Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How Green is Your Valley?

We get 'climate skeptics' - that is to say, people who do the sums properly -  and reformed greenies in the Tavern from time to time, with horror stories. They drink lots. We had one in today. He was telling of yet another 'Official' Waste project that has gone belly-up, leaving YOU with the bill.

Why do so many green schemes involve taxpayer money - and red ink?

He was telling us of New federal Environment Minister Mark Butler being queried about a $9 million grant given by his predecess­or Tony Burke to a subsidiary of R.M. Williams Agricultural Holdings, which went into receivership last week.

The grant was for the world’s biggest carbon farm in the Northern Territory, mainly through the purchase and destocking of a cattle station. That scheme has all but failed and the parent company is under pressure to repay about $60 million to its main creditor.

NO. They do not grow Carbon Nano-tubes there.

 Opposition shadow parliamentary environment secretary Simon Birmingham wrote to Mr Butler on ­Tuesday asking about the likelihood of recovering taxpayers’ money used for the carbon scheme.

A farm made useless,
thanks to 'Government' grants from
Money Coerced from the Taxpayers.

The whole idea stank from the start:

 An Australian company is among the first to grasp the economic opportunity of a clean energy future, with a multimillion dollar project to establish a sustainable basis for carbon farming and long-term biodiversity conservation.

Weasel Words.

Environment Minister Tony Burke today joined members of R.M.Williams Agricultural Holdings at Henbury Station in the Northern Territory to announce the pioneering landmark project.

“This iconic Australian business wants to establish a new model for nature conservation and climate protection, where carbon credits fund ongoing biodiversity management,” Mr Burke said.

Er.... Bankrupcy is a 'new' model?
“It’s a great win for biodiversity, as Henbury will now be protected forever as part of Australia’s National Reserve System, our most secure way of protecting native habitat.”

Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Mark Dreyfus welcomed the project to rehabilitate Henbury Station, which is expected to be supported by the sale of credits created under the Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative.

“The Carbon Farming Initiative will unlock new economic opportunities, just like this one at Henbury, for farmers and other landholders who take action to reduce greenhouse gases,” Mr Dreyfus said.

 “This is a key part of the Gillard Government’s climate change agenda, and is set to open up new income streams for farmers and landholders across regional Australia...”

As Andrew Bolt wrote last year:

 This is taxing the public to return productive farms back to Nature. Paying more for less food and fewer jobs. It realises the Greens dream of removing man from the landscape. 
And note the astonishing profiteering involved. A farm worth $13 million now produces carbon credits which, if purchased at the current carbon price, are worth $23 million, all financed by Qantas passengers and taxpayers.
This farm won’t produce jobs but pieces of paper allowing passengers to fly with an easier green conscience - and a lighter wallet.

 Effect on the temperature?
Effect on Australian food prices, transport costs, jobs and competitiveness?
Entirely negative.
 And now it has gone bust. Run into the ground.

Taxpayers' money does not make fertiliser anywhere near as good as cattle shit.
We can't even get locally grown Hops anymore. The fields in the Valleys around here used to have lots.

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