began having abortions shortly after Roe were most likely unmarried, in their teens, or poor, and their children would have been “unwanted.” Children born in these circumstances would have had a higher-than-average likelihood of becoming criminals, and would have entered their teens — their “criminal prime” — in the early 1990s. But because they were aborted, they were not around to make trouble. 

The unmarried, poverty-striken girl barely exists nowadays as she gets housing benefits, 'food stamps' (in the US) and assorted bonuses for having children. The single-mother link to crime is well established.

The 'theory' has largely been dismissed and the prisons are full of the offspring of single mothers. But no-one bothered to extend the view to societally -valuable people.

Fixing a broken arm is one thing. Finding cures for all the ailments that beset us is another. 

But we are reducing our chances of doing either in years to come.

It is ironic - that, or sick - that it is doctors and nurses who kill babies. 

I am not at all sure just how such people square their oath to protect and save life with their business urge to make money from killing babies in the womb. 

Australia is well up on the charts in terms of killing babies. In sheer numbers in the western, Anglophile world, America is streets ahead (or is that tiny graves ahead?) with well over a million a year.  But proportionally Oz does better !! 

The numbers of people in all of our countries who die of diseases and illnesses is far below the number who die on the abortuary table, aided and abetted by their own mothers - and the medical professonals.

You would think that America with its sensitivity to racism would be doing better.

It is inhuman.

But do not expect to read a Pro-Life article in the press or see it on TV.

The media is firmly in the grip of those who want abortion to keep killing babies. The media will LIE.

Media Malpractice at March for Life

Pray for us all.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Today's School Lesson - Censorship and Agitprop

Update at end.

Every kiddy should get some education. Lots of nodding heads in the Tavern to that idea. Every kiddy should have access to the internet at school. Some thoughful shakes as well as nods to that one.

It pops up from time to time when this government policy or that pushes schools into the internet age and even issues every school kid with a 'Free' laptop. Well, they announce that, but in practice many kids miss out and the parents suffer losses through theft and simply mislay. The laptops and other computer gizmos get to some but far from all kiddies. 

And very few get the 'Free' steak knives either.

So schools themselves expend vast amounts on installing the technology themselves. All well and good.

Then of course the government, school boards, parents groups, etc all clamour to censor what kiddies can and cannot look at. For we do have to acknowledge that at this infant stage of the Knowledge Revolution where the Human Psyche is expanding into the public sphere, there is more 'Id' than 'super-ego' alive and thriving in cyberspace.

And this is where the messiness arises. The knives come out !

There are those who go well beyond blocking smut. The super-ego drive is politically dependant and markedly left wing. Some mind-smut is positively encouraged.

As was found by one lad at school, as told to open mouthed patrons of the P&B the other day by Todd Barnes. 

Todd tried hard not to get over-excited but I did have to provide some more wholesome froth to his lips as he spoke.

Jesus, Republicans and NRA banned 
on school website
One of the lessons that Andrew Lampart learned from being on his school’s debate team was to 
gather facts for both sides of an argument. 
So last month when his law class was instructed to prepare for a debate on gun control, Andrew went online using the school’s Internet service.

“I knew it was important to get facts for both sides of the case,” said the 18-year-old at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Connecticut.
So, this was not a small child being 'protected' from any of the zillion naked women on the net. He was after 'balance'; iffs and buts,  not butts.
Andrew decided to set aside his debate preparation and started researching other conservative websites. He soon discovered that he had unfettered access to liberal websites, but conservative websites were blocked.

When Andrew tried to log onto the National Rifle Association’s website, he realized there was a problem – a big problem.
“Their website was blocked,” he told me. Andrew decided to try the Second Amendment Foundation’s website. That too, was blocked.

His curiosity got the best of him – so Andrew tried logging on to several pro-gun control websites. Imagine his surprise when he discovered the pro-gun control websites were not blocked.

“I became curious as to why one side was blocked and the other side was not,” he said.
Be curious no more, young man.  The school is protecting your young adult mind from making itself up for itself.
For example, the Connecticut Republican Party website was blocked. 
The Connecticut Democratic Party website was not blocked. 
National Right to Life was blocked, but Planned Parenthood was not blocked. 
Connecticut Family, a pro-traditional marriage group, was blocked, but LGBT Nation was not blocked.

Andrew found that even Pope Francis was blocked 
from the school’s web service. 
But although he could not access the Vatican website, the school allowed him to access an Islamic website.

“This is really border line indoctrination,” 
Andrew told me.
There is barely a border to be seen here. The enemy is streaming across like illegal immigrants. 
“Schools are supposed to be fair and balanced towards all ways of thinking. It’s supposed to encourage students to formulate their own opinions. 
Where did he get that idea from !!   Quick, a lefty has fainted.
Students aren’t able to do that here at the school because they are only being fed one side of the issue.”
Andrew gathered his evidence and requested a meeting with the principal. The principal referred him to the superintendent, which he did. The superintendent promised to look into the matter and fix the problem.

“I gave him a week to fix the problem,” Andrew said. “But nothing had been done.”

So last Monday, Andrew took his mountain of evidence to the school board.

“They seemed surprised,” he said. “They told me they were going to look into the problem.”

Since the school board didn’t resolve the problem, I decided to take a crack at it.
Superintendent Jody Goeler sent me a rather lengthy letter explaining what happened.
He admitted there are “apparent inconsistencies” in the school district’s filtering system “particularly along conservative and liberal lines.”
Get away ! And he had not noticed. !  
“Many of the liberal sites accessible to the student fell into the ‘not rated’ category, which was unblocked while many of the conservative sites were in the ‘political/advocacy group’ category which is accessible to teachers but not to students,” he said in a written statement. 
“The district is trying to determine the reason for the inconsistency and if the bias is pervasive enough to justify switching to another content filtering provider.”

I find it hard to believe the superintendent needs more evidence to make that determination.

“The district does not block individual sites, only categories of websites,” he wrote. “The categories are supposed to be inclusive of all sites that fall into a common description.”

Without getting into the weeds here, the school district is blaming the blocking on Dell SonicWall, their content filtering service. 
They said they are waiting for Dell SonicWall to clarify its process for assigning websites to categories.

Dell SonicWall did not return my telephone call so I can’t tell you whether the district’s statement is the gospel truth or baloney. But something smells fishy.

Superintendent Goeler said they have “an interest in exposing students to a wide and varying number of viewpoints."

“The district does engage in unblocking sites to provide diverse points of view and balance in the instructional process,” he wrote.

Pardon me, sir, but that’s a load of unadulterated, Grade-A hooey.
The National Rifle Association, Red State,, National Right to Life, Second Amendment Foundation, Paul Ryan for Congress, Town Hall,,, and are just some of the websites the school blocked.
And they still remain blocked.
“The thing that bothers me the most is that public education is supposed to be neutral,” Andrew said. “It’s supposed to expose kids to both sides of an issue and allow them to formulate their own opinions.”
So he has been told. It is written on the packet. But the goods tell a different tale. And still no steak knives.
Andrew has discovered the issue I write about in my new book, “God Less America.” Public schools have become leftwing indoctrination centers.

“Students are only being given information from one side of the issue,” he said. “They are told this is the information we are giving you – make the most of it. They are not giving them both sides of the argument.”

Andrew Lampart has done his community and his nation a great public service by 
exposing the politically correct firewall 
that was erected at Nonnewaug High School.

And now we must do our part and demand a free exchange of ideas not just in Woodbury, Connecticut, but around the nation.

Mr. Superintendent, tear down this wall!

What is YOUR kiddy's school like?  Do you get to really look beneath the surface? 

Deeper looks will also show the vastness and pervasiveness of feminist agitprop that is allowed while sites which call for fairness and justice for men and fathers are routinely blocked as 'hate'. 


Perhaps your school is moving along the lines of Canadian schools. There the children as young as five are being taught that foldling Uncle Harry's penis while watching the TV at home is a fine education.

It is high time parents went into schools and laid down some old-fashioned Family Rules. Good luck with that.

Have a deep draught of Grace first.


Disclaimer: No kick-backs to computer suppliers or internet service providers were paid from the Tavern Budget in the posting of this conversation.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jailing Reporters

The 'buzz' in the bars this week has not been about the incredible, nay incredulous, reportings on the 'Footy Show' et al regarding the World Cup, but on the events in an Egyptian Court. An Australian reporter has been jailed for seven years for 'false reporting'.

Comments bounded around the rooms about jailing three quarters of the ABC's reporters and most of the Fairfax newspersons. But seriously, we are all still quite in the dark about what the Aussie reporter was supposed to have done.

There were not just reporting restrictions in place in the Court, but evidence restrictions too, it seems. From what we can glean there was no evidence against Mr Greste.

But last year there were ructions within the organisation he worked for, and it may be of some use to look at what we were told back then.
 Mass resignations at Al Jazeera over "biased" Egypt coverage.
Reports suggest that 22 member of staff have resigned from the Egyptian arm of Al Jazeera after complaining of pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias within the organisation
by The Commentator on 8 July 2013

Aljazeera Mubasher Misr, the Egyptian arm of the Qatari-funded broadcaster has suffered major embarrassment today after 22 staff members walked out over accusations of bias.
The 22 staff resigned on Monday over what they alleged was coverage that was out of sync with real events in Egypt, according to a report by the Gulf News website.
Anchor Karem Mahmoud announced that the staff resigned in protest against "biased coverage" of the recent events in Egypt. He explained that there was a lack of commitment and Al Jazeera professionalism in media coverage, stating, "the management in Doha provokes sedition among the Egyptian people and has an agenda against Egypt and other Arab countries.”
Mahmoud added that the management used to 
instruct each staff member to favour the Muslim Brotherhood.
He said that “there are instructions to us to telecast certain news”.
In February of this year, Ghaffar Hussain, contributing editor to The Commentator wrote,
"Since the Muslim Brotherhood has come to power in Egypt, Al Jazeera has done all in its power to portray the group in a favourable light. Protests against the Brotherhood-dominated regime are presented as being led by violent thugs with no political grievances, while Morsi's poorly constructed and shallow speeches are given positive coverage."
Haggag Salama, a correspondent of the network in Luxor, had resigned on Sunday accusing it of “airing lies and misleading viewers”. He announced his resignation in a phone-in interview with Dream 2 channel.
Meanwhile, four Egyptian members of editorial staff at Al Jazeera’s headquarters in Doha resigned in protest against what they termed a “biased editorial policy” pertaining to the events in Egypt, Ala’a Al Aioti, a news producer, told Gulf News by phone.
Original reporting by Ayman Sharif for Gulf News

Perhaps this was the start of the problems.

Of course, that was the report.

Who knows just how true or accurate it is.

The Courts in Australia are thought to be better 'quality' than in other countries.

One wonders.

Our news  organs are just as woeful.

Meanwhile back to just today, the former Editor of the News of the World, Rebekah Brooks - she who was photographed hitting her husband in the street while he was holding their baby, 

and was not even charged - 

was aquitted of phone hacking charges, despite truck-loads of evidence. 

Of course.

Her replacement Editor, Andy Coulson, a chap, her subordinate when she was elevated to CEO, has been found guilty though. Now ain't that a thing ! 

He should have worn 'big hair'.

Maybe in seven years time, Mr Greste can use his new-found experience of kangaroo Courts where he is guilty until he proves himself innocent and no evidence apart from accusation is presented, and the Court prevents reporting,  to report on Australia's Family Courts.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to Train a Knight

Back in my younger day, before Tavern-Keeping and even before heading up a Kingdom, I was a lowly Knight. I say, 'lowly' because there was always a more pointy lance, a faster sword, and a sharper dagger somewhere out there waiting to take a lad down.

And it was a job a chap did on his own. 

Yes he had squires and fellow Knights but when he was strapped into his armour and rode off, it was him against another Knight. He prayed quite a lot.

Most Knights in the field were 'second sons'. Their older bros were mostly full-time farmers who had inherited Dad's place and the rules of Primogeniture were there to keep the land-holding in one piece. So second sons were given a horse and a sword and told to bugger off.

His training was cumbersome and short - like his chances -  unless he found a skilled 'Master' to teach him the ropes.

Today it is far and away more difficult.

The Knight was worth at least a hundred foot-soldiers. Today's Knights have more power to wield than an entire army of yore.

And to have his steed strapped to his arse and go into battle takes a far longer time and far more training. 

Many fine men do not make it.

He first has to learn the 'horse' and how to handle it. He will start on a donkey. Then he will get a spirited pony; then a horse. Only when he can actually steer it will he be taught to fight on it. He will practice until he stops falling off.

The Tavern Restaurant is always busy before battle.

So, fill up and let us pick up today's efforts at the point where he has all the early part under his helmet and is given a War Horse.

God Bless our young men.

Get it right and they might become a King one day.

Just do not sin as I did.

Pax: for some as earns it.

Rescuing Kids from State Educashun

Shunning State Schools is what a growing proportion of Australian parents are doing. They are shunning the agitprop provided by a phalanx of socially destructive, mind and spirit warping elements that have taken over the schooling of our children.  So it seems from the talk in the bars this week. 

Private schooling has always been a popular option in Oz, even though the State has taken (it wasn't ever given) responsibility for providing education to children. It may be compulsory to educate children but in what Institution is a still a matter of choice.

Choice goes only so far though as the State retains compulsory determinations over 'core' curriculum.

Oz tops the international charts for private schooling. But let me note for furriners that in Oz 'Private' and 'Public' have their own meanings. Public schools in the UK, for instance, are private businesses, grown out of the charitable schools for the children of Gentlemen of centuries past. In Oz Public schools are for the public, run by the State with the contrary assistance of left-wing trades unions. (More below.)

But the public is having less and less to do with State provision. For a generation the balance has hovered around 35% 'Private' and 65% public. This is shifting. And the mind, soul and feet are voting for Catholic education.

More and more parents are opting out of the State system with its insistence on 'Progressive Values', even 'Labor Party Values'. Parents demand, but do not get Christian Values in State schools.

Alexandra Smith was telling us a little about it in the P&B

Public school exodus starts as early as year 2

Australian parents are keen to escape the disrupted classes that are a frequent feature of State schools

The stampede from public primary schools to private high schools when a child finishes year 6 is a tradition in parts of Sydney, but principals say the exodus now starts as early as year 2 as parents panic they will miss out on their school of choice.

Census data shows that in some of Sydney's most affluent suburbs, especially the eastern suburbs, 
as few as 20 per cent of students stay in the public system 
for high school despite booming enrolments in public primary schools.

The president of the NSW Primary Principals' Association, Geoff Scott, said the exodus from public to private schools had traditionally started in year 5 but principals were reporting it now began as early as year 2.

"It's getting younger and younger and we have parents telling our principals, 'Sorry, we love your school but if we want to get our child into a certain independent school we have been told we have to enrol them in year 3,' " Mr Scott said.
"Parents feel, wrongly we believe, that their children will have a better chance if they go to a non-government school, but this is not based on better teachers or a different curriculum because we know parents are very happy with their local government primary school."
So happy that they leave? All those parents are wrong and the 'Association' man is right. Hello.

Methinks the parents are being kind saying 'we love your school'. If they did actually say that. He does not hear them saying just as clearly that it is his school and not theirs.
The principal of Waverley Public, Glenn Levett, raised the issue of the exodus in a note to parents on the school's website, where he urged them not to judge the school on NAPLAN results alone, especially because so many students leave the public system before the end of primary school.
So, hold up and dismiss the school 'results', as though it were not important. 
"Our year 5 group often becomes a small cohort of students as a number of students move on to opportunity classes or private schools at the end of year 4," the school’s website says. "This is common practice in the eastern suburbs as a majority of students in the area attend private high schools."
Public School Teachers Striking - again.
The children do not matter

Nikki Shepherd, who has twin boys Sam and Alfie, and Carol Wade, who has a son Joseph, both enrolled their children in year 5 at Waverley College this year.

The boys, who were young for their year when they started kindergarten at Coogee Public School, are repeating year 5 at the Catholic college after doing year 5 at Coogee last year.

Ms Wade said she had been very happy with their local public school but felt her son would benefit from more routine and discipline by doing year 5 and 6 at Waverley College.
Hello. Were the Coogee teachers listening?
Both families would have also been unlikely to secure a spot for the boys for year 7 because they are not Catholic.

The acting director of Waverley College's junior school, Greg Harris, said the school had just been through one of the "most difficult" enrolment processes because of the demand for its year 5 intake.

Mr Harris said the school had "well over" 200 applications for 145 year 5 spots next year and one-third of those applicants 
were non-Catholic.

The trend is not unique to the eastern suburbs.

Inner west mother Elizabeth Luff sent her children to Annandale Public until year 4 but then sent them to St Andrews Cathedral School in Sydney's central business district.

Mrs Luff said she had always intended to send them to St Andrews for high school but thought starting them in year 5 would help them move to year 7 more easily.

Lets have a look at the options.

Religion-based systems of education are operated by the Anglican, Lutheran, Roman Catholic denominations as well as a number of other church or parachurch-based low-fee schools. 

By far the most numerous are 
Catholic schools
which are run by diocese-based educational institutions within the Catholic Church called the Catholic Education/Schools Offices, although some more prestigious Catholic schools are independent. 

The rest are known as independent schools, which are largely Protestant grammar schools. 

There are also a few Jewish and Islamic schools, and a growing number of independent Montessori and Steiner schools.

The major independent schools in each city (such as the APS Schools and the AGSV Schools in Melbourne) charge high fees (up to $30,000 per year) and are therefore able to afford facilities that government schools and church-run Catholic schools cannot. 

Funding for independent schools often comes under criticism from the Australian Education Union and the Australian Labor Party because, in addition to their fees, these schools also receive funding from both state and federal governments.

And this 'Money' issue a critical point.

It costs parents money to send their children to private/church schools. The Catholic schools are by far toward the lower end of the fee scales, but parents nevertheless have to pay from their own pockets, from 'after tax' money.

Some schools have fees of $20,000 to $30,000 a year. 

Socialists HATE this.

Socialists are good at hate.

They say that the Private schools are for 'Rich' people. And they hate the rich.  They ignore the obvious conclusion that in their eyes a good 40% of Australians must be rich.

They are not, of course, but they do believe in paying for quality.

Most families whose children are at Private schools, struggle. They are ordinary families. They choose to spend their money on something they value. Their children's education. Most are somewhat lower cost than 30k. And some are down at the few thousand a year level. It is the Parents Choice.

The left, socialists, envious Greens et al also spit venom about Federal funding for private schools from taxation monies. They totally ignore the two basic facts: that private school parents also pay tax; and that private schools get far less tax money than public schools.

 The Private school parent subsidises the Public sector school.

When you hear the socialists screaming out their filth on the streets during their oh so regular 'protests' for more pay for themselves you never hear about ordinary Australians having to pay twice for the privilege of choice.

Then there is the issue of 'Values.

Our Nation was built upon Western, Christian Values, derived from and passed-on to us by our British heritage

These values are under considerable and severe attack by ideologies that want to destroy our heritage. Their acolytes are mostly found in the Public Sector Teaching Unions, who care less about children and more about ideology.

The left is Hell bent on sexualising our children, forcing homosexuality and 'genderisms', feminism included onto the younger and younger minds. It paints a dark and mendacious picture of our heritage. It lauds Marxism and Socialism. 

It hates Christianity. 

It hates everything to do with Christianity. That includes the Family. You would be hard pressed to find a State School having Christmas cards or even Father's Day cards but there will be desks full of homosexual 'literature'.

Whilst many 'faith' groups have similar Christian ethos, in the Private, church run sector, Catholicism is the Last Bastion.

The Mob

It is the balwark against the rising tsunami beating against our valuable shore.

But all is not well on the Catholic Schools front either. There is a concerted attack happening due mainly to the imposition of so many years of Socialist interference with the curriculum. 

It WILL get worse despite the best efforts of a conservative government overseeing education. Although education is a State responsibility - as opposed to Federal - the States are going down the same distorted road that America has gone down and with the same disastrous effects as they are having.

Once 'big' systems are in place there is a very difficult task changing them.

Let us pray for Grace.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Good, better, Best

This is a fine Tavern. If I say so myself.

There are worse dives in Casablanca, but how do we know that?

We use our senses and discernment, of course. We make Judgments. We discriminate.

The forces trying hard to wreck society disbar us from exercising such faculties of discernment, judgement and discrimination.  

All must be 'eeekwall'.

But we naturally know better. 

And its is our sense and senses that can lead us to proper (or close enough) conclusions.

And Big Questions lead to big conclusions.

If you want to read all this in greater depth, the Summa Theologica is down in the library next to the Crypt.

On the same shelf is the Capital, though very difficult to read book by Bernard Lonergan. 

"Insight: The Study of Human Understanding"

In my very 'Umble Opinion' it would benefit people to read these before blathering about atheism.


Politicians need love too

The charity collectors were around again this week. Worthy causes are found daily. But are we in danger of losing grip on priorities?

The focus is always on the poor and sick. But what about our leaders? Those we elect to represent us; to lead us; to tell us what we have to do?

Poor Hilary. It takes a Village to keep her.
She wants to own the village.

Sometimes they need help too.

The poor woman is trying to lead us into a Brave New World and bring her nurturing and empathy to bear on big problems as the First Female President. Is it too much to ask that we give her some of our nurturing and empathy?

The economy is in a complete mess such that only a poor person can see what is needed. And Hilary is poor.  She says so.

In fact......Bill and Hillary Clinton weren't 'dead broke' for very long at all after leaving the White House, it was revealed Thursday.

The Washington power couple has made 
more than $155 million since 2001,
 according to financial disclosure statements, making them richest, living first family in America.

In an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer that aired on Monday night, Hillary Clinton said that she and her husband were charging $200,000 on average for speeches because they were seeped in debt when they came out of the White House. 

The Clintons left office with $12 million in legal bills. And why was that? 

Could it have been because the Clintons were LIARS, sexual abusers, abusers of their staff who sought recompense? 

Could it be because the American people tried to impeach a lousy leftist President?




Monday, June 9, 2014

How to Die in Australia

Some sombre tales were making the rounds in the bar over the past week, so I decided to look into them. Nothing quite like 'official' stats to get a perspective on a subject.

The usual charity collectors were around seeking customer small change as contributions to this worthy cause and that. Most had to do with 'helping' the poor and stopping disease. Quite expected. And not at all unreasonable.

But what is unreasonable is the tugging on the compassion strings for some things and totally ignoring others of greater consequence.

Death is uppermost in the minds of such 'collectors'.  Staving it off or blaming the taxpayer for not 'doing more'. So the question arose regarding just what are the BIG killers of folk in Oz? 

Let's have a look.

Homicides   250

The police take this as their business. Governments take part of our income directly to pay. Thankfully we don't get all that many. We employ tens of thousands of police.

Drowning   300

Considering we are a 'littoral' nation living around the edges of a huge island continent, it is quite a small number too.

Motor vehicle accidents 1,193

Number rising. Vast amounts are spent on this. TV adverts harangue drivers every week. Every holiday sees some Inspector or Sergeant fronting the cameras telling us what lousy drivers we are.  Monies are spent on 'speed cameras' and 'breath tests'.

Frankly, considering that we in Oz do some 2 Billion kilometers a year driving, we have remarkably few deaths on the road. But that does not stop the lecturing and expenditures of public monies and collection of Fines. Even the jailing of some people.

Suicide  2,535

Oddly, we don't hear much about this at all, probably because the dead are mostly male and most of those are recently divorced.  Four times as many men suicide than do women. I have never seen any mention of that on adverts and no collectors ever come with a tin.

Cancer 42,844

This is a large number. We are inundated with cancer adverts. We get a cancer research collector pretty well every week, usually dressed in pink. 

None of them seem to know that more men die from prostate cancer than women do from breast cancer. Odd that. But men don't have breasts. Prostates are tucked away inside and don't have pretty support garments. I have never seen a prostate cancer collection tin.

Cancer is often described as our #1 killer. 

It isn't. We also have .....

Heart disease 45,600

Again a big number. We get collectors for hearts but they don't dress in pink and they only come around a few times a year.

The Grand Total ? 92,722

That is a lot for a small population. But, wait.
The biggest killer is as big as all of those combined and we NEVER hear about it

Abortion claims the lives of more Australians than the combined total of deaths from cancer, heart disease, drowning, suicide, homicide and motor vehicle accidents.

Each year in Australia, an estimated 96,000 children are lost as a result of surgical and chemical abortions. 

That's 263 Aussie kids every day; an average-sized primary school.




Chemical abortions are those as a result of RU 486 which is now readily available in Australia and subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. The chemical cocktail is used to end pregnancies up to seven weeks gestation.

Unlike homicides, suicide, drowning, heart disease, the road toll and cancer deaths, 
we don't think it important as a nation to bother keeping an accurate count of abortions. 

Not like counting motor vehicle accidents.

The surgical abortion figures are drawn from the only jurisdictions that count abortions: South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, together with Medicare claims for first and second trimester abortions, and hospital records.

Tasmania's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Craig White, told last year's parliamentary hearings into abortion law reform that 
counting abortions did not help 
"normalise the procedure".

And of course our Government and society wants it to be normal to kill babies.

The Australian taxpayer subsidises abortion at the rate of $25 million a year in rebates on first and second trimester surgical abortions based on an average rebate of $415 for each of 60,000 (75% of all surgical abortions). The rebate varies according to the gestational age of the baby being terminated.

An Australian doctor, specialist Roland von Marburg, estimates the total annual cost of abortion at closer to $2.5 billion, based on Medicare rebates, public hospital related-costs, medicines, and the mental health costs associated with post-abortion grief and trauma.

Abortion researcher, Dr Priscilla Coleman's 2011 report in the British Journal of Psychiatry estimates 10 per cent of all mental health issues affecting women can be attributed to abortion.

Abortion represents one-in-four pregnancies and affects one-in-three women.

 Women who have had an abortion are SIX times more likely to commit suicide than women who have not had an abortion. 

No-one mentions that either.

Now consider the vast amounts of money spent on combatting our other greatest killers.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually on road safety and anti-smoking campaigns, heart disease prevention and cancer research. 

Surely as a nation we can support much-needed research into cancer and heart disease, and encourage women to continue their pregnancies through independent counselling, making adoption easier, and social marketing campaigns promoting motherhood?

But no. 

We don't want to.

But I DO.

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For some.