Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Loss of Trust

Everyone grumbles. Even the tavern-keeper's favourite customers. But some grumbles resonate like distant thunder. RamZ (no, not the chef) was grumbling just today about the state of distrust that is growing between various parties in the part of Hilary's Village where he lives.

You know that village. It's the one that it 'takes to raise a child'. One could be forgiven though for thinking that the Hilary Clinton's village idiots have taken over the duties of Mr Plod the policeman.

And it is not confined to one country. As we shall see.

So in the US Ramz had to 'Have a Talk'. One loving partner to another.

Everyone in the US room paid attention, of course, but few had seen what actually happened.

But it did remind me of an incident in Oz some years back, in a busy Melbourne street one warm summer's day.

Someone parked their car outside of the Stock Exchange in Collins Street, which is a wide thoroughfare. Wide pavements too. (Sidewalks for the US Room imbibers). The owner had left his dog in the car whilst he went into the building, and the window was down just enough for the dog to get air and release any heat build-up.

After a while the dog became impatient and started to bark. Hey, dogs get lonely. People were able to give the car a wide berth though and it could not get out. Nevertheless a woman passer-by complained and called a policeman, who duly arrived and assessed the situation. Then after a moment or two's reflection and consideration, he drew his gun, stuck it through the small opening and shot the dog.

There's public service for you.

It is not quite what happened to cause Ramz to make a mention. The Oz cop was on his own and didn't have other more mature cops around to advise him that shooting dogs in cars was not the best idea. And there was not much else going on which is a bit different to RamZ's incident where a lot was going on and a lot of cops hanging around waiting for some ideas.

Someone, you can see, had the temerity to take pictures in a street. That called for Mr Plod the 'action man'. So, let's see what actually happened.

Note that the man did not interfere with the police. THEY approached him. He was 'going about his lawful occasions' as his lawyer should argue when he hauls the arses of those cops into a civil court for damages. He was quite entitled to film in the street. Even film 'law' officers whom HE pays with his taxes. (I am presuming he does pay taxes).

THEY arrested him. He had broken no law. His dog, in the car, with the window further down than in Collins Street, saw his master being 'attacked' by strange men and went to investigate. The dog exercised restraint. It did not attack the cops.

The cops weren't dogs.

They were Village Idiots.

In this tavern the Village Idiot stands outside.

Hilary Clinton may only come into the bar when she wipes the filth off her shoes. She hasn't yet.

(Update. July 3) But what of the UK? The British 'Bobby' is fair, Shirley? The folks in the Home of the first Police force, which was also amongst the first to 'soften' the face of the Force with women, surely they feel safe?

Two men, albeit 'well known' as politically to the 'Nationalist' view, decided on Armed Forces Day to do a Charity Walk. Show the flag in flaggy-daggy trousers, walking the street, 'Going about their Lawful Occasions' as it says in the lawyers' handbook.

Let's just see what happens.

OK, these fellows are not quiet little old chaps with a tin can standing on a corner. They are young and fit and have plenty of 'lip'. They argue; they stand firm. But they are also self-restrained, not responding to the clear physical assault on them. Yet THEY are restrained by the '"Senior Police Officer" there. She with the highly developed (although 'natural', of course) conflict resolution skills. She who is nurturing and kind. She who 'communicates'. Are they not the 'skills' that women were supposed to bring?

But the attackers get protected behind the Police wall. They ones who were assaulted in the street are arrested !!

She, the one in charge, does not have an answer to the men's questions of 'Why Us?, What about them?'


This is using the Police as tools of the State that has decided to 'restrain' people of a different opinion to the 'Official' Narrative. It is Fascism.

The attacked go to Jail: the attackers go free.

One might wonder if the attackers were set up BY the Police to START a fight so that the two men could be arrested for fighting back. They arrested them despite the fact that they did not fight back.

It is a good thing those two chaps weren't dogs or we might have seen a re-run of RamZ's example.

It will be the Cop that calls a stop to this madness that gets the free drinks in this Tavern.  We are in need of a few Heroes from the Police 'Service'.


  1. Collins Street - is that not a mall now? Or is that Bourke Street? Memory plays tricks.

  2. You know your Melbourne pretty well. Its Bourke Street where there is a 'Mall' part in-front of the old Post Office. Collins is not a Mall but cluttered by the ever encroaching trams stops.


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