Thursday, July 4, 2013

Middle-East Turmoil

A lot of shaking of heads and pint-ordering in the P&B tonight. The usual sombre news stories get inflated and hoisted and the curmudgeons draw their Gladius-sized Pins ready to make a nice 'Pop' sound.

This time it was about Egypt.  The Tanks and Helicopters are all fuelled up again and the bellies of the Egyptian people are empty again. The hurdy-gurdy is going around again.

The country has only been around for 7000 years and has yet to get beyond infant shitting stage. Sure the Pyramids are exotic, although let's be real here, they are monuments to stupidity and cost millions of wasted lives forced into slavery.

And yes, the Pharaohs have gone.  Haven't they?

My friend Joy raised the issue. She let rip, quite reasonably, on just why the Egyptians might have a few lessons for America. The balloon went up.

"Don't go there, gal", came shouts.

She barely stuck her finger in her Gin & Tonic for a quick check to see if it was to her taste, with :

What exactly is happening in Egypt? We are being told, that since Morsi was elected legimatly by the Muslim Brotherhood, this is not how democracy should work. The people are mad that Morsi hasn’t lived up to his promises so they have taken to the streets and demanded he leave.

For the people to demand the military help them out, why, that’s just not right say our Newsmen. an American, who has to wait four to eight YEARS to see change, (which never seems to come) it seems kind of refreshing—they gave the guy one year….. and I wonder if our elites are worried about their example?


The gal has a point.

What happens in other countries is a source of concern. And one wonders about ones own neighbourhood. I made a point.

I was really just getting the regulars' thirst going.  (Hey, a Tavern Keeper has a job to do). And perhaps YOU, the readers, can join in.

Nations can help other nations in the same way that one can help one’s neighbours down the road. But, frankly the same considerations and judgements are needed.

The local busy-body might be inclined to wander into someone else's home and criticise everything, try to rearrange the furniture and insist on the children eating vegemite. And insist that Mum and dad invest in a favoured Ponzi scheme.  Or revitalise their marriage by having a wife-swapping party.

A different busy body might be ‘sympathetic’ cooing encouragement and pressuring the same vegemite diet and investment and even ‘donate’ a friggin’ awful settee, bed, curtains and carpet. And urge them to vote for Kevin 'cuz he has such a nice smile and wants everyone to be nice.  To him. They are usually more interested in making sure the bed is clean and comfortable enough for when they shag the couple’s children.

It will be the stupid ones who try to do that with the local bikie gang HQ though. Or the local drug-dealer's den.

Both may well need some ‘changes’ but such efforts are best left in the ‘mind your own bizzo’ basket or the ‘Bolt the doors against the buggers’ one. Otherwise it ain’t the bikies’ kids that are going to get shagged.

Middle East countries have riotous people. We see that all the time. Most are quite insane.

They shoot guns in the street whenever the weather changes. The kill one another over ‘slights’. 

They kill members of their own families if their 'honour' is 'offended !

Heck, they are very sensitive about Honour. They just have no idea what it means.  

They send their kiddies into crowds with bombs attached to their small bodies if their Allah-chap is even mentioned in the same breath as Coca-Cola.

They hold grudges for generations. They hate and blame.

Yes, I hear you. They are in some ways a bit like the Irish, so we can't look outward only.

They are like a household that throw their furniture out of the windows, let the grass grow to a ten feet high jungle and leave old cars to rot on their street front. And then have the temerity to swear at their neighbours and blast them with filthy Rap music all night.

Expecting them to start mowing the grass instead of smoking grass is a reach too far. Give them a lawn mower and it will be dismantled and turned into a machine-gun part or thrown onto the rotting car pile. Expecting them to 'Vote' as though they could stomach Democracy is a bit rich.

They are lunatics.
Get it?

But we pry and watch and fill our screens.

And get incensed.

But we don't 'get it'.

It is astonishing to see otherwise intelligent-sounding and quite attractive female ‘reporters’ going into an Egyptian (or Gazan, or Bagdaddyan) square full of 100,000 lunatics ( as they do) with a hope of being treated ‘normally’.

They are like the stupid sympathetic busy-bodies down the street from the drug-pusher’s/bikies’ pad.

They get shagged. Violently. RAPED.

And the crowd stands and cheers.

It is stupid for Nations to keep bailing such countries out and selling fighter aircraft to them. It is stupid taking sides with one lot of murderous lunatics against another lot.

It is even MORE INSANE to invite them to come to OUR homes.

Joy said:
But…what if Morsi WASN”T elected? Many people her in America think Obama stole the election with fraud. There’s TONS of evidenct that points this out. Maybe Morsi did too? How in the world do we know?
Right. Good point. But to all intents and purposes he was elected, just as Obama was, and we can all wonder at the validity of such rigged processes which give votes to the insane, whether they are Egyptian or American.

And remember, Americans have more vote-insane folk that there are in all of Egypt. People who will believe any lies told to them, especially when they are taking a free cell phone from the liar's giving hand.

Expecting say, the Muslim Brotherhood to behave as though they were sane just because they were ‘elected democratically’ is like expecting the Bikie’s Sergeant at Arms to be Mr nice guy just because he was elected to the job.

Hello! He was elected by drunks and thugs in filthy leather vests sitting on Harleys for f*ck’s sake !

Police forces sometimes try to intervene in Bikie ‘wars’. They should of course just let the dull buggers kill one another and then kill those left standing.

Heck, there’s a foreign policy tack to take.

I said to Joy, Obama can’t even stop himself being an interfering busy body. He is not alone of course. It is an old American habit and an old British habit. Everyone is doing it and pretending they are ‘just nice folk’, ‘helping’.

Some are ‘do-gooders’. Some are plain stupid. Some plain Evil.

NONE are trustworthy.

They LIE.

We in the West fund one lot of destructive, insane thugs and give them weapons against the other lot of destructive, insane thugs. The hope of course is that when the busy-bully President of the US does get in the door he can steal what is left intact. That it is usually ‘pre-stolen goods’ does not matter.

As always and as everywhere.

Oh, HAPPY 4th of July

They lied to you about that 'Revolution' too.

I had better get another barrel up from the cellar. This might be a long night.


  1. Gameplayers play the game for power and resources.

    Some things never change...

    1. Yes indeed. A cup of cheer for you. And let us hope it revives enough to continue mankind's long and arduous march toward some semblance of sanity.


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