Monday, May 14, 2018

BC: Blair Before Chaos

Addendum at the end.
Come the revolution, leaders will appear. The situation in western countries regarding the infiltration of cultural marxism, feminism, islamism and every other ism one might see is taxing the patience of many fine people who would prefer to be left alone to pursue their own national development with their long standing Christian-based values.  There is a cold war going on for the soul of the West. And the 'front line' extends right across the Anglophile nations. A hot war is very likely to break out somewhere as has been mooted in the Tavern before *. (see footnote)

My attention was directed to a chap quietly sipping his pint today. "Blair is at a table in the Oz Room", someone said. 

No, not Tony Blair, the ex PM of Great Britain, but Blair Cottrell, our own, Oz-home-grown firebrand. I wandered across to say hello and to see what he had to say as folk gathered around.

He is a young man rapidly approaching political maturity and yet to attain wisdom. I hope it will amass soon.  He describes himself as a 'working class' man, and I do not doubt it. He works. He is a man. He is blunt. He has 'Presence'.

That being said he presents well and has tremendous courage in taking on 'official forces'. 

He is described, by all sides in the matter, as a 'Patriot'. To one side, the traditional Ozzy man and woman, this is a badge of Honour: to his 'class' enemies, the PC crowd, the media, the politicians, it is a demeaning epithet.

He is a well built and handsome young fellow. 600 years ago he would be at the head of an army on the field.

His 'army' of followers, which grows by the day, at present includes some roughish sorts of chap. And some outspoken and fiesty ladies too. A man is known by the company he keeps and some care is needed in leading and herding the less disciplined troops. Hopefully he will be able to control whatever anger is unleashed by his firey words. 

He is a 'Victorian: that is, he lives in Victoria in the south-eastern corner of Oz, where the major city is Melbourne. It is a beautiful place which has consistently won the title of 'The Most Livable City in the World', year after year. But it's complexion is changing. Peacefully going about one's lawful occasions is interrupted weekly by quite nasty behaviours from a small and recent section of the population. 

Once is was just the criminal underworld that caused havoc, confined generally amongst themselves, but now it is violent, hatred-filled attacks on ordinary folk, mainly by Somali Africans and by Muslim lunatics. 

But enough of that. For the benefit of the Oz-news-starved peoples in far off lands I shall let them hear and see about Blair for themselves.

Here in the corner, Dan Lyman interviewed Blair, the now prominent nationalist-populist figurehead, who currently heads the Lads Society. He has often been compared to the UK’s Tommy Robinson due to his activism against Islamization, and was the first person convicted under de facto ‘religious’ blasphemy laws in Australia after leading protests against a massive new mosque and Islamic sub-community in Bendigo.

Bendigo, I should point out a small city several mega-leagues from Melbourne.  Not a suburb. It is  an old gold mining town, rich in history and wealth, with many a fine building. It suprises me not that corrupt local politicians would have their snouts in troughs. The outer regions of Victoria have seen similar nasty tactics aimed at Pro-Life people.

Laid back he may be at the table, but out 'on the field' he can raise a crowd. Often to fury.  He does need to take lessons from less notorious historical figures.

His initial run-ins with the police and with his nemisis, Facebook, he explains here.

In his own words he told us about his confrontation with the socialist-communist State Government in Victoria. 
In Australia on the 28th of November ( a few years back) after comments made by the Victorian Premier, referring to Australian people opposing Islamic immigration as ...
'illiterate, mask-wearing bigots', 
....we conducted a social experiment in Melbourne in the hope of exposing the Premier and the mass-media to a glimpse of reality. 
I announced through our Facebook page 3 days in advance that we would make a public objection to the state Premier and the sort of biased government corruption he represented. 
I made sure all the wrong people knew where we were going to be. 
Realistically, it was my intention to bring the 'progressive communists' out onto the streets, who cover their faces, stalk and assault people they deem to be 'fascist'. 
The left just fall into this bizzo of projecting their own hate-filled epithets and accusations onto others. They cannot seem to help themselves.
These people have in truth been responsible for all the disharmony at our public demonstrations hitherto, yet the mass-media rewards them with silence and politicians seem to casually omit them from any remark or statement they choose to make regarding our activities, indicating a strange collusion between the 'neo-communist' street groups the current state authority and organs of great influence. 
Quite often we are actually blamed for the lawlessness of these street-communists and many more times than once the mass-media has actually failed to make any distinction between us and them when it broadcasts imagery of their rowdy unscrupulousness, effectively painting our supporters or members as the instigators of violence. 
The incredibly simplistic perception of the world: that everyone is indeed either fascist or anti-fascist; racist or anti-racist has attracted a fraction of the younger, dissatisfied and frustrated minds. In the simplicity of this view of the world lies its charm. 
The propaganda used to stir up and mobilize the adherents to this view is effective, mostly due to it being paid for and produced by state university student-unions, mainstream media journalists and public servants; town-based council members, politicians and other union officials etc. 
These journalists / public servants self-describe as 'socialists'. Driven by an unrelenting hatred of the 'fascist-racist' they dedicate a portion of their lives to actively suppressing any form of Nationalism with campaigns of fear, social and financial asphyxiation and violence where necessary. 
Despite all this, the state Premier chose to condemn us for what the street-communists are actually doing, and so in response we lured these so-called 'anti-fascists' out onto the streets to make an example of them - and wouldn't you know it they arrived in a fury, clearly exposing themselves as the 'mask-wearing, illiterate bigots'. 
We are yet to hear any apology from the state Premier, no retraction of his latest remarks, no condemnation of this street thuggery. The media reported on this event rather poorly, some journalists tried to remain objective but once again nothing was said against the 'progressive communists' and no questions regarding their origin or their actual purpose were raised.

Patience wears thin when it is constantly rubbed in faces. Noses get out of joint too.

As I said, the situation cannot continue as it has to date. It may yet get worse, but at some point the ordinary people may well swell Blair's ranks. 

Then he will need the experience which he is slowly gaining, and more. Because Hell will be come to Breakfast.

I kept the Ale going to his table.

Have a drink with him.



Addendum: Since this conversation today, some 8 hours ago, some 1300+ people have visited the Tavern to hear what Blair has to say. I have been rushed off my feet and was up and down to the cellars hooking up barrels of Ale.

Blair has the 'Mood of the People': a dangerous insight to hold. He is much like Jaquie Lambie, ex-corporal and part aboriginal who tried to influence in the Senate: and the fish shop lady Pauline Hanson who was comprehensively traduced. They are all 'working class' in Blair's term. They hear the people around them. They are uniformly rejected by those in Power.

More power to their elbows.


  1. Handsome, strong, masculine young man:). We need more like him in the west. He seems more "solution" and action oriented. Admirable qualities in a man (and rare, in this day and age).

    Good article:)

    1. I am pleased you pointed him out and asked who he was.


  2. and the fish shop lady Pauline Hanson who was comprehensively traduced. They are all 'working class' in Blair's term. They hear the people around them. They are uniformly rejected by those in Power.

    That's a very major part of what's going on. It's a class war started by the elites and the would-be elites in the media and academia and the aim is to crush the working class. The globalists have a great fear that one day working class people will rise up against them.

    The way the media went after Pauline Hanson was particularly telling. It was almost pure class hatred.

    1. Class has a lot to do with it, despite Oz tring to convince itself that class means nothing here.

    2. Class has a lot to do with it, despite Oz thing to convince itself that class means nothing here.

      You will invariably find that societies that claim to be classless are the most class-obsessed of all.


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