Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nigella looking for a New Kitchen

Nigella Lawson was in the news recently in unhappy circumstances. For many years she has been the joyful and frankly gorgeous Kitchen Goddess on millions of TVs. But now she is 'on the market' and not looking for fresh vegetables. What a sad time for her. Some chocolate is called-for and a fine, deep Red.

The Tavern Chef-Emeritus, Mala, is happy ( I hope)  that the lovely Nigella dropped in on her travels to spend a few hours in our fine company and bake us a cake.

But first she had a few things to say.

Let that be a taste of what the next fortunate chap is going to have at home one day. I do hope she finds someone better than the last fellow.
This Tavern is for Saints and Heroes and recovering reprobates (of either sex) so Nigella made us a heavenly Chocolate Cake.


I wonder if she would like to stay.

The cake looks delicious and will be shared around this evening, but sad to say one member of staff will not be able to share it.

'Paddy'  works part time in the Irish bar and comes in just before the evening rush, after his day-job on a building site. But this afternoon we received a note explaining why he could not be with us.

Get well soon, m'lado.

We will drink to your health.


  1. I suppose I could make some room for Nigella long as she cleans up after herself :)

  2. Hahaha. I am sure you and she would get along fine.


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