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The War on Women

Updated: See near end.
The problems in the Ukraine had a small 'time-out' respite during the Olympic Games - which this year did not revolve around nude girls at the Curling competition - see below - but reignited straight after the closing ceremony.

The President closed down too, perhaps the first time such an 'elite' politician had a firework and dance display as he fled. But not President Obama who continues his 'war on women' rhetoric almost without stopping to take a breath. He is not fleeing anywhere.

The talk in the bars are often centred on this 'war on women' bizzo. Obama has a long reach. But the 'sides' in this war are more difficult to discern than in the Ukraine.

The rhetoric seems to come from over the hills away on the left side of the Tavern. Voices there shout that the Taverners are nasty and brutish where women are concerned. It makes some women cautious to come in and have a quiet drink, which is a pity. We are most welcoming to nice ladies.

Indeed, many here suspect that those who are making war on women are those very voices. Often female voices.

Matt Barber certainly thinks so. He came in for a chat and brought a few chaotic words for us to listen to, shouted by one of the vociferous lefties. A woman to boot.

Sex-Obsessed Lefty Horrified by ‘Toxic Purity Culture’


Hey, gals, want to avoid being raped?  
Put away that Lady Smith 38. No need for pepper spray. Self-defense classes? Not necessary. The solution is simple. The best defense against rape is to just cast away your “deeply troubling” Christianity and become a secularist slut. 
So goes the advice of one  
Katie McDonough, assistant editor 
fertile fount of millennial wisdom and – well – and whatever else. 
In an article published at Salon Feb. 20 titled, “The right’s warped ‘purity’ culture: 4 ways evangelical views of sex took over America,” Ms. McDonough provides an unvarnished glimpse into the profligate mind of the postmodern “progressive.”  
(Yes, you read that right. Purity is warped and biblical sexual morality has taken over America.) 
In what amounts to little more than an anti-Christian hit piece on Patrick Henry College – or “God’s Harvard” as the evidently prone-position-prone journo pejoratively pokes – Ms. McDonough says that it’s time for American women to reject all those biblically imposed “gender complementarian” norms and do away with our “toxic purity culture” once and for all.  
(Because, just look around. That dang ol’ toxic purity is everywhere. What America really needs is more debauchery.) 
Some who are sexually obsessive can be usefully employed.
But most become womyn's magazine assistant editors.

It gets better. 
Christianity causes rape, McDonough asserts, warning us that we suffer a “convergence of rape culture (whatever that is) and evangelical culture.” 
Get that?  
In this woman’s “progressive” mind, when the lady says, “I’m saving myself for marriage,” the bad guy hears, “Come and get it!”  
Still, Ms. McDonough does have this much right: It can’t be rape if you’re giving it away like peanuts on the plane. 
She goes on: “While it may be tempting to draw a red line around Christian fundamentalist views on gender and sexuality to distinguish them from supposedly evolved ‘secular’ culture, there is considerable, uncomfortable overlap between the two.”  
(The cognitive dissonance: It hurts!) 
So, if I’m understanding her right – and, admittedly, Ms. McDonough’s screed is borderline coherent – what she’s essentially claiming is that, when it comes to sex, both secular America and Christian America are really just one big ball of puritanical prudery. 
Enough to make a stone Angel weep.

In fairness, I suppose she could actually believe this.  
It’s all relative with the relativist.  
For the “anything goes” type, Miley Cyrus may well be indistinguishable from the Virgin Mary.  
When you’re colorblind, everything looks kinda gray. 
She continues: “Evangelical Christianity makes visible – through purity pledges and doctrine assigning women the role of man’s ‘helpmate’ – the norms and expectations about female virginity and subservience that so often remain hidden in the secular world.”  
(Ooh. Loves me some man-hate.) 
So, get it?  
Purity and virginity bad.  
Impurity and promiscuity good.  
I’ll give Ms. McDonough this: She calls it like she sees it. 

Katie McDonough is, of course, a Woman-Hating Feminist

She goes on to make the same tired “war on women” claim we’ve heard so much of lately, warning the would-be chaste that biblical sexual morality is really “only about reproduction and male entitlement.” 
She then mocks columnist Susan Patton as “a joke” for “arguing in mainstream publications that women who have sex outside of marriage are setting themselves up for disaster and heartbreak.”  
(Yeah, and?)  
This is in response to Patton’s observation in a recent Wall Street Journal column that, “The grandmotherly message of yesterday is still true today: Men won’t buy the cow if the milk is free.” To which, with indignation, McDonough sneers: “This is purity culture passed off as ‘common-sense’ wisdom, which was published in a ‘serious’ and secular paper. In 2014.”  
(So now “secular” is synonymous with slutty?)
'Nuff said.

McDonough’s advice? Girls, give away that milk now, ya hear! (To which the frisky-frat-boy “bro-choice” choir sings: “Amen!” Hey, “pro-choice” gals, you do know that most “pro-choice” guys only support your so-called “abortion rights” so that you’ll put out, right?) 
Secular-”progressives” like McDonough have been working to deconstruct traditional sexual morality for generations. And today – more than at any point in history – they’re having success in spades. Despite her wincey whines to the contrary, Ms. McDonough knows this to be true. 
And so do you. 
The goal is to impose – under penalty of law – the left’s own moral relativist, sexual anarchist worldview. 
Hence, we see a flood of unelected liberal judges, for instance, arbitrarily ramming counterfeit “gay marriage” down the throats of millions of Americans, complete with the threat that Christians either join the delusion – and pretend that sin-centered “same-sex marriage” is real and right – or suffer the consequences. 

Another example is Obamacare’s despotic HHS abortion mandate that unconstitutionally requires Christian organizations to cast aside millennia-old church doctrine and get with the postmodern, pro-abort program. 
The list goes on. 
All of which makes McDonough’s central declaration her most ludicrous: “[O]ne point remains clear,” she proclaims. “Conservatives want to enshrine religiously defined norms about sexuality into law.” 
No, Ms. McDonough. The only people “enshrining sexuality” into law are “progressive” social engineers like Barack Obama, Justice Anthony Kennedy and the rest of you godless lefties – hell-bent on taking the screws to America. 
Now THAT is “rape culture.”

 Matt Barber is founder and editor-in chief of He is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. Having retired as an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer, Matt has taken his fight from the ring to the culture war.

(Follow Matt on Twitter: @jmattbarber.

Well, he needed a pint or three after that analysis. He sweated out a LOT of clarity there and needed it topped up.


Just the other day in Canada, one of the most astute lady journalists published her assessment of the 'rape culture', seeing it as a Delusion of Feminists.

Barbara Kay: Rape culture and the delusions of the feminist mind
Barbara Kay | February 28
Barbara writes about 'delusion' and puts forward the statistics which demonstrate just how far from reality feminists get.

If Mackay were living today, he would doubtless add “rape culture” to his long list of popular delusions. On campus after campus, with virtually no statistical evidence to support their claims, feminists have promoted the idea that a woman runs a far higher risk of being sexually assaulted on a North American university campus (one in four or five, depending on the source) than a lifelong smoker has of getting cancer (one in 11 for men, one in 15 for women). 
At University of Pittsburgh, with 14,800 female students, four sexual assaults were reported.
 The fact is that “rape culture” is a form of popular mania like so many others before it.  
It does not exist.  
Or if it does, nobody has yet brought forward evidence of it. What we have seen is ideology attached to a great deal of personal narrative regarding unwanted or regretted sex.  
Some of those narratives have been compelling, but unsupported by evidence. Some have been compelling and found to be false allegations. Many of the narratives are based in recollection hazed over by alcoholic smog. And most of them would not stand up for two minutes in a criminal court of law. 
Many observers have become more, not less skeptical with the mounting hysteria. One such observer has done something useful to validate our skepticism. Chad Hermann, a writer and management communication professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business,  has published an article in assessing both the claims and the actual statistical evidence for rape culture, in which he illuminates some glaring contradictions. 
Hermann set the typical projected figure of 20-25% of women as victims of forced sex against the reported sexual assault offenses over three years at Pittsburgh’s three largest residential universities: the University of Pittsburgh (UP), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Duquesne University (DU). In 2009: At UP, with 14,800 female students, four sexual assaults were reported. At CMU, with about 3,900 female students, six sexual assaults were reported (a three-year high). At DU, with 5,700 females, three were reported.
But wait: We “know” (we don’t really) that 90% of rapes go unreported! Okay,.....
Packed with logical deduction backed by facts rather than the rabid factoids of feminists, she demolishes the 'rape culture' cant. Of course you have to read it. Feminists won't.

You can read it all at:

So, do we say that Katie is making 'war on women'? I doubt we can go that far, anymore than we can sheet home blame to G.I. Joe for his efforts in WW2.  Her attitude to differing opinions by what some might see as a solid majority of (equally unthinking) women is hardly accepting of 'diversity' nor tolerant.

But as a contributor to the gender war - which really is aimed against men, though you won't hear President Obama or anyone else say so), she joins many as a useful idiot, spouting thoughts as scanty as the sort of thongs some women wear these days.

At the very least she is pouring petrol of the flames already lit by a hundred years of other even more vicious women. and exploitative men. 

Katie needs to pull up her 'Big Girl' full cut panties and take us all back to a more sober 50's.

And about those nude girls, curling..... To catch up with the latest there you will have to go to ... 

Here is a small taster.
And now have a cool drink of Grace.



  1. Feminism has become a parody of itself. Unfortunately it is a dangerous, toxic parody that the western world seems determined to be held hostage to.

    We should all debase ourselves and turn ourselves into cheap sex-toys: But don't "objectify" us because that's sexist! We should all get drunk and have casual sex, but if we do that then we've been raped! - Oh how convenient; "rape culture."

    Well you can give yourself away "like peanuts on a plane" if you want to, but I am not a peanut. I have a little more self respect than that.

    No wonder feminists spend their forties, single and wondering "where have all the good men gone!"

    1. What was once private, sensuous and shared with 'someone meaningful' is now a currency as debased as any counterfeit. A Chap Above weeps for his children.

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